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Dream About Baboon meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Seriously bizarre dream... I usually have weird dreams but this was something different (Non sexual... sorry!)?

Part 1. Fully clothed, I walked stepped out into the ocean, on my way somewhere I don't know where I was going but I was clearly on some sort of mission... It was as though I knew where I was heading (even though I didn't!). It was kinda dark, not dark like it was deep into the night but just dark like the sun had just set. I wasn't the only one walking through the sea water waist deep. There were a few other people and random strangers. I wasn't cold or bothered by the fact that I was fully clothed in the ocean! The ocean didnt seem to get any deeper... it just stayed waist height for a good distance, but I knew that it would get deeper eventually.

Part 2. OK, so the sea theme of my dream sequence continues... somehow my being in the ocean transferred into my walking down a narrow jetty or pier like structure... though it was pretty much sitting very close to the surface of the water and it was only about as wide as a footpath or walkway. As it turned out, myself and two of my old friends (in our teen years we used to hang out as a trio cruising around in my friends car, going for drives around our city looking for action!) were going somewhere. It was like we were on a mission towards some destination that was unknown to us! I get the sense that it was kinda like a fishing trip. We intended to come back with something that we would acquire from our destination. It was also to be a long trip. I remember walking for some time and distance, but then thinking to myself we are only about halfway there and we still have the journey home to look forward to. So we kept walking along this pier that was barely raised above the surface of the relatively calm yet rippled ocean. As before it was dark but not very dark.

Part 3. The next think I notice is that the surface of the ocean had changed. It was no longer water... instead it was CHICKEN! Yes that's right. It was as if the ocean had been replaced by raw diced chicken breast (WTF?). Like how you would prepare chicken breast for a stew or a curry! This was what the ocean was composed of!

Part 4. I thought to myself, maybe we can take some of this home! I mean it was diced chicken breast! I suppose I could have cooked it or something! We continued on... and the next thing I notice is that a section of the ocean further ahead was made from steak! It was as though the surface of the ocean was covered in one gigantic inch thick layer of medium/well-done cooked steak! I decided that I would cut a few pieces from the surface and take it home with me! beneath the first inch thick layer was another layer of steak. There was moisture in between the layers... the pinkish brown oily juices of the steak!

Part 5. We were on our way home now... and I had with me a bag of steak. I think I decided to leave the chicken breast alone! Somehow I also had a big haul of bananas too! and as we walked back home I was thinking that this would be a long long journey home! After all we had come a long way. Suddenly we were confronted by Gorillas and Baboons or some large aggressive looking ape like creatures! I knew what they wanted! My bananas! I didnt really want to give them any so I was resistant. One of the gorillas knew and stood in my path and another one came from behind me. I jumped up and side kicked that gorilla in the head (Taekwondo!). I think I managed to somehow continue on in my journey home without being hindered too much by the gorillas.

Part 6. I made it home and I was unloading my haul as I stood in the kitchen. I pulled out my steaks and proceeded to put them in the fridge! I remember pulling out a T-bone steak... the meat had somehow withered away a little, not the kind of T-bone that you would be happy with if you ordered it from a restaurant!

Anyway... that's pretty much what I can remember of this dream!

Please share your interpretations! Thank you

The ocean represents the expanse of life, its evening you see a reason to act before nightfall. Time is running out for your mission. Im thinking you are anticipating a new job based on the suit, or a new life job like a child or spouse.
Going on the footpath with old friends suggests going down memory lane, sometimes situations can spark this... even a smell or a picture or a familiar happening, a chance running into someone from your past. It probably means your going down this path with people you like and have known for a long time.
The water changing into food seems to point toward lively hood again the theme of improvement going from chicken a cheaper meat, to steak more expensive. The prospect of wealth is very obvious. In general improvement could be a trade up in your mate, home or work.
Your thinking ahead with the bananas you have something of less value to throw to those who might oppose you. You don't see them as too big of a hindrance. You can kick them out of competition any time.
You reach a place of comfort and your new place in life is the best catch... until you look closer and realize you may have been deceived.
The new place in life is still good, but disappointing.

With out knowing what these representations mean to you personally its difficult to know just what it means only you can do that ..hope Iv helped.

Conclusion you have an opportunity, its with good friends you think its going to be great but your not sure it seems too good to be true.

Example: I am a huge Simpsons fan, but could someone please tell me what is the obsession with monkeys on that show?

I'll try to elaborate. Every couple of episodes someone, Homer mostly I might add, makes a reference, statement, or some such about either chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans...just monkeys in general. For instance; in an early episode when Bart was in danger of failing the 4th grade one of the local t.v. stations was having a "Big Monkey Movie" week, one of which was "gorilla the conquerer" (I should also add that the ending of which made Homer cry). Another time was when Homer was chosen by N.A.S.A. to be one of the first average joes to go into space, on account of the fact that all the previous lauches (using monkeys) had resulted in the monkeys cming back super intelligent and able to talk. Another time was when Moe asked Homer to steal his (Moe's) car and leave it on the train tracks, Homer drives by a drive-in (right next to the train tracks I might add) thats playing a movie called "Hail to the Chimp" about a monkey president of the United States. Can you all the point I'm makin

Example: Baboons?

my dream was that i had pet baboon and he kept bringing home dead bodies when tried to establish with this baboon he was being being intimidating and i was worried that i be next so let him get on with it, eventually the house got nfull of ndead folk and we had to started putting em in cupboards and in the walls. so any one know what that means then

