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Dream About Arrested meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I had a dream my dad got arrested for DYI, what does this mean?

he has had 3DYI's n the funny thing.what does this dream mean?

you were probably just thinking about him getting DYIs and you dont want to ge them and so you dreamed about it.

Example: What does it mean when you dream of getting arrested for selling drugs?

i had the most wierdest dream last nite i was driving with my 2 daughters and i saw undercovers and heard them talking about me , my daughter than said to me mommy give your purse, and she took out drugs from my purse, when we got out of car a female undercover approached me and arrested me in front of my daughters but all of the sudden in the dream we were in this house and we were like in a living room the cop was real nice to me and i asked her what was gonna happen with my girls? and she said well ima let u go and when u finish taking the kids for someone to sta with just come back to the precint, { thats so funny , cuz we all know that wouldnt happen in real life} anyway i asked the undercover how many years i would be incarcerated and she answered about 2 years i then went running to another room in the house and checked my kids purse and all the drugs were there , i then woke up scared as hell , does anyone out there know whats the meaning of this dream? help me

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that I got into it with my boyfriends exwife coworker and got arrested what does that mean.

Example: What does my dream mean?

about a monthago me and my boyfriend (mitch) of a month broke up, we were best friends before that and wewere in love. and now hes going out with m best friend (elly).so last night i had a dream that me and elly where in some sort of plcae [idk what is was]. and then she told me she gave him a bj and a hj, and then mitch came in and they started making out. so i started to bawl and i ran outside and lied down in the middle of the road waiting for a car to come and run me over. so mitch came out and told me to get out of the road, and i sed why, and he sed yu shouldnt do this over me. and i sed but i love yu. and he sed oh yu might wanna end it all cuz i love Elly. andi tool a knife and cut my wrist and there was blood all over the side walk. and all over me and him. and then i saw a car coming so i jumped out infront of the car and succesfully killed myself, but my "spirit" or something came out and i could see everything. and elly came out and screamed when shesaw me. annd mitch was just smirking. andelly was bawling and mitch was just smiling.. im scared of what this dream means, can someone please help me on what it means.?

Example: What does it mean when i have a dream about being arrested for bringing a gun to school?

I had a dream that I brought a gun to school by accident and the cops found it in my bag and arrested me.. im only 15 any ideas what it could mean?

Example: Help...does anyone know what its means to dream someone getting arrested?

I had two dreams where my boyfriend got arrested and this morning he calls me telling me he had a dream also...could this mean something, is he gonna get arrested. I Don't Know what to think.

Example: What does this dream mean? I was arrested and...?

Alright, I had a weird dream. Well First I dreamed that I avoided a confrontation with a large group of teenaged wannabe gang-banger's while driving down the street. Somehow I'm in a driveway, I back out of the driveway and hit someone backing out. I go to the hospital to visit them where I am arrested, by the Chancellor. I then become a part of a chain gang of transportee's led by the chancellor.
As we're being transported something catastrophic happens and the outdoor landscape is destroyed, like the city is close to being in ruins with collapsed overpasses, and uneven streets split.
Anyway, we begin a voyage to our new home in prison.The other prisoner's in the chain gang the chancellor, and I go through many adventures and ordeals on our way to prison, saving the chancellor's life many times, and overcoming many obstacles that come along with the ruined society developing a some-what friendship
Eventually we reach our destination (for whatever reason the room looks exactly like the room in the hospital) The Chancellor meets the Priestess and argues for our freedom, she denies it, but somehow she is over ruled and we are set free.

Example: What does it mean to be arrested in a dream?

I was at a movie theater and went to buy tickets for a rated R movie and im under 16 or how ever old u r suppose to be and i usually pepole say i look like im 17/16 so this guy asked me if i was of age and i paused and said yea of course and he said yea right and i got arrested

Example: Arrested in my dream, what does it mean?

Hey there, I just had a very strange lucid dream about an hour ago, can you please read and describe what you think the meaning is.. I'm a guy if that makes any difference and I'm 21 years old

in the dream I am living in a flat/apartment and have just moved in by myself and I am in my room when I decide to check out the rest of the building, the place has so many floors that I can't keep count but I don't realise this until I'm living there which is strange and I thought all the rooms where empty but after going up I decide to enter a room halfway up the building and there are loads of double beds in there and I see a girl sleeping in one so I decide to go back downstairs, I get bored and decide to go out walking in town, when I was walking I realised this dream place is somewhere I've never been before in waking life and I notice it is quite hot too, so its a new city/town and I'm walking and I see a girl walking near me get her hat stolen and the guy who stole it is with another girl and gives her the hat, I say to the guy "hey give back her hat" he replies "what you gonna do?" I see police ahead and tell him/her that I'm gonna tell the police, as I'm approaching the police the girl wo is with the thief shouts to them "help, this man has been trying to rape me and kiss me" at that moment the police grab me and throw me in the back of a cop car while i'm trying to tell them how they stole from this girl and I was trying to get the hat back to her. While In the police car I look down at my hands which are in handcuffs and decide to wake up as I realised I was dreaming and didn't want to just be sitting in a police car.

The end..

So what do you think?

sorry for any spelling/grammatical mistakes but I'm still half asleep lol

Example: When arrested by the FBI in a dream what does that means?

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