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Dream About Australian People meanings

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Example: What could this strange dream mean (Long, but I'd use some friendly advice!)?

While I may not be too much into dream interpretation, I believe they often are reflections of our feelings. So I'd like to share with you a very strange dream that I saw last night and has pretty much stuck in my head.

I don't remember the beginning, but somehow, I was recruited in a secret FBI-like agency. I was dressed formally, full with the tie and white shirt. Since I was a rookie, I was with some other guys, apparently one of them was...Chris Romano (Sammy Cacciatore from 'Blue Mountain State'!), in a very simple mission; we had to protect people in a football stadium. At one point, I traced a very dangerous criminal, but the agency told me to leave him. I then nagged that I only got 'silly courier missions' and dismissed the orders, going after him. A while later, I somehow met a Native American girl 10 years older than me (I am 19) that looked and was dressed contemporarily; she just had a darker skin tone and wore feathers on her head. She was very beautiful, like a model, and had a great body.

Again, I remember going back to my old home with her, where she tried to calm me down. Things start getting spicy here...! She actually started kissing me and quickly led me to my bed, so I got up to get some protection from...erm, my parents' drawer. Inside the drawer was my cellphone, which had 14 missed calls from my recently ex-girlfriend of 2 years (my ex in real life!) which I ignored, feeling guilty though. Then, what else, we actually made love to each other. Notice how I said 'made love' instead of 'had sex'. It might seem immature, but actually this was the part of the dream I can't forget: everytime I remember it, my heart fills with both a sweet feeling and a bit of sorrow.

So...what you might need to know is that last night, before I went home to sleep, I was with one of my best friends out, chatting about girls. While other people actually congratulated me for breaking up with my ex (that happened a month ago) since she had been giving me a hard time, was untrustworthy and we had been fighting a lot, this one strangely believes that we should give it a try. Now while I was the one to seal the 'divorce', he is partially right. Because my ex was immature (17 years old) but one thing I know and that friend knows too is that she loves me with all her heart and that I am her 'favorite' boyfriend, if I can put it like that. And feelings are mutual. Yesterday, he actually stuck me the idea of being with her again. And I liked it; I started telling him about all our good times, and for the first time after we broke up, I started missing her again so badly!

What is your opinion? As I said, I strongly believe it's connected with my girlfriend. As for the sex part, my ex was my first girl, and the dream reminded me of all those moments of soulful love we had in the beginning, something I believe we both missed!

Funny, do people ever dream of white, black, asian or australian people? If they do, do they ever look for spiritual/emotional meaning behind such dreams?

I find it funny how non-natives tend to express so many stories of "Indian spirit guides" or dreams of beautiful indian "maidens" prancing around exotically or erotically.

If the spirits of my ancestors are lingering about, I am SURE they would be more concerned about MY peoples welfare and spiritual balance than anybody elses, let alone the descendants of their oppressors. But, I have never heard a single native american ever say that they dreamed of another native, except, of course, when they say "I had a strange dream the other night, and my mom/dad/sister/cousin/friend/cowroker (etc) was in it..." but in those instances, they aren't dreaming of the persons race, they are dreaming and a person in their life happens to be in the dream, with no reference to race.

I have a feeling dreams, for the most part, are random replays of your subconscious. Maybe you saw a stereotypical picture of a supposed-to-be native american lady once upon a time that you thought was pretty hott, and maybe you saw Bourne Identity too many times and havn't gotten laid in a while due to your break up, so your FBI, hott indian lady soft-porno is what your mind conjured up while you were sleeping.

Example: The Irish dream.. is it possible for a young australian ?

hey all.. i am a young 19 yo Australian wishing to make a new life for myself in clare ennis.
last month my irish grand father passed away. for the last 60 years he has been living in sydney australia but i remember all the time he would tell me stories about himself growing up in ennis. i was very close to my grandfather so i made it my dream to go and follow in his footsteps and move there to experience first hand what life there is actually like... so if anyone could help me i would be very appreciative :)

i was wondering how hard is it to find employment..?
finding a place to live? is there any hostels or shared rental places?
how friendly are the locals and will they except me into there neighbourhood?
is there a nightlife and a place for young people to hang out or party?

if anyone could help me with these questions i would be very very very appreciative. and could get the self satisfaction of helping a young guy out..thanks a million :)

Example: What does it mean when you dream a kangaroo just bouncing around all over?

Alot of people running away from the kangaroo, then he jumped through a widow and went out through the door and he got lost.

Example: This one dream means something i know it!?

ok i dont noe but here goes

it was at sea and me and my parents were on the roky shore near a bell. then i think some turkish people came and shot my mother and father. just before they died they said in unison

''a child is she''

and somehow that was something that made the turks not be able to kill me by law or something. like it was a rule

so i switched to another 'chapter' where i met a man and he was going to help me convince the turks i was australian, which i am in real life

so flashforwarding again the final inspection came and the freshly painted australian flag was on the gate.

it was kind of like two ,laders with the stars in random steps.

then something really werid happened. i new how it would end. i somehow knew that they would rub of the wet paint and find the enimies flag underneath, and then they shoot me

i dont noe how, but theni realised i must of had this dream before.

wat do you think this means, it waas all black and white

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had this weird dream and I was hoping u coil help me decode it.

