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Dream About Baby Crow meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What is the meaning of a dream about witnessing the killing of a black bat in a crowded theater?

I had a vivid dream that I was seated in the front row of a crowed movie theater and a black bat was flying about circling high and low-many of the people in the theatre were terrorized, including me, and the bat seemed scared and bewildered. I sensed the bat may have been female. Several male attendants who worked in the theater swatted it to the ground & bludgeoned it, but the bat was not dying easily. Though badly injured, at one point, it got back up and flew right by my row, at eye level. For whatever reason, I felt that the attendants were trying to keep it away from me, in particular. It was a gruesome scene. I can't remember if it died or not before I woke up. I was deeply scared and affected, even after I woke up. What is the meaning of the dream?

I dreamed that my baby learned to run but couldn't crawl.

Example: What does it mean to dream of being a bird?

I dreamed that i was a bird lying in a nest. There was a little baby bird curled up against my leg and it looked up at me and had the cutest look on its face. Then i looked next to me to find another full grown bird next to me and after i looked at the bird and back at the baby the other bird reached it's wing over and attempted to cover my face then i woke up. What does this mean? I can't find anything in dream interpretations, just like i couldn't find anything for my wolf dream where i was in a pack of wolfs in a cage and the leader or alpha wolf climbed into a separate cage and brought me in with him and first jumped up on my shoulder and said to kneel down, so i did and he then whispered into my ear " you have to be care full you are in grave danger" I have yet to uncover the meaning of this dream either. Any and all help would be much obliged.

Example: Anyone know what birds (esp finches) in dreams mean?

I keep having dreams about birds, I remember one night i was simply watching a red-tailed hawk, one night it was an owl, another time a raven (or crow...) Anyways, the one that has stood out to me a lot though, is the reoccurring dream of me holding a small brown/green finch (not a baby, just a little finch that we often see here in Texas) that can't fly. Im holding it, its tame to my touch (but its not a pet, its wild, just a bird I find in my front yard)... anyways, its starting to bug me. Does anyone have any insight to bird symbols in general, or more specifically, to these particular birds esp. the finch that can't fly?

Example: What does it mean when u dream your pregnant with a dead crow?

By the way I am pregnant...

Example: What do crows really mean, in real life and in dreams?

I used to dream a lot about crows, shortly before I started studying Wicca. One day I looked out my window and saw a crow sitting there. Then another and another, until there were fifteen crows surrounding my front yard, just staring at my house. They stayed for several minutes, then one by one flew away. After which I had a dream that I was in the middle of a school courtyard, and the sky above me was dark and stormy. A crow flew over and landed on my shoulder, holding a key in it's mouth and having a shackle around it's ankle. I took the key and shared a long stare with the crow, but it flew away. I didn't really have dreams of crows after that, but saw them often.

Now a friend of mine claims that she sees crows a lot more when I'm around, as if they follow me. Once we passed a crows nest and when one of them jumped away and got closer, she jumped behind me but I didn't feel any fear and just kept staring into it's eyes. Last night I had a dream I was at a house I didn't recognize and there were many crows flying over it. Everyone was afraid they were going to attack us, like in the movie The Birds. I looked to my boyfriend, who was clutching some kind of book while yelling and holding his hands over his head as the crows descended. Everyone was screaming or running away, but as I watched the crows, they would just land on the fences or the ground, staring at me.

Does anyone know what all this could mean? Sorry for this being long, but I've been wondering about this for a very long time now. Thanks for reading!

Example: Dream involving black crows...?

so earlier today i was taking a nap and i had of dream of 6 crows on a power line. then two of them started fighting and one killed the other and started eating the dead crow. then it killied the rest of the crows and ate them to and the last thing i remember from the dream is see 5 dead half eaten black crows on the ground in front of me and i felt the need to get out of there quickly so i left. any idea what the crows signify? i also had a dream of my teeth falling out later. and in my family that has always signified a death in the family.

Example: Dream of crows? HELP!?

okay so i had a dream that my sister left her window wide open without any screen or anything and so then she just left it open in her room and she went downstairs to the kitchen to go eat and then my kitten ran upstairs then i follow him and i saw a crow in her room and a baby crow which was in my cats mouth and hes 3 months old now, and then i got a towel and slapped the crow and he ran out the window and then my kitten stood by the window with the baby crow in his mouth and he fell over so he died from the two story building then my dog recsued him for some reason idk how
because my kitten appeared walking in my house the other day and then we figured out that my dog saved him some how
so what does this mean?
pleqase do not suggest dream-of.com because i already went there and this is what i typed in the car: crows and then they said this:

