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Dream About Baby Food meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Baby girl? what does my dream mean?

ok ihad a dream that someone gave me a baby girl she was chubby and really cute and i loved her so much but one time i didnt have food to feed her and she was crying and crying and my parents helped me out bought food for the baby but i love that baby so much i cried wit hher tooo when she would cry what does that mean ?

Lorain A !
Having a beautiful baby girl in dream means that sooner you are going to have a good news. The good news is proportional to the beauty of the baby girl i.e. the more beautiful the baby girl is the better the news will be. So congratulations in advance.

Example: What does it means when u dream that u have a baby n it becomes a laptop?

I'm 17 years old n I'm a girl ..I wasdreaming about seen a bright light n then a big door I open the door n I went out side I was trying to hold the door but it close then some of the people from school were there and some of them had baby's I turn around and I saw some rocks falling from a mountain I told one of my friends that I was going to leave because it wasent save for my baby some people were leaving too in slides and I was walking I found my self in a street and I saw a see food restaurant and my baby wanted shrimp but the baby was to small to talk then I saw my friend and she told me that all the food from there was to expensive and that she only had $1 dollor n I saw my hand and I had 20 and the we were crossing the street and she told me to cross but some truck saw coming and I told her in a playful voice that she was trying to kill my baby then I was caring the baby n I kind of put it down n went I put it up it was a laptop with a pict of a baby

Example: What Does This Deer Dream mean?

I dreamt that as I was walking down a road with a few people I saw a baby deer. It was very dirty but it did not look malnourished. I called to it and it came up to me, looking for food and I fed it. I ended up taking it with me.

Example: What does it mean if I dreamt of nursing a baby bird back to health?

A lot of my dream was about that bird, it was always with me. And I needed to get it food so I was asking everybody I could find. I walked into a barn and people were herding cows around me so that I could get through. I kept asking ladies in the barn and finally one lady gave me some food. I fed it and I don't remember what happened after that.
What does that mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

ok well last night i had a dream that i had a baby in a candy shop but when i was giving birth i fainted. and when i woke up (in my dream), there was my tiny baby on my chest and i was breastfeeding her. she was so fragile, almost like paper. When she opened her big blue eyes, i knew i loved her soo much and she was so incredibly beautiful. Even though the dream wasn't real i still love her. I never let her out of my sight.

can u tell me what this means? thanks!

(oh and im only 13! lol)

Example: What does it mean to dream of demon baby, whose head you have to cut off?

I have never this type of dream... well its a two parter. The first dream was that my cat gave me worms. (and in real life, i think she may have worms, but not sure... I know I need to take her to vet!) So then, the second dream was, I was at some sort of school. I found this this baby whose head looked reattached. I thought it was dead, but slowly it woke up and tried to bite me. I realized it was a demon baby and had to cut off it head. And I did! with a butcher knife a clean sweep. So afterwards I go into the next room congradulating my roomates cause they helped too. Then this man walks in, almost lecturing us about clean living. He seemed really intimidating but turns out he really liked us. I go back to the room where the demon baby was and find that it reattached its head to it body. So again, I had to fight to cut its head off, this time with a fork. And succeed, then the intimidating guy's wife (whose a psychic) comes to me, to help me keep the brain and head and other appendages from reattaching. wtf!? i'm pretty good at figuring out my dreams but this one is too much.
(i guess i should also mention i had a bite of a "brownie" and was baked all day... but umm... yeah, lay off the brownies is also a given)

Example: What does this dream mean? (crickets and baby rats)?


I need help interpreting this dream I had a few nights ago. I dreamed I had sold some crickets on eBay (for gerbil food). I was late mailing them, and was wrapping them to mail. There was a hole in the bag the crickets were in. So, they got out and started hopping around my arms, and biting me. As I stepped back trying to brush off the crickets, I looked down. Too late I had stepped on a baby furless rat(for feeding snakes). I was woken up then from my dream by my cats scratching the door to have their breakfast. Anyways can you help me figure out what it meant? I know dreams sometimes don't mean much, but this one seemed so real and vivid.

Future Pet Vet

Example: What does my alien baby dream mean?

I had a dream my friend had an Alien baby and i loved her soo much and she loved me we had this amazing bond and she would say my name and smile so big when i came in to the room...

What does that mean?

Example: MUSLIMS:what does it mean when dream of a baby white lamb?

Example: I dreamed i was feeding a baby?

i had a dream i was feeding(baby food) a baby ..could this mean something?

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