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Dream About Austrian People meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

I was at a high school basketball game (in my dream) but it wasn't my school's team or at my school. It wasn't at any school I know of but I remember the mascot was a tiger (or so I though. Later I discovered it was an orange wolf) even though their team was something xompletely unrelated just like this school in my town, bayridge...or as I like to call it GAYridge (there team is the blazers and their mascots a tiger) anyways there were a bunch of people in te stands and I was laying on...something with my head propped up and was huddled under my blanket because it was cold (I was just about to regain consciousness so I guess that part came from the fact that i was lying in bed) Then this insanely cute guy (<3) walked over to me and was like "hey" now that I think of it he looks kind of like a blonder version of my ex boyfriend Ryan. Anyways, he was like "want some pie?" (there was a table in the corner where u could get free apple pie) and I was like "sure" (odd cuz apple pie makes me gag...wait not rly odd cuz for some reason I always eat it anyway) so he went to get me some pie. While he was gone the mascot came over and I discovered he was really a wolf. Then the guy started walking back with an empty plate cuz there was no pie left (although for some reason there was pie goo on the plate...and no he didn't eat the pie and just give me his garbage) then my...oh god how can I explain this...my friend who's a guy who doesn't but does like me and I don't but do like him and he's got a girlfriend who's not really his girlfriend and we dated but we didn't...kyle took the plate from him and handed it to me and was like "here I got you something" I was like "uhh...thanks?" then he started singing the third line to that song that's like ____ and _____ sitting in a tree, but it was to te tune of the austrian national anthem (Gotta love the randomness! :P) ao he was like "first comes love. Then com-OOF!" (that's when I shoved the sticky pie plate in his face to get him to shut up) me and my sister (who was sitting on the floor beside me) and the hot guy couldn't stop laughing...that is until Kyle turned around and shoved the sticky pie plate in my face. Now the only one laughing was my sister cuz the hot guy looked pissed and Kyle was just smiling smugly. So now I was pissed at my sister for laughing so I shoved it in her face...well me being pissed was part of the reason. I also just wanted to who've pie goo in someones face. Then my sister, being completely uncreative, just shoved it back in my face. God! I easily could have just shoved it back in kyles face nope, by sister was too lazy to choose a new target. Then se yelled "food fight" (a rly idiodic thing to do considering there was a basketball game going on and people actually wanted to eat their pie rather than throw it) but I though I might as well get one last laugh out of the pie plate so I through it at the hot guy...before I saw if it hit him I woke up. :(

So what dou think it means. And dot just go on one of those websites and type in basketball or something. Look at the whole dream.

It means your goldfish will die.

Example: What do people from Austria love that is only made in America?

I am traveling to Austria shortly and I would like to bring gifts to my family there. I was wondering what do Austrians like that only America has? Or what in general do foreigners like from the United States?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

For the past 2 months, I have been dreaming about love. I dream that I fall in love with this guy but it always ends differently. The guy looks different in every dream but I know, when I'm sleeping, that it is the same guy in every dream. In the current dream, I felt like the guy took advantage of me and used me for 1 reason only. What does this mean? I know what dreaming of love means, I just don't know why I have dreamed these dreams for so long and why I felt taken advantage of during the last dream I had.Help?Thanks!:)

Example: What is the purpose of dreams?

Why do people drema at night time.

Example: What could these dreams mean?

-i asked this in dream interpretation but didnt get a clear answer so im trying here too-

Two questions: why do I keep having it and what does it mean?
So ever since I can remember I had this dream like thing where I'm in this room: its dark colored theres a window and it's raining outside, theres a piano behind me and an open door in front of me and for some reason I know I'm in Germany or Austria. Theres also a desk, the old fashioned looking kind that rolls up and theres papers and a quill pen. i dont know how, but next thing I know I'm sitting in a sunlit room looking out a tall window and outside i could see old cars, like those early, turn of the century model t cars. then, im suddenly in a dark shop looking out a window and its raining too. i remember leaning over stuff in the window to look out and i remember leaning over stuff like those small radios shaped like tombstones with the dials and these dolls and stuff. then i wake up. i had these series of dreams for the longest. i even unconciously daydream about it. what could they mean? why does it seem that im always looking out a window?

Example: Is this weird?what are dreams?

U know...sometimes it happens so that I can see a few glances of future in sleep..and when that stuff happens in real life...i realize that I hav alredy experienced it in my dreams...what is this...what are dreams acctually?

Example: What does this dream interprets?

Last night i had a huge argument with my bf before going to bed.but i fell asleep really fast aftr dat.then I had a dream of 'Sketching a spider wid a pencil'.i was sketching it myself.n my sir said it looks wonderful,n i'd have won the 1st prize if it were sum kind of compitition. Anyway, I jst want to know whats da interpretation or significance of this dream of sketchin a spider?plz help.n its wierd that me n my bf r back to normal behaviour said sorry n all.is there any deep meaning or connectn?

Example: From a science standpoint what is a dream?

also how can I get deja vu of something I have never seen before?

Example: My dreams feel real, is this bad?

Everything feels real, pain, emotions, tiredness.
If I'm running in my dream, I wake up and feel like I had been running for hours.
If I was crying, I'll wake up and my eyes will have dried tears on them.
If I get hurt or wounded physically, I wake up in pain for about 30 seconds...
I never have a good dream, it's been so long, anyway. I usually get hurt physically in my dreams. (I also wake up everyday between 3am-5am after having a nightmare.)
I guess you could say my dreams are vivid/lucid... Is that bad? I'm only fifteen and I feel like I'm 50 from the lack of sleep.

Example: Could someone tell me in detail if they think the Treaty of Versailles was fair on the German people?

Could someone tell me in detail if they think the Treaty of Versailles was fair on the German people?

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