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Dream Examples

Example: What could this dream mean?

for the past two weeks i've been having a dream tht im pregnant what do u think it means? my b/f and i have been trying for about 5 months now.

It means that getting pregnant is something you think about and have been trying for, thus making it leave an imprint on your subconscious which comes forward in your dreams.

Example: Why do people think that dreams mean something?

and who is to say what one dream supposedly means?

Example: What in the world does this dream mean?!?

I dreamed that I had Math exam and a chemistry exam. I walked in the class, and the class seemed full but I managed to find seat. The math teacher, a man that I never saw in my life, said that we could use the book as a reference for the exam. I was really happy because I was not really aware of the exam nor did get the time to study it. Well, I was digging through my back for my cell phone to close it completely. Instead, I pushed the wrong button and it rang. Out of the blue, another teacher comes out. She is a woman that really taught at my high school, yet I never had her as a teacher. She is known to be mean and sneaky. She accused me of trying to cheat. Mind you the exam was not even started yet. I told her the battery on my cell phone is taken off and why would I cheat with a cell phone that couldn’t possibly work. I gave the cell phone and took another one out of my bag. This one had a cracked screen. I used it as a watch to time myself for the exam.

Example: I don't know it's just dream or have a meaning, I dreamed that I'll getting engaged with someone. Meaning ?


Example: What do these dreams mean?

BTW I'm a female who's name is not Alex. I have a live in boyfriend of almost 2 years and I love him and care for him dearly. But lately the spark has been missing and I find myself more interested in hanging out with guy friends. And the past few nights I've had sexual dreams about a guy friend and one of my ex's the next night. What does this mean? I dont have any Interest in leaving my man, but what do these dreams mean? What should I do?

Example: What does a dream mean?

when you dream of a guy you don't know but in your dream you two are in love? what does this mean?

Example: What do my dreams mean?

ok my first dream was about me shopping with my friends sorta In my dream was a girl who I haven't seen since highschool. IN my dream my mom would give me $60 every week to shop. Also I was gettting married but the weird part was I had two guys that I wanted to kiss before I got married. both are friends that I have had since I was 5years old. but I never kissed them in my dream. Also we walked a lot but never really made it shoping or anything like that, it was all in my old neighborhood. When I woke up I was scared but I don't remember what scared me.
THen my second dream I saw my next door neighbor who is 16 holding a pack of ciggerettes they were marbro lights and the lighter was red. In reality he don't smoke. Ok so in my dream we were on our way to afaganastan that is really far from the US and we were driving and once again we past so many homes and it looked like we were driving inside. What does each dream mean.

Example: What DOES THIS MEAN? dream?

I was floaton a invisble seat in the air, waterfalls, birds, tropical scenes and flowers.i was sitting next to my significant other, and we were sort of just in awe and confused and i was b-tching at him because he was taking pictures of the beautiful scenes.

what do u think it means?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was at my friend`s house(who I have a big crush on) and he wasn`t paying any atention to me,I said to his mom hes not talking to me,she said in a mean way,there is an other Jess here you know,and he was sitting on the couch with this girl who looked like me bt he liked he more,I remember feeling jelous in my sleep and in the dream.am I afraid of being replaced?a I jelous of someone? thanks


What does A,B,C mean when you see it in your dream ?

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