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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean when you dream your b/f cheated with a close friend?

Although me and my b/f have some trust issues it really scared me the other night when I woke up cause I was dreaming that my boyfriend was cheating with one of my close friends and it wasn't just I caught them kissing it was like I was actually watching the whole thing. I woke up almost in a panic. He was sleeping over so it really weirded me out. Although I know it was just a dream does this mean I need to tell him the fears that have been on my mind. Should I tell him about my dream? Me and him are going to my friend's Halloween party and I don't want this to be on my mind. What do you think?

It means nothing.Though you are do not feel very much secured,due to the though in your subconscious mind you might have had this type of dream.

Example: Dream meaning.?

Okay so I'm going to give you a little background info of whats going on in my life,so things may make a little more sense to you.
I'm a freshman in high school.Last night I went out of town with some friends.My ex went,whom I broke up with about 5 months ago,went also.He's about a year and a half older than me,and we dont go to the same school,and we really only started talking to each other about a month ago.By the end of the night things were great.We were laughing and having fun like old times.I'm thinking of giving it another chance.I'm gonna call him guy 1
The other part you need to know is about a guy that I just recently met about a month or so ago. He's in my fourth period and we eat lunch together about everyday.He's started talking to me about some of the things going on in his life.And I was the first one he called when he broke up w/ his gf.He wants to hang out,and I do to,but I'm not sure if I should b/c he still as a chance of getting back with is ex.I'm gonna call him guy 2.

So my dream(I know this a lot,bare with me):
It was raining one day after school and I had a softball game. Guy 2 was there with me and wanted to give me a ride to my game so I wouldnt have to walk to the field(our school is set up weird). I was hesitating be/c I knew that guy 1 was going to be there. Guy 2 said "fine I'll just walk with you" He picked me up cradle style, and started to carry me in the pouring rain. I was laughing and then I asked him about his ex,and if they we're still talking or planning on getting back together. He looked at me for a second and then he kissed me and smiled. Then I woke up.
What does my dream mean?
What do you think I should do in my real life situation?

Example: What does these dreams mean? is my b/f in trouble if i stay with him?

ok so i have had 2 really odd dreams:

dream one-

my uncle (who killed himself) came to me in looking like how he would have after dying*Super scary btw!* and told me that i need to change a lot of things in my life before i end up like him and that who im with isn't going to be my forever and i need to move on, i asked who will i end up with and he pointed at my brother, i asked all discusted and he said obviously not your brother but he knows who you will be happiest with! and that was pretty much the end of it.

dream two-

my great grandma who was a very big influence in my life passed away 3 days before i had this dream. i was sitting at a table floating on like clouds and everything was white, my gma came up behind me put her hand on my shoulder and said "Sam, im so very proud of you, ur turning into a wonderful woman, a great mother, and ur so beautiful, but there's things you need to change, eventually you will learn" i asked what i needed to change to make myself a better person and she told me my love life will change, that its not my boyfriend, he's a great guy, but something will happen to him if i don't leave him. but if i do leave him i will find true happiness and again told me to ask my brother who i'll be truly happy with.

so i guess im asking what do these dreams mean, and would my brother know who i end up with because he personally knows the person? btw these ppl are on dif sides of the fam and were within like 2 nites


I saw three letters in my dream what do this letters mean
A,B,C ?

Example: Dream meaning?

ok its been a while since me nd my ex b/f broke up but i really never like him i cheated on him but all dis week all my dreams are about him, nd no i dnt miss him i hate him. but dey say da person u dream of is cuz dat person b4 dey went to sleep thought of u is dis true?

Example: What this dream means!?

i was married with a girl ( may b the one i loved) in my dream yesterday.! Now im in confuse what this dream means!
Please help

Example: What does it mean to b pregnant and then reaped in a dream?

I had a dream that I was pregnant. Then my "dad" was wanting to rape me. The man in the dream wasn't my real dad tho, but I caled him dad in the dream tho. He was wanting to have sex and I refused. I was trying to avoide him and told my brother that if he reaped me to call 911.
What does this mean.
I'm avergen. My dad is good to me. I've never been raped before.

Example: What does having a dream bout the devil ripping layers of his face off mean b/cuz uhm it was pretty scary?

Example: What can this dream mean? N.B.Abbreviations for camera positions in this, which will be explained at the end!?

Albert Dock in Liverpool, v.sunny w/a few little white clouds in a really blue sky & (if there are in real life) lots of red ships moored around its edges.

Camera goes out from ECU of my eye in 1 frame (Like Noodle in Gorillaz El Manana video) to CU of my face looking up to 'camera' (In this case, the sky), to MLS of me looking out across the dock (facing towards camera at an angle), to LS (full body) of me looking towards sun, with 1 arm crooked above my eyes.

Then ML shot of me walking slowly along by the dock towards one of its edges. Textures & colours of background in vid similar to El Manana, but a bit greyer (this IS Liverpool, after all!). Fades in to me walking along about 3 times (Camera facing me all this time).

ELS of me walking along (in profile)&I stop at edge. People are there too, but they're blurred out in comparison to me. I stop by edge opposite the Liverpool Tate/shop before it, turning so I'm looking out towards side opposite the Tate.

Raise head to sky

Example: Recurring dreams meaning?

I have recently realized that i have been having several recurring dreams throughout my life (I'm only 14 so it hasn't been super long). I have had many but the two i want to know about are the ones with me having superpowers that i can't use and being chased by big things.

1. I have had plenty of dreams where i have superpowers and i know it but just can't use them. Powers like flying, super saiyan junk, and most recently wolverines claws (i'll talk about that one).
I had the dream that i was actually with wolverine and we were just doing stuff that i can't remember, but i do remember trying extra super hard to have my claws shoot out of my hands but it never happened.
- I think that this dream means that i have potential but i don't know how to reach it just yet.

The one's where i'm being chased are weird too. I'm always being chased by a large dinosaur or godzilla. Nothing else. EVER.
-Maybe i'm avoiding my biggest challenges or fears or something?

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