Example: What does a baloon means in your dream?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night, I had an extremely random, yet almost scary dream. It started like this:
I was in a huge, yet dirty and old zoo. I was looking through dirty glass at various baboons flinging crap at each other, then another tank, that held dirty water, agley and Manatees. I was upset with how the zoo was treating the animals, so I decided to leave. I texted my parents that I'd meet them at the bottom of this elevator. They never showed up. It then randomly happened that I was in Germany. So I ran away into the Black Forest. The forest was extremely dark, and I came across various rooms made of trees. These rooms were where the zookeepers lived. I heard a zookeeper coming, so I ran off until I came across a train. I hopped on one of the cars and counted my money. Then I realized a couple of my friends were in the car too. I started speaking German, and I was enjoying the scenery (might I add, I've never been to Germany before) it started snowing as the train pulled up to a town. Me and my friends decided to buy supplies to start a life. We went into a mall, and found out that we were in St.Georg, DE. My wifi kicked on, and I got a billion texts from my dad asking where I was, and telling me to be safe. I felt bad, so I went to St.Georg Catholic Church to pray. (I am an atheist too...) then I simply woke up.

What. Is. Wrong. With. My. Brain?

Example: Baboon attacking me in my dream?

I had a very strange dream the other night. I am going to describe it and if you know of what it might mean or are good at interpreting dreams maybe you can help me out!

*background note: I have a history project and was working on it earlier that night (it was due the next day) Earlier that day my group members and I had been walking around the school trying to find a printer to print our outlines. There were none in the school that worked.

So, I was with the 2 other kids in my history project and we were walking at night (it was very dark) through these ancient Mayan ruins (note, or history project was on World War 2 and has NOTHING to do with Mayans). We were walking and we were talking, but I cannot remember what it was about. I just remeber the scenery so vividly: vines, sculptures, statues, crumbling temples. My group members and I had just climbed over a large cement fence to get into this Maya world and we were walking along an ally looking at all the unique things that surrounded us.

Then one of my group members kind of just hung back and my other group member and I kept looking for something...we were just sort of venturing around. My group member started to walk down this very dark path way that lead to a forest and I was going more in the direction of a large temple made of steps. Then all of a sudden a baboon started to attack me. Now, I say baboon, but it actually looked like a spider monkey and it was climbing on my leg, hissing, bitting and this was all out of nowhere. I was so scared and I tried to get the baboon to attack the other group member and get the baboon to follow my other group member down the path to the forest so I could be safe, but when I did this the baboon just kept digging into my leg. I had been trying to walk up the temple, I was just on the first few steps and that baboon just started attacking harder and harder. My group member did not really care too much and just sort of dissolved into the path. My last memory was being on the temple steps with this baboon attacking me.

I am not really sure what any of this means. I am used to interesting dreams, but have never been attacked by a baboon in a dream before! I have never had sleep paralysis nor do I get nightmares. The dream felt very realistic and when I woke up I was fine, my first thought was that I had just been attacked by a baboon in my sleep and yet I was not disturbed by this.

Any interpretations are welcome!

Example: Weird dream what does it mean?

In my dream we were going on a trip and I was going to bring my cat so I went in the garage to get her carrier and I seen a man in there so I told my dad and he checked and it was a cop but his face was the face of a white owl then it switched to where I had to catch my cat and she ran in the woods so I climbed the fence so I can save her but baboons got her but the dream switched where we were on the trip and I had like 20 stuffed animals at the hotel but when were on the way my aunt was driving idk why but we were leaving and it was like where we had to eat at a certain hour or someone will get us and I guess I didn't eat and the dream ended ,does this mean anything or not

Example: What does my dream mean?

My mom had this dream she was holding hands with a baboon and they were having fun trying to look for me at a park. My uncle who our family dosent like at all was there and he looked very sickly standing there with his wife and daughter.

Example: Dream about a walrus and a baboon...?

I had a dream that i was riding around in a golf cart taking pictures of things, in a parking lot. I was not driving the golf cart, i was the passenger. the driver and i were friends, although i cannot remember who the driver was and if they were male or female. We then (on the right side of the golf cart) saw a walrus. He was huge! and he was injured, like bleeding and had gashes and cuts in his skin. I had to convince my friend that it actually was a walrus since it was such an odd thing to see in a parking lot. We then took a right turn around some tennis courts and there was a giant baboon standing with his back to us, he was also injured and bleeding in some sort. I do not remember much after this except that i ended up going to the tennis courts and taking pictures from the top of the light poles. I vividly remember an aerial view of the courts.
I guess my question is can anyone make sense of this? since i know that different animals represent certain things in dreams, but i also have a feeling that it is important that neither of them were in their natural habitats, nor were they healthy. (both bleeding)

please help(: thanks

Example: Really Weird Dream! What Does It Mean?

Okay, so I had a really weird dream last night, and here it is:

It started out with me going to my friend's house because we are about to go to a water park, I decide to cut through this forest and end up in an abandoned playground. The playground had really bright colors. While there I run into some guy who says that he is keeping animals there, he tells me that I can leave and as I am leaving I see a baboon, a zebra, and a monkey. I then turn to leave and I begin to walk and run into a baby monkey, I then give him the baby monkey and the baboon goes and eats a random hand on the ground.

I was then in line to go on a water slide and the girl who I like is also in line. When we get to the top its two people per tube and I ask her if she wants to go, she completely ignores me. Instead she decides to go with this really really short person but he gets scared and she goes with this other random guy. I then went down the tube and I ended up in an EB Games with my friend.

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