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Dream About Baby High Chair meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What the HELL does this dream mean..?

Alright, starts off with 2 little babies nd one of them is premature. Both sitting on high chairs, next to eachother and having a good ol' giggly time. But then suddenly, the bigger one, snatches the smaller one, lifts the kid up and just SNAPS his neck. The tiny one's face is red by now and shrieks or howls or a mixture of both in a painfully shrill way... and the bigger one starts to consume it like a snake swallowing a rat, feet first.

snakes swallow prey head first fyi

maybe it has to do with how cruel the world is and how it works. everything has to kill to eat and survive in nature and animals gleefully consume weaker creatures. human nature can also be very cruel and cold. harmless infants are ones you would least expect to behave brutally, but at the core, everything is cold and looks out for itself.

i'm not that sure, but that's the best answer i could think of.

Example: I had another odd dream. What does it mean? ?

I dreamed that I was an adult and the whole time I was carrying around this baby that I know is my cousin, but, in the dream, he was my kid. There were some other kids whom I was in charge of, and I was doing a lot of running around, with them trailing behind me. Since I sorta just eased myself out of this dream instead of waking up immediately, I forgot a lot of the beginning. Just that I had my kid, and these others following. There was this sense of doom going around. In a lot of my dreams, I feel like the world is ending. There was a hotel and a mall. Mostly just running through there. Nothing real important enough for me to remember.

More towards the end:
I was outside and there as a huge storm so I ran inside a house. In this house, I found other people. I wanted them to take the rest of the kids. None wanted them. I saw my dad outside the house and ran to him to ask for help. I left my kid inside. I got to my dad, and someone came up to us. This real G.I. Joe sort of guy. He called us people monsters and then locked me in some house, my dad in another. I knew that all the other people got locked up in different houses, too.

As soon as the door closed, the house began to shrink. The walls, the floor, the furniture, but I wouldn't. The windows and doors shrank faster than the rest. I picked up a chair and began to bang a window, but it barely cracked open. I got an idea that a TV would work better. By the time I got to the TV and back to the windows, the windows had gone. It was just a brick wall. I threw that TV at the wall and it actually broke the wall. I knew that others were in houses like this, so I kept the TV and ran to find them and my kid.

I got to the shrinking house I thought my kid was in and tossed the TV through the wall. I got in. Sure enough, all these kids were huddled up in one room. I picked up mine. There were more people upstairs, so we all ran to the stairs. The others were running down and we met in the middle. Before we could talk, G.I. Joe showed up behind them, up higher on the stairs.

I put my kid down and was about to talk to Joe, but he took this thing out of his pocket that looked like a pen. It was a lazer. This red line sliced through the top of my head and slid out my armpit. I lost half my head, some neck, chest, shoulder/arm. I died.

I remember seeing the part of me that was lasered off just slide off, and seeing some brain and guts on what was left standing, and the rest fall. Everyone was just staring at Joe. I really did not feel like staying asleep much longer, so I woke up.

What a blast, huh? I wish I remembered it a little more. Thanks for reading and helping, if you do.

Example: What does THIS dream mean? Itll stump you!?

This is my second "What does this dream mean?" Question.

Anyway, I was in a basement.quite small,but,it seemed ENOURMOUS. Why?i was equivalent in size to a pencil's eraser.

I was not human. I was more of a cat-like animal.I was definetly a mammal,but i had pure white fur,and everything was tipped in red. I had cat like ears,a tail (only instead of it curving up like a U,it corved down like an n.)There were many,possibly two or three hundred of me,quite simliar.the difference was some had streaks of fur going over one eye,some appeared to have pigtails,etc.. all base colors were white,but a wide variety of tip color.

We were busily at work liek ants. Im wasnt sure what exactly we were doing,but we were collecting scraps of food.Then i realized a small windo,our only source of light that didnt do much.It was still very hard to see. I gathered everyone to try and jump up there. after jumping on much furniture(we were so light,we jumped as high as fleas) we reached teh window.It was slightly open,so we walked out.The secon i stepped out,we all fell over the edge,and hit -hard - against the floor.

Next thing i know we were walking along the gravel. Well,sand to you,but we were so small it was gravel.There were four or six train tracks.We were walking right on top of one.I was leading the way (we had NO idea what we were doing.)And then,we heard a rumble. We all jumped off the tracks.A giant piece of machinery (the train,but it was so big,you couldnt tell.) A ramp folded down.We kind of jsut looked at it blakly.We started to walk on.

