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Dream About Auditorium meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does a wink mean? (Dream)?

General Info: Guy#1- Had a thing with each other but I stopped liking him. He took my first kiss recently. PISSED!
Guy#2- Had a little crush on him. He had a crush on me. Don't see each other anymore.
Guy#3- I can honestly say I think I love him. He recently broke up with his girlfriend.
Even before he went out with the girl, he showed signs of liking me. He still does.

Here's my dream: (It's a bit sketchy.)
In the beginning I remember Guy#1 telling me that he likes me. (Don't remember what happened next.) Then I said something along the lines of "were not even dating yet." He became sad and his face expression showed it.

Then the next scene was with Guy#2. We were walking through the seat aisles of an auditorium and sat down next to each other. He asked me out or confessed that he liked me. And I liked it. I remember that I was confused of what to do because Guy#1 just confessed. But I chose Guy#2 over Guy#1. (Don't remember what happened next.) Then I said, "But were not even dating yet."

Next, I don't remember where this took place but Guy#3 confessed to me. Of course I was ecstatic, but I felt a guilt towards Guy#2. (I felt as if i was cheating on them even when I was dating them.) Then I remember Guy#3 and I were outside of a school and he was leaning against a fence. He said something sweet and WINKED at me. (Don't remember what happened next."

I apologize for writing so much. I tried to keep it simple as possible.
To sum it up, what does my dream mean?
I also heard that a wink means something. What does it mean?
I'll really appreciate ANY answers. Everything has been so complicated these days.Thanks :).

Many people think that dreams mean something. But that isn't necessarily true. Dreams actually mean nothing. Although it probably is not what you want to hear, but it is the truth! Although it may be disappointing but, modern medicine has proved that dreams are nothing more than a succession of images recalling past memory. I'm sorry if this is not what you want to believe.
I will start off telling you that ALL dreams mean nothing! Dreams just express you or your emotions, they express what you feel and what you do in real life. thats why they feel so real. Dreams cannot create people, places and things thats another reason why they feel so real! dreams recall past memory, -for example if you see a person you don't recognize in dreams, you probably saw him before on TV or walking in the street (you probably didn't pay attention to them). Dreams express your emotions and thoughts in a negative way

Nothing. The dream was about nothing. dreams mean nothing they just express your emotions and feelings in a symbolic way.

Dreams are simple synapses in your brain firing off all sorts of things. Your brain gathers all this random information, sights, sounds and so forth. And as you are sleeping, these sights and essentially memories are jumbled up into one big mess, just random nonsense, and your brain works and works for an hour or so trying to create a nice little story with all of these sights and sounds because it wants to make sense of it. It wants to make sense out of nonsense! So, then you end up with this dream. This happens several times in one night but when you wake up, you forget all of them, and when you do remember one of them, when you do remember at least one dream, we try to make sense of it. We tell ourselves, what is this? What could it mean. When in reality, it means nothing, it is just complete nonsense. So stop trying to make sense of it, it is nothing!

Dreams are a succession of images, ideas, emotions and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.

For more Information read the "about me" section when you click on my account. Hopefully this resolves your problems.

took courses in dream interpretation and psychology

Example: What does this dream mean?

I if live read my most recent posted questions, I like this senior guy who's in the musical I'm in. He is the lead. Well last night I had a dream that all the seniors and juniors were dressEd in like certain colors depending on grade and they marched around he auditorium like a parade. Then every senior gave another senior a gift. The guy I like got a bunch of stuff and buffalo bills tickets. My family likes the buffalo bills. Does this mean anything? What does it mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Ok so I'm 16 and single and I just dreamt that I had a boyfriend. Basically, he looked and resembled Robert Pattinson a lot, which is weird because I don't really think about Rob much. So in my dream we were holding hands and just walking around with some of my friends and family. We were headed to this big auditorium that resembled my school gym, which is when I woke up. Well in the course of walking we were just two lovebirds. I was really happy and so was he. At one point I even picked up my little 4 year old sister and and "Rob" wrapped his arms around me and her! It was so cute...

What could this dream mean?

Example: Dream meaning question?

