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Dream About Asian People meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: It is true that when people doesn't dream about their passed away relatives or family, it means they haven't c

Two questions in one:

1. It is true that when people doesn't dream about their passed away relatives or family, it means they haven't crossed over?

2. What it could be if sometimes I hear voices in my apartment like children playing or a strange music (like asian music or music from the 40's) when there are no children in my apartment and there is no people listening to that music. Sometimes I can smell a cologne which is not sold in my country (not usa). Could it be a residual haunting?

1. No, it does not mean that. Often people forget their dreams - and often the ones who dream about people who have passed have something unresolved with that person. This may not be the common thinking in other cultures, but it's what I believe.

2. It could be anything. The extra sounds could be the TV of another apartment. Perhaps you miss these things and you keep them alive in your mind. I smell my passed away grandmother's perfume so often in town - then I realized there is a fabric softener that smells just like her cologne and when I pass a dryer with that scent in it, I get a whiff of my beloved Omi.

These things can be anything you want them to be - there is truly no way to know the unknowable. Pick explanations that empower you and uplift you - or at the very least, are easy to live with.


Example: What could this strange dream mean (Long, but I'd use some friendly advice!)?

While I may not be too much into dream interpretation, I believe they often are reflections of our feelings. So I'd like to share with you a very strange dream that I saw last night and has pretty much stuck in my head.

I don't remember the beginning, but somehow, I was recruited in a secret FBI-like agency. I was dressed formally, full with the tie and white shirt. Since I was a rookie, I was with some other guys, apparently one of them was...Chris Romano (Sammy Cacciatore from 'Blue Mountain State'!), in a very simple mission; we had to protect people in a football stadium. At one point, I traced a very dangerous criminal, but the agency told me to leave him. I then nagged that I only got 'silly courier missions' and dismissed the orders, going after him. A while later, I somehow met a Native American girl 10 years older than me (I am 19) that looked and was dressed contemporarily; she just had a darker skin tone and wore feathers on her head. She was very beautiful, like a model, and had a great body.

Again, I remember going back to my old home with her, where she tried to calm me down. Things start getting spicy here...! She actually started kissing me and quickly led me to my bed, so I got up to get some protection from...erm, my parents' drawer. Inside the drawer was my cellphone, which had 14 missed calls from my recently ex-girlfriend of 2 years (my ex in real life!) which I ignored, feeling guilty though. Then, what else, we actually made love to each other. Notice how I said 'made love' instead of 'had sex'. It might seem immature, but actually this was the part of the dream I can't forget: everytime I remember it, my heart fills with both a sweet feeling and a bit of sorrow.

So...what you might need to know is that last night, before I went home to sleep, I was with one of my best friends out, chatting about girls. While other people actually congratulated me for breaking up with my ex (that happened a month ago) since she had been giving me a hard time, was untrustworthy and we had been fighting a lot, this one strangely believes that we should give it a try. Now while I was the one to seal the 'divorce', he is partially right. Because my ex was immature (17 years old) but one thing I know and that friend knows too is that she loves me with all her heart and that I am her 'favorite' boyfriend, if I can put it like that. And feelings are mutual. Yesterday, he actually stuck me the idea of being with her again. And I liked it; I started telling him about all our good times, and for the first time after we broke up, I started missing her again so badly!

What is your opinion? As I said, I strongly believe it's connected with my girlfriend. As for the sex part, my ex was my first girl, and the dream reminded me of all those moments of soulful love we had in the beginning, something I believe we both missed!

Example: Dream meaning?

I've been having a couple of weird dreams this week. The first one was that I was in hiding because the a coup d'etat happened and they (the government) were looking for me because they wanted to execute me (pretty weird huh?) and yesterday I dreamt something that made me feel really good when I woke up. It was about me meeting this girl on a Depeche Mode gig and we totally connected and as time passed we would be together and she would say that she loved me. I kinda remember the face and she was really pretty. I've had this kind of dream a couple of times but in different circumstances.

Does it mean anything?

Example: What does this weird dream mean?

So in my dream I was with these two people and we like broke into someone's house and there were two children in there; a baby and like a 7 year old. They took the baby, who for some reason was asian, and like stabbed him multiple times and like dug the knife in it's crotch area and made an X... I was just like watching all this happen, I didn't like interact with the people, besides the fact that I put the 7 year old in the car...

I think I have serious problems...

Example: What does this dream mean?

I have this dream a lot. I'm white, but for some reason, I dream a lot about Asian people. I have this constant dream that I'm walking amidst a tea garden somewhere I presume in China. The park is near a major river. The bridge is bedecked with several crimson cast-iron lamp posts with gold trim. The park is inundated with several dragons that same crimson red and that same shade of gold as the street lamps. In this dream, I'm eating noodles from a bowl with chopsticks and I'm drinking green tea. Around me there are several bamboo trees. What does this dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I'm a 13 year old girl and last night I had a dream that my best friend's German exchange partner came over to visit. But, the thing is, she's not going on the German exchange anymore and her partner is a girl, but in the dream it was a boy. He was an Asian/German boy, which made him really hot to me because I have a thing for Asian and German people. Anyway, we were all on the bus and I said, "I feel like a third wheel". I don't even know what that means, but I said it. Then he said in a harsh tone, "Shut up. You're not a third wheel." Then we arrived at our destination. It was a HUGE brick wall that slanted downwards. The aim was to walk down the wall without falling. There was a rope attached to another wall to hold onto if you got scared. But I was too scared, got halfway and went back to the start. Then the German kid disappeared and me and my friend walked to London, eating mint ice cream on the way. Then, we took part in X Factory as a double act. I went crazy backstage and accused everyone of dressing like prostitutes and wore pyjamas on stage. Then I woke up. What can this mean?