We sat down on really tiny chairs. It hadnt occured to us that people (we lived on teh same Planet.Earth.) Coudl fit on thesemand they would be pointless to them.The train shrunk,faster than you can blink,And we were trapped in idividual cages.

A man,Who looked much like a ringmaster,the top hat and dramatic clothing,held us up.He smiled evilly and took off with us. I collapsed.

I woke up in a giant circus tent.Well,compared to the ringmaster,it was puny.I,was still in my cage,but i had something through my ear. A tag that said..Well,i dont remeber,but it was in the sixties. ANYWAY,Iooked up.There was a giant magnifying glass.My real self,the one that was sleeping,remebered flea circuses.Then my dream self,the odd creature,got the message.The man thought we were a breed of fleas.He was calling peopel to come look at us.

When i look back at te bars enveloping me,i almost exploded laughing! We were so small,we coudl slip right through the spaces!I put my finger to lips,and motioned everyoen to follow me.While teh ringmaster was turned,we sneaked away quietly.We went backstage,and were stricken with surprise.

Infront of us were ants.brutal,-rip-you-apart-so-we-can-eat ants.They were blood red,and hanging to the wall,Which had threads hanging down.My mouth gaped and we just stared.We couldnt get past.Then,teh weirdest thing happened.this is the first convorsatio ni had in my dream.

A girl creature of my type came up to me. She was tipped both pink and baby blue,one eye pink and one eye blue,and wore pigtails.

"I know how to get past them! " She said.
I let my head fall to one side.
"I read it in a human book.Soemthing about..(here she grabbed a thread)Gymnastics."
We all looked at her like she was crazy.She turned to the ants,and swung with all her strength.She kicked the ants off,and they fell into a bug zapper.She kept on swinging,and mentioned "Do the Tarzan!"Apparently we had heard of it before,so we went.We swung,and we swung,and we got across,.we fell into a soft bed of moss.We looked around.there was ponds,flowers,paths made by bugs,everything made for our size!Thats when everything started to fade.

Whenever a dream ends,I start to get pulled toward teh sky,and whatever characters that joined me would wave,and i could feel myself morphing into my actual self.And i woke up.

What in the WORLD did this mean ?!?!?!I bet nobody knows :[

Example: I dreamt of my unborn baby?

I am about 9 weeks pregnant, and last night, I had a dream that my child was born and was old enough to be feeding it baby food. It was a boy, and he was sitting in a high chair, smiling and beautiful. I was feeding him sweet potato baby food. I put a little on a spoon, and just to be silly, gave him the spoon to see what he would do. He started to put it on his head, so I took the spoon away, laughing. He was laughing too. I wish that dream was real...

My (soon to be fiance) wants a girl, and I'm fine with either one...does me dreaming it was a boy mean anything? I've heard that when mothers dream of their baby, and dream of their sex, that's what they turn out to be.

Example: What does it mean if you dream of ghosts and casting out demons?

also, there was a merman in my dream and a girl who turned into a mermaid when she jumped into the water with the merman. I also dreamed that she talked about having kids and there were two of everything, high chairs, two this and thats- though I never saw the babies. Earlier in the dream I pulled a little girl out of a room where a ghost had closed the door and locked it ( right after this is when I started rebuking demons). There was more to it, but in a nutshell..

Example: What does my dream mean, I am 12 yo young man!?