Hi i am 28 and i had a dream when i was 11 and still remember it vividly. Let me know your opion on what you think it means. I was standing near a lake and this older man was under a tree sleeping and all of a sudden the ground opens up kind of in a sinking motion up under the man and gets pulled under by a dark figure and i run and end up in an auditorium that doesn't have too many people in it and a blind man in a white robe and a blind fold around his eyes appears to me and hands me a golden ticket and says nothing, smiles, turns and walks away. What do you think this dream means

Example: I want to know what my dream meant?

I had a dream that I was in the auditorium with a guy (I use to like him...but we never really talk anymore and he moved away in real life.)
I was in overalls for some reason in the dream he gave me these books that had the words 'Dad' and 'Mom' on them and gave them to me in a nice way by giving me a kiss on the cheek.
That's all I remember...
what does this dream mean?
Thanks :)

Example: What does my dream mean?

i had two dreams last night that were very similar. first, i showed up to school and a freshman i sort of know was wearing a favorite outfit of mine. i kept walking around at school and every time i saw her, she was wearing a different oufit of my clothes. when i confronted her, she just started talking about the store i bought them at, completely oblivious that she was wearing my things. in the second dream, i was about to perform my dance in the talent show, but right before i went on, the pom pom squad took the stage {in the cafeteria instead of the auditorium} and started dancing to my song, and wearing my costume. they werent really dancing, just sort of turning around in circles and holding hands, and one of them was wearing a gray wig. i asked my choir teacher what was going on, and he said i should just change my song [which of course i had no time to do] and that the girls onstage looked very nice.

can anyone tell me what any parts of this dream may mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Alright, so I had a dream that I was at school again (I just graduated) and I was at lunch with some friends. I wasn't eating because I had makeup and costume on for a play the drama club was doing. (We were reanacting the hunger games and I was playing the role of the announcer lady who calls the names). All of a sudden the power went out n the school due to a hurricane sdo all the students had to crowd into the auditorium, right as the play was about to begin. As I was getting ready to perform, my bottom row of teeth starting falling out one by one. I started freaking out. I forgot my lines, I forgot what character I was even playing. I ran out and hid in the school basement. Then I woke up.
What does this dream mean? Any info is helpful. It was so weird. And scary haha

Example: What Does My Dream Mean?

Last night i had a dream that the sun shined darkness in a small spot by my school. Then the spot grew bigger and bigger and everybody went into a panic (i was in my school at the time) and i immediately began running away towards light. Eventually (after running into numerous lit classrooms that were eventually overcome by darkness) i ended up in my school's band room but as i looked across the hall i saw a lot of people in the chorus room so i quickly ran to there. My closest friends were all in there and safe. After what felt like a few days in the chorus room, "people of the darkness", as we called them, overthrew our government and kept us trapped in there. I escaped to the school's auditorium which was right next to the chorus room doors and was put to work as a slave and chased by the darkness once again. I woke up just before i was caught just as i always do. Now i cant sleep because the dream was so real and i cant shake the feeling that it's going to happen or something similar to it will happen.

Example: What is the meaning of this dream?

I had a dream that I was on the edge of this stage in the gymnasium/auditorium watching my friends and foes high jump and i fell asleep and fell off to the ground, where everyone heard my head and neck break and walked over, but then just walked away without doing anything? What does it mean?

Example: Can someone tell me what my dreams mean...?

i keep having strange dreams...the first one i was at my high school auditorium (i am not in school anymore) and then i went outside and i was in a desert and there was a tree with a lion under and the lion and i were staring at each other and then it chased me and i ran back in the auditorium but i could still see the lion through the windows. in a way i was scared but in a way i wanted to go to the lion i felt like it wanted to tell me something and i was scared but at the same time i wasn't it was like the lion was my friend. and then a couple nights ago i had the same dream but this time i was being chased by a bunch of dogs and again i was scared and i ran and i jumped on a brick wall and a rotwiller was trying to get at me but again i felt it was tring to tell me something
in both my dreams i felt like i was running away when i didn't want to. and during the day while i'm working i keep thinking about those dreams and it's wierd cuz normally i always forget my dreams.

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