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Dream Examples

Example: What dreams really mean!?

My b/f said he had a dream last night that snow/fire balls were falling from the sky and destroying the earth along with cars on the highway speeding bumper2bumper at 300 miles an hr.He sauid that death was all around and we were running trying to dodge these meteors i guess you can say.Anyone have any idea as to what this dream ment?.I always thought dreams were kinda like fortelling whats to happen in the future or something along those lines

The Meaning of Dreams
Ancient cultures believed that dreams were spiritual in origin, often foretelling the future. Aristotle believed that dreams originated from within the dreamer, arising from the heart. Modern dream research has focused on two general interpretations of dream content. In one view, dreams have no inherent meaning but are simply a process by which the brain integrates new information into memories. In the other view, dreams contain real meaning symbolized in a picture language that is distinct from conscious logical thought.

The recounting of dreams has been used widely as part of clinical treatment. If dreams express important wishes, fears, concerns, and worries of the dreamer, the study and analysis of dreams can help reveal previously unknown aspects of a person's mental functioning.

Hope I was helpful!

Happy Holidays! =]

Example: What do dreams mean?

lately i've been having dreams about this one girl i used to be friends with it's so weird and then last night it happened again and it was her and another girl i stopped being friends with. what does this mean!? and no i don't want to forgive them they hurt me too much

Example: Does anyone know what my dream means?

My dream last night was that when my family was getting our picture taken to go visit god, we ended up to heavy to fly so I got on a seperate cloud. And was taken by the devil. I was taken to the devil room instead. When the devil decided to let me see god (did you know that the rooms were next door?) I saw my family but couldn't go to them. They saw me but when i went back into the devil room, they didn't follow me. Eventually, I became the devil's daughter. I was a half demon. I still went home on my human birthday, but stayed with my devil mom (did you know the devil is a girl?). When it was my devil birthday, I had to throw-up red puke. And when the bottle was empty, I grew older and the bottle refilled itself. What does my dream mean?

Example: Repetitive dream meaning ?

I've been having dreams about my friend and I having sex . At the end he did some sign with his signs
The (0K) sign. The other night I had a similar dream, as we were dating. The weird thing is that today we ended up spending the day together
Isn't this a little odd?

Example: Do baby dreams mean anything to you?

I have only had baby dreams when I was pregnant, but have been having them off and on for about a month. Part of me thinks it's because I'm on here answering questions, and part of me is wondering if I'm either pregnant, or about to become pregnant.
Last month, I skipped my period the whole month, had many symptoms, but all tests were neg. I got a small period this month, and now have no symptoms. I can GUARANTEE the last time I had sex I was ovulating (this was very recent) & last night had a dream about pushing a stroller, holding a baby that looked just like my girls did as babies, but my hubby yelled out "It's a boy!" and it was wearing a blue outfit too.
Does this make any sense?!
Is it most likely wishful thinking, or a glimpse of something wonderful to come?! (like I said, I've only had such dreams when pregnant).
What are your experiences?
I'll wait until I'm late to test!

Please and thank you!

Example: What could this dream mean?

My ex was in my dreams again last night, was with her for 3 years and she broke up with me in mid september, still love her though and think about her every day.

First we were in a massive car park and i was driving the car i recently sold, and she was walking along the side of this car park. Then we were drawn together by this guy selling car doors (weird)

My dream went on and i was in London visiting old neighbours (they dont live in London) and i remember thinking about her throughout that bit.

Then we were in this place together saying that we loved eachother and i was shocked that she said i love you, then i remember saying theres a problem though your still with this guy and she went all funny on me, in the dream he wasnt paying her enough attention and wasnt sure about them. I then told her off about it and said finish with him or dont talk to me and she said no so i remember being torn up about it and i also remember then walking down my street and seeing him then beating him up and thats it.

Got to mean something surely.

Example: What's it mean when your b.f. gives you a note that says "i don't think don't really in love" in your dream?

well my dream is:
me kasey (my boyfriend) and my 3 best friends where hanging out and we were sitting at a table.
and my boyfriend handed me a note saying "maybe we arnt really in love" and looked up at me saddly looking

Example: What do our dreams really mean?

and whats the difference from a dream and a vision ? What is that in between state called when you are partially awake?

Example: What does this dream mean?

We're in my old house (which has been bulldozed for years) waiting for the 17-A bus to take my nephew to intermediate school, but the bus that comes by is 17-B, which serves the Jr. High and High Schools, and it keeps driving by over and over again. Each time it drives by, there's thunder, wind and power and gravity disturbances, starting out minor--a little rumble like someone playing "The Thunder Rolls" on their headphones, a slight dimming of the lights, a gentle breeze, and a feeling like you're standing in an elevator that's starting to go down--but getting worse each time it goes by until we're falling up, there are cows being blown around, the power has given up and stayed off and the noise is ear-damagingly loud.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had this dream that i was in these spooky toilets,like haunted swimming pool toilets or school toilets and apparently somebody was murdered there or something like that.I for some reason felt very guilty but i cannot tell whether i was actualy guilty.All of the evidence was pointing to me and i could over hear the authoruities saying that it was me.I started panicing and was very afraid.Also there aws lots and lots of toilet paper all over the place as well as s#%t.Could this dream mean anything?

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