Example: What does this REALLY WEIRD dream mean?

Last night I had a clear and pretty long dream. It was nighttime, and I was outside my house when two guys walked up to me and started to sort of threaten me and say stuff (i dont remember what exactly).they were planning on going inside my home and robbing it basically. one of the boys was actually a guy who went to my old school before i moved a few months ago. i was on facebook yesterday and saw a picture of him, nothing else so it was very random 2 me when i saw him in the dream. i was scared obviously, becuz my mom and for some reason, grandmother (she lives all the way in Asia, but my mom spoke to her on the phone yesterday) were in the house and i was afraid they would get hurt. so the dream changed settings and i was inside my house, watching as the guys, and suddenly a million other people rummaged through our drawers, taking a lot of valuable/sentimental jewelry. all of a sudden, it was just the boy from my old school and i walked up to him and put both hands on his shoulders and talked to him kindly, asking why he was stealing from me and that he shouldnt. he was really nice then, i hugged him and he hugged back and we stood there holding each other, and i could see my mom and grandmother hiding behind the bed and they poked their heads out and smiled at me becuz i had the boy distracted n everything. then, the boy and i kissed. then, it was as if my house had turned into the supermarket: there were tons of bags full of MY FAMILY's belongings on those things were u check out ur items at the grocery store with the cashier and everything. and tons of people were just grabbing them.Angrily, I ran up to a few of them, grabbed the bags out of their hands and swore at them.

weird huh? and everytime i see something or think of something unimportant for a second, i end up dreaming about it! for example, the boy, i havent seen him in person in forever, we were just aquaintances and i saw him in a pic online and then he ended up in the dream. very weird. what could this dream mean?

during the dream, i mostly felt scared at first, then angry. but when the boy was holding me, i felt really happy...it was like...not to sound weird but, a perfect moment. and then i got mad again cuz my stuff was still being stolen

Example: What does this dream mean?

It was a dream my mom had of last night, and she asked me to find out what it meant. She had written it down too here what it says:

DREAM: From the start of the dream it was with an old asian man who was showing me and my family some very beautiful desgin houses, and there was a very very successful project deal made with land, I do not know what it was but he was telling us how successful it was.

Next part of the dream was I was surrounded by asian people, and they were bringing things to me, the first was of 3 or 4 big books, but was interrupted by a very very old asian lady(Mom described her wearing black silk pants and top(?) ), who come between me and the asian man with the books, so he never got to give to me or discuss, next who entered the room was an asian lady with 2 knitted small quilts to give to me, the old asian lady interfered and start to clean the small quilts with baking soda water and a tooth brush, and returned to the asian lady that was giving to me. The third asian lady come in and gave to me what look like an egg, but it was not an egg, an asian lady younger open the egg, and it was like a flower, but not a flower, it was very beautiful with red, gold colors, with asian desgins, and the left hand side of it was a royal blue sign, I was told represented royalty, and it was very rare. The old lady interfered again, and she said could tell if it was valuable or not, she said it was nothing, but the young asian lady took it from the old lady, and gave back to me, and whispered in my ear, it was said to be worth 30 million or more, and to keep it.

Example: Dream...asian..homer simpson..money..boats?what does it mean!?

i had a dream last night that i was out and didnt have any money
then a boat appeared and there was an asian woman standing outside a ship (the ship was gray metal) holding a suitcase that was open,
there was loads of money in it, she set the suitcase down, then Homer Simpson appeared,
he was standing inside the suitcase eating the money (the money was green),
then the asian woman opened her coat, which had a lot of pockets in it, in the pockets there were hundreds of credit cards.
She then asked me for money saying that she was poor.
I cracked up and said some nasty things calling her a paki (im not a racist person) as soon as i said this everything went black and two wolves faces appeared snarling and the dream was over.
what does this mean?
i pick best answers
thanks in advance!

Example: Why do people have recurring dreams? What symbols in them mean?

Ok I have had one recurring dream. Some things in it (symbols in it) are repeated and I just feel like I've had a similar dream before.
It's night, all the time. Last time I had this dream was last night. I'm with my family (this only has happened in the most recent one) and we go to thorpe park, I think. It's closed, it always is, the place we go to is closed. Someone I know has a car at the bottom of the road, its long, the road. For some reason we get in, I never know why. I'm left on my own I think, I don't ever remember what happens. The next thing I know I'm in some area. Just a place, I think its daytime. Now there's people. And bombs going off I think. All coming from a giant glass building. The bombs go from every other pane of glass. So I jump through one that they don't come out of and see myself at the end of the long road. I hear people and someone is running after me. I run up but get caught. The person is fat, I'm fat. I think. I never reach the top. I get caught and some sort of hostage situation is happening. The next thing I know I'm in an arena of some sort. There are people I think. I'm a panda I believe. I'm in a car. It's like Mario Kart or something. Me and the other pandas go through the course. There are obstacles. I go into this wall thing. I come back up. Then go through an open gap. I finish. Then there is this image in my mind of a panda with lots of bruises. This always happens. I see a closed place, going into it. Someone I know. Being alone. Breaking glass. Then some final stand off and an image in my mind. What is going on.

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