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Dream About Baby Shower meanings

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Example: What dose it mean when you dream about being in the shower and blood starts pouring out of you?

I had a dream that I was in the shower then all of a sudden this deep red blood started to pour out my vagina? It was horrifying I was so scared because it was not stoping

Though you were quite frightened in your dream, you do realize that the blood from your period is the richest blood of your body...and represents creativity, as it is this blood which goes to make a new baby? And babies are SYMBOLIC of new birth of "ideas," and "new beginning"...So rather than loss, or fear, I see this as a creative dream, and I would ask you not to let the creativity within you "go down the drain!" Think of your Life as a whole, and ask yourself, "Where can I give, now, to be creative?" or "In what arena, in what area of Life am I called to be creative?" Okay? I wish you well.

Example: Meaning of dream about baby?

i had a dream last night and wonder if anyone can help me figure out the meaning of the dream. i am a religious person and am wondering if this may be God's way of telling me it's in his hands. here's the dream.

I was in my aunt's bedroom which was my childhood bedroom and all the furniture was the same as it is now but we all kept referring to it as a hospital room i was not conscious or wasn't there for the delivery but as soon as the room came into focus my aunt handed me a baby boy. He was perfect in every way i could feel his skin smell him and feel the weight of him. i instantly loved him! he had a light dusting of brownish blonde hair and the most beautiful face. i knew he belonged to me. then my mom called and i told her i had a baby so she asked me what room and said she would be here as soon as she could(she drives and 18 wheeler cross country in real life) but in the mean time would call my grandma and give her the room number. then my dream switched to a house i'm not familiar with but felt like i had been there before. i was in the living room with the baby and a family member i can't identify when i suddenly realized and started telling the other person oh no i had the baby early and never had a baby shower i have nothing for the baby! that's when my aunt (the one from the beginning of the dream who in real life is actually more like my mother) walked into the room and i told her the same thing she laughed and said you have something and handed me a small bag. i sat down and opened the bag and it was a baby blanket she had made with our family tree on it but the only name i could make out was my dad's name it was like it was his signature(by the way i would never name the baby after my dad he was a drug addict when i was younger and never around but i do speak to him now.) but i remember running my hand over his name and saying his name over and over like it was the baby's name. then i took out the next item and it was a single piece of material with a sewing needle and thread attached. i remember crying and feeling like all i needed in the world to care for this baby was the blanket material needle and thread. then i laid down with the baby wanting to nurse him and woke up lying on my side holding my pillow where the baby had been and looking for him. i can still feel how much i loved him and feel as if i lost him today. btw the needle and thread significance to me is my family owns an upholstery shop and my aunt has constantly throughout my life been sitting at the sewing machine working and the same with my grandmother before her. my husband and i have been ttc for 6 years now with no luck. any ideas as to what this could mean?

Example: Dreaming of baby showers?

Back in september i had a miscarriage with twins at 10wks. Everyone in the family was very hurt by it but slowly were trying to recover. For the past couple of nights, my mom has been having dreams about fish and baby showers. Im not sure what fish has to do with anyting, but she deffinantly said baby showers.

Me and my husband are Trying To Conceive again, but my mom doesnt even know that.

Does the dream mean anything in relation to me trying to conceive again?

Example: What does my baby shower dream mean?!?!?!?

(im 16) and well i dreamed that i was having a baby shower, but that the baby was already borned, he was like less than a month old but i never got to see the baby, i just knew he was born. in the baby shower i was going to tell my mom that im not a vigin anymore and that i was pregnant but the weird thing is that i was talking about the baby that was already born. the baby shower was like in a small house and my bf's friends were all coming up the stairs and i just kept looking at them, like it seemed like there was something bothering me and that i wasnt so happy about the baby, my bf or the baby shower, i really dont no. what does this dream mean? thanx!

Example: What does my strange dream about miniature babies mean?

My dream:
I was in the shower and the water started to overflow because the drain was clogged so I turned the water off and got out. The water was soapy. When I got out of the shower, I noticed my brother was on the toilet and the smell was horrible. Then I went to my room and my husband was looking for something under the bed. So, I bent down and asked what he was doing and he said the baby was hiding under the bed. Well, I found the baby but it was only about 3" or 4" tall and had a white diaper on. I pulled it out from under the bed and handed it over to my husband and he cradled it in his arms. I don't know if it was a boy or girl.

What on earth does this dream mean?
My brother is in Iraq. My husband and I don't have any kids yet and I'm definitely not pregnant.

Thanks ♥

Example: What Does it Mean When I Have A Baby Dream?

I had a dream about me and a baby that I was laughing and taking him a shower changing him playing around, hugging him, kissing him, and stuff a mom does when she has a baby thats her world. what does this mean? Help, well I'm just curious?

Example: What does it mean when i dreamed i was pregnant pushing a stoller with poka a dots.. at my baby shower. im ttc?

Example: I had a dream about having a baby boy. what does it mean?

My fiance and i have been trying for a baby for about 8 months now. we were successful once, but lost the baby at 8 weeks. About a week ago i had a dream i was pregnant, then i went and laid down in bed and the baby kinda just came out, no pain or anything.. it was weird.. the baby was a boy and very handsome! my period is 4 days late right now but had 2 negative home tests. was my dream a hint that i was pregnant? or does it mean nothing?

Example: What What does it mean if my best frend drempt my girlfrind and i having a baby shower?

so my best friend called me today and told me he drempt us having a baby shower...then my girlfriends sister told us she drempt us driving home from the hospital with a baby girl...and to add to everything my sister calls me and tells me she drempt my girlfriend being 3 months pregnant...is t all conected?or is it al just coincidence?

Example: Baby dreams?

Well 2 nights ago I had a dream that my sister was pyschic and talking to the baby that I miscarried 3 years ago and she told me that she was going to come back to me in October. I lost her June 3, 2004 and her due date was Dec. 17th 2004. This is the first time i've ever had a dream like this.Then last night I dreamt that i was having a baby shower and i got a bunch of yellow and blue gifts (i believe those were the colors...yellow def.) Do you guys think dreams can let you know that you either are or are going to get pregnant soon? And what do you guys think this dream means? my sister had a dream last night that someone was pregnant also but she had short brown hair and i have long dirty blonde hair...her dreams 98% of the time come true

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