Ok. So me and my family and family friends were in this city center. Pretty normal, it was busy with people walking around. Normal stores and cars driving in the streets. I have no idea which city is was.
We were goin somewhere and then we appeared in the middle of a desert. My first guess was the Arizona desert part or maybe the Australian Outback? Idk.
We were running bc there was a storm coming. We had to find shelter bc there were gray cloud that were pretty low clouds.
So then lightning flashed Nd thunder rumbled.
All of a sudden I heard thunder. It was so frickin loud and it never ended. The thunder keep on rumbling ad there wasn't any lightning. I heard someone yell "Look out!" and when I looked up, I saw a lightning bolt heading straight towards me! I just got out of te way an the lightning strike fell just nex to me. I woke up.

A couple of days later, I was walking down the street after heading off to do some shopping. I was, like, five or six blocks away from my house when I saw a lightning strike in the distance. I could have taken a picture bc it was beautiful and perfect! Then, from the corner of my eye, I saw the lightning hit the middle of the street where I was crossing. Only a few feet away!
I screamed and ran all the way home and then freaked out. I'm planning to tell my friends that during the summer, I almost got struck by lightning.
So how come my dream was similar to reality? Does this mean something? Is this even possible to happen? HELP!

Example: What could this dream mean?

Not all dreams have a meaning, but some of the time dreams can help you understand what's going on in the subconscious mind.

I dreamed that my two cats got out of my apartment. In the dream I was scared that they'd be hit by a car, since they are inside cats. Then I saw one of them looking at me through the skylight in the kitchen. So I tried to coax her back in. She jumped and I had to catch her or she would break a bone. I caught her but got a little scratch, but I was happy she was back.

It turned out that the other cat never left. He was just sleeping on the rug. But the door to the roof deck was gone and there was no way to close it --so I felt like they might get out again.

I went out on the roof for some reason and found it was covered in cats, not my cats bout other people's cats and strays. I waved to a man in the adjacent building and he smiled, he was an older man and very kind. I knew he'd take care of the cats, but I don't know how I knew that.

I brought the cats a huge dish of water so heavy I could not carry it. I spilled so much water but they were all so thirsty-- the cats crowed the dish drinking in a a perfect circle -- I was looking at it from above.

I thought: "I can prove a theorem about this!" (I study math.)

Then everything turned in to math-- it's hard to explain.

I woke up.

What could this be about?

Example: Re the Australian Indigenous team V The Nrl Dream team match.?

I am looking forward to the match and applaud the ideal behind it of honouring and celebrating the part the native Australians have played in the game but I have one issue with the make up of the NRL team.
I feel that seeing the Indigenous team is as Australian as it can be that the whole theme of the game should be an all Australian one and that the NRL team should also be an Australian team. So, in effect we have a game played between the original Aussies and " new" Australians, so that the NRL team doesn't include any Kiwi's, Tongans, Fijians, Englishmen or whoever else happens to play in the NRL. I feel that it should be a purely Aussie affair.
What do you guys think?

Example: What does it mean if you dream of a boyfriend you've never met before?

Ok so basically, the dream was, I was filming a movie in Italy (I'm actually going to start to go on real auditions soon for films and t.v shows) but anyway, I was filming some scenes with random really random people. And then it the dream went to Greece ( I wasn't filming the movie anymore in the dream). I was on a vacation by myself with a guy that had an Australian accent, I'm not Australian though I'm American. Anyway, he reminded me a little bit of Liam Hemsworth, I don't like him like that, I mean I like Liam as an actor I mean, and he's cute and all but, I don't know about him being a boyfriend, it would be cool though. He was blonde, tall and really athletic, in Greece we were running on the beach, we were also laying on the beach; and then it switched to him and I hiding in a forest. Just running behind the trees and such. So I have no idea what this dream was about. Oh and we kissed a few times too. And I mean I've never had a boyfriend before either which is really sad, (I'm in highschool) sophmore. I've had guy friends who I liked before, but then they tell me that they have a girlfriend, or their going away to college or their going to a different school. So it's really all quite complicated. So do you guys have any ideas on what this means?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I recently had a dream that a neighbor and his family moved to Australia. Since we were family friends with them, we decided to visit them (of course, this was all in my dream). We flew to Australia and vacationed at there house for an extended period of time. While there, I met a girl I fell in love with and shared much intimacy. During my dream, I had this affair with the Australia woman while knowing I had a girlfriend back in the USA. What does this mean? Will this Australian girl ever come into my life or is there no symbolic meaning whatsoever?

Example: Why are people so self-important and dream big, live in the clouds?

Most people I encounter are extremely-self important, have to have the best of everything, act like everything they say or think matters, and they act like they're their own gods. they dream big, life above their means, live in the clouds even.

Why is humanity like this?

Even if they're total sh9t and nothing, they continue possessing these traits. I mean...where's the humbleness and the reality checks?

Everyone's on cloud 9.

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