It started where I was in this old house I used to live in, called the twin magnolias in Chipley Florida. I looked on TV and it said that there was a huge hurricane coming and I heard in my mind 10 times "6 tornadoes" and then I walked outside with Red White and Blue Balloons. I had the balloons and I saw other children walking with balloons too. But, I saw a kid on this cheap yellow bike that you see on playgrounds that I cheap and made out of plastic. It had a white glider on top. and the boy raised up his hand like he wanted me t follow him. All of the sudden I saw a red light and I saw a bunch of these bike gliders that I was on driving by really fast and I saw my momma and my step dad. My momma and Step-dad were just sitting in the middle of this intersection and all of the sudden, I looked up and I saw 6 huge black tornadoes and some of them were forming. I heard my mom say, go on, if it gets us it gets us. So, I ran off my glider thingy. I walked into a huge building that looked like a library and then I saw people that were in lines and they were waiting to vote or something to go into this booth. Then I saw Obama and McCain Come in through these doors, then Obama was wearing this white shirt undershirt that you wear for basketball, he was strong and he walked in with a smile, he was walking cool and then I saw McCain, he was cross eyed, and then I saw he was wearing a black suit with a blue tie that was ripped up. Then I saw the bottom of his pants near his shoes and they were ripped up also. Then I saw some of his hair was messed up and then all of he sudden I saw McCain try to cut in line to vote for himself. Then I saw Obama walk up these stairs amd he went to this desk and he sat down with a pen, his desk had an american flag and a big ole chair. He was writing down stuff and I was talking to him and he started saying bible verses, like Matthew, and numbers. All of the sudden I said AMEN and then I felt like I teleported into this ugly room with McCAIN in it, he was sitting at this desk and it had papers and beer cans and he was watching a little TV about the news. He was in the chair like an older person would be like a baby. I walked in and started whistling and MCCain said don't do that your going to make me in sane and grabbed me by the neck and shoved me through the windows and I looked down and it was about 4 storys high and I saw children walking still and then I grabbed the metal thing that holds windows up and flicked myself like a ninja back in the room. I ran outside and went on my glider I was just sitting there. I saw my mom and stepdad on gliders with my brother Joshua and they were going really fast. and i was flying and soaring though the air and i saw big black clouds and I soared by one of them and it looked like a tornadoe was about to form and as I past this tornadoe and I saw the beach and it looked like Miami and I saw these buildings and it was dark and I saw beach sand and this one place was really calm and it had a red and blue play ground. I landed there and my parents and Joshua were there. and all of the sudden I saw a centipede and it had a red body with yellow legs and it was long and had big snappers. I used my bike glider and ran over that punk. then we went into the playground and it started raining REALLY hard and I saw my momma and shw was wearing glasses and the rain was hitting her really hard in the face. I had this clear box on me and I took it off me and I was offering it to my momma cause she looked like she was in pain and the wind was so strong it blew the box from me and the box hit my momma. She flew out of the playground and she was on the slide. I went and jumped out of the playground and went to go get my momma on the slide. I picked her up and tried to put her back and when I did . After a while the rain stopped and playground was flooded. I swam back to the land and I saw my momma stuck in the playground with my brother trying to get them out and I was ontop of my step dads shoulders and all of the sudden I saw in the water while my brother was trying to get my momma out these big fish getting eaten by this thing (I heard clung and splashing) and all of the sudden I saw my step dad take a stick and spear something in the water and it was this tiny fish that had tiny little fins and I saw on the front that it had jagged teeth and it looked terrible and frightening. All of the sudden I saw my momma get flicked out of NOWHERE into a little hole near the road, where the road and rails meet. I saw the hummer parked and I saw my step-dad run after it. Momma said Its okay, I am okay Zack. Then all of the sudden I ran to the beach and got an oyster and pried open the little hole and momma through up a rope and as I was going to tie the rope to the hummer to get her out, I saw these black cars come up and I saw the lic. plate come up in my face, saying police and stuff and this mexican guy with a mustache said, he

Example: I tried to scream last night...what does my dream mean?

I'm going to try and put in as much as I can remember about my dream last night. The following is total fiction.

My boyfriend and I had a baby girl. It was not a traditional relationship - we had a rent an apartment and I had a restaurant job I had to walk to daily. My mother had to watch the baby often. I remember holding the baby girl and her high-fiving her dad and laughing hysterically.

Then, one night I couldn't make it home in time. I ran the whole way home. My mother was supposed to pick up the baby to watch her but wasn't able to. I came home to the baby lying on our bed, staring into the corner of the room. I kept trying to get her attention, with intermittent success. Mostly, though, she would return to staring away from me. It was a creepy sensation. I remember I tried to talk in my sleep - "Its a demon."

Still trying to do the best I could, I invited some friends from work over to our apartment. It was kind of a secondhand gesture to try and gain some friends since I had lost the ones I had. When I was walking home, I received a call and was told the baby was all by herself. I remember running, not caring about the friends following me home. I follwed a similar path that was familiar to me in other dreams home. I remember the gravel under my feet and how I didn't stop even though my thighs were burning. I raced home and opened the door. I rushed through the house only to find my boyfriend watching TV. He told me mother had already come and to calm down.