To see a crow in your dream, represents death and the darker aspects of your character. The dream could also be pointing out your annoying habits. Alternatively, the crow may be conveying a message from your unconscious.�

please help im kinda worryed! no rude comments! im only a teen

Example: What dose my dream mean?

i had a weird dream when i was younger but its something that has followed me and i can remember to this day. i remember waking up, and the view was just like i would see in my normal day. i started walking and their was the city,when i was younger i would always go to this christmas event at a church, it brought you back into the time jesus lived and showed different buildings, and different jobs people had. the dream looked just like this place but only felt like i was really in this time. as i walked thru i saw many people walking the streets, stopping to shop,talk,and just live their normal life. as i walked more in many people asked for money or help and i gave what i could, as i went more into the city i reached the out skirts and a lady came up to me and with a soft spoken voice that was scared she said, help my son help him please. their was no proof that he was jesus but it clicked that her name was mary and her sons name was jesus. as i held the baby i suddenly got verry scared and woke up scared and i stayed up for a little bit thinking as i laid back down i never finished the dream as i hope. but i was about 8 years old when i had this dream ad to this day i still remember it very clear. any ideas to why i had the dream or why i still remember it so well?

Example: Weird dreams always involving a baby , what could they mean?

Because i have so many similarities in all my dreams ill say them first. In my dreams the world is ending but not at first. At first i am always in some type of town gathering, which is a familiar place in the town i live, where many people i know are such as friends or neighbors, or teachers. People in my family are always there but the actual family members vary from dream to dream. My boyfriends is almost always there but disappears and reappears at different points and for different reasons. At the gathering I'm in its always a celebration or a huge day for fun. Then a zombie apocalypse ,not even zombie because i don't see them actually eating humans i just know that they're dangerous, or dark magic or alien invasion occurs. In every dream i will gather the people in my dream that i know and love and try to escape with them , we will always escape every bad event that takes place but will always loose someone or something important. then there is always this point of relaxation and safety, where the most important and reoccurring symbols will appear.

in one dream i am at a football game, i am a retied cheerleader so my friends asked me to run on the field with them. The high school field is full with so many people. my mom sister , boyfriend , etc is there. the as were on the field cheering, a black cloud of rocks appears in the sky, which only i notice. The cloud falls and picked up people killing them. Me and my family escapes , we run into a catholic church, were i stop to kneel before the alter, when i look at the table that has the silver plate for communion during mass, holds black dark magic crows and nasty black goo. we run out into a department store to gather things we need.when a lady i don't remember who was pregnant was looking for a baby carriage , i helped her pick out the best carriage and was happy holding the carriage, idk why i remember this. then we left an found 1920's style cars that wouldn't work well and weren't helping us get escaped. but we made it to a car dealership where i robbed the lady working and stole the keys of the cars outside, which were luxious cars, and drove away, but we got chased by the police for stolen cars however we escaped but changed the plates to avoid being chased by the police.

In another dream i was at my grandmas house, it was a zombie apocalypse, and we were trying to board up the house, we looked outside for anyone who needed asylum and the next door neighbor was pregnant, she had 3 kids and they came inside my gloms house, yet the pregnant mother had a scratched and was infected, we sum how thought we could re-wind time and take the baby out of her stomache , but it was too late? and idont remember the rest.

Another dream i can't remember why but i was in my local grocery store stop and shop near were they keep shredded kraft cheese and butter? and i was with my boyfriend and we had our 1 year old son in the carriage, he had tan skin, blue eyes and brownish blonde hair?

In my most recent dream, a alien invasion from a electric sea green cloud/watertunnel in the sky occurred. all i could remember was a random pack of dogs that i was scared of but didn't attack me , and then the last thing that happened i was giving an alive baby doll? that dying from thirst and i had to save it , i ran to give it water and took long but just as soon as i got the water it was freezing cold and still gave it water but the baby doll still died, it wasn't plush it was mechanical like plastic, but it was pretty nd really cute.

Example: My daughter and I had a dream about a little mean black bird? Does this mean anything?

April 14th 2008 we had a house fire, and my cockateil died in the cage. My daughter did not see him. Later I had a dream and in my dream I was standing in the middle of a bunch of birds that looked like sparrows, they would fly on my shoulder and finger and would let me get close and pet them, almost like snow white. Then a small black bird with a long black beak came and started to peck and bite me. Then I woke up all weirded out, two nights later my 6 year old had a dream of two birds, unknown if they were both black birds but one was a Moma bird and she had a baby black bird. The Moma bird was friendly to her and would let her pet and get close to it, but the black baby bird was pecking at her and then bit her on the finger. She woke up terrified and said the baby black bird was in the kitchen and she could see it from where she was sleeping. She said it disappeared after we turned the light on! She didn't know of my dream. Does any of this relate & what does it mean?

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