I couldn't get the sense of panic out of my system. I had an eree feeling. The friend I had invited walked in - they had found my house. I told them, "I've felt the need to get rid of the presence in the apartment for some time," and I went to get some incense. I flicked the incense throughout the apartment even though I had none. Then, I sat down, and asked anybody if they had any ideas about how to get rid of the creepiness I knew had taken a stay in my apartment. They said no.

I then began to stare at my digital clock on the wall, sitting in my chair. I don't remember the time. I remember looking deeply into that clock and noticing that there was a reflection in the clock of the living room on the other side.

I looked deeply into it. There was a little girl, a toddler, dancing around the exercise equipment in the living room. She was dressed in a black dress. Looking over, there was nobody there.

In that moment I remember being half awake and trying to scream. There were three guttural screams before I managed to get out, "Its a little girl." I then woke up.

What does it mean?

Example: Can someone please tell me what my dream means.?

I had a series of dreams last night, but one in particular really stuck out and, in a way, gave me the creeps.
This dream starts with me and a couple of my friends sitting down at a restaurant waiting to be served. We're talking and laughing and then I notice a baby girl in a high chair. I've always loved children of all ages so naturally I turned around and started playing with the baby and things of that nature. The child's parents weren't around but in the dream that wasn't a big deal at all, I hadn't even really noticed that until later into the dream. I start feeding the baby little pieces of corn, which I don't exactly remember being served food but I suppose that happened. I fed the baby maybe about 3 or 4 pieces of corn and then we all decided to leave. We were all at some hardware store, for reasons in which I have no idea, when I receive a call from an unknown number. The caller explains to me that he's the father of the baby and that the baby choked to death from the corn that I'd fed her. How he got my number, I have not even the slightest clue. He started yelling at me and then he cursed me. He said that I've cursed his life by killing his baby and that now he's cursing mine. That's when I hung up on him. I can't really remember too much of what happens in between me hanging up on him and what I'm about to explain next but it has something to do with me watching TV with a group of friends in a dorm/barracks looking like place. What happens next is we're all of a sudden back in the restaurant with the baby but the baby is in pieces. Her legs are not attached nor her arms or head. We have her body pieces laid out on a table and are trying to bring her back to life. In the middle of us trying to do that, a waitress comes busting through the doors yelling at another waitress saying that it's not up to us whether this baby lives or not. That if we keep going with what we we're doing than we're going to bring her back to life but that we should leave it up to God because it should be his decision. That we shouldn't try and meddle in his work. Then, the baby starts breathing and all her body parts are connected back to her body only the baby is slightly deformed. She's not the perfect little baby that she used to be. And then I woke up. This dream really gives me the creeps and I'd like to have SOME insight as to what on Earth it could possibly mean.

Example: Car and my girl friend dream meaning?

I was driving my car, next to me my girl friend sat, and we had an argument then she asked me to stop the car and she moved back seat of the car. Later i started driving, then later I turn back I see she and some one(men) that I know both holding their (Clasped ) hands and it is there on a "yellow color baby chair Plastic tray"

Then I stop the car and I ask the other person to get out of the car, I started driving the car but my girl friend did not come to the front seat.

What does this dream means?

Example: What is the meaning of this dream?

The dream started out with the first day of school, which is six days away, and me waking up late. I wake up my mom and tell her we need to hurry and get there. Well, we end up riding bikes to my old middle school which I haven't been to since graduation. I'm going to be a junior at the beginning of this school year, so, I really have no idea why my thoughts were on middle school. I'm about to go into the school, but I realize how dressed down I am so I ride how on the bike for the outfit I plan to where.

When, I get in I start grabbing packages and ripping them open searching for the dress and tights. I find too of my dresses, but they aren't really my dresses because instead of purple and blue they were blood red, bright blood red. I open an envelope and find a pair of socks shoved into it. Eventually, I give up and just through on a dress fit for a porcelain doll.

I go into the back room and see a yellow snake sliding into the seat of the computer chair. I'm terribly afraid of snakes. I run to my mother and tell her. She says she will try and catch it so she will get poisoned instead of me. We tie a fork to the end of a broom handle. Their is now two snakes, one in a bathtub in the back room for some reason and the one in the chair. My mom throws the baby snake in with it mother and shuts the shower curtain. I see a orange kitten with blue eyes trotting towards me and ask my mother if it is one of the new kittens. Then, I turn my head and see the back door open. All my cats and dogs are standing on the steps, some playing while others just stare in at us. The dream ends.

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