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Dream About Arm Wrestling meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean/symbolise?

I've had this once before. I'm in a block of flats/tall terraced houses and am being chased by this little fox, it catches up to me and starts mauling my left arm. My arm doesn't bleed but the pain is horrendous and I feel very weak. Every time it bites me I wrestle with it with my hands and feet to get it off, but when I do get it off it only bites me again, or I run away and it soon catches up and leaps at me, this happens on a number of times before I finally get to the top floor. When I'm there I see two toddlers and a woman (I can't really make them out), the fox jumps into the room and looks at the toddlers. So, I kill it. I kill it with a big hardback book by smacking it numerous times. I'm a vegetarian so killing animals is something I am against, so having to kill the fox makes me upset and when I wake up, my arm is hurting. I am near the end of writing my first novel, I don't know if that has anything to do with the book part?

The top floor is your goal, it indicates success and completion. Your arm signifies action. In the old days you would have got a pain writing with a pen. I presume you are using a computer, but then you probably learnt to write with a pencil and a pen. The left arm could be your writing arm, but dreams are tricky in this matter for they often refer to the left when in waking it will be the right. I call it inversion which is very common in dreams for in many ways the dream is like a photo negative; also the wiring of the brain is probably part of this inversion since the left side of the brain controls the right.

So writing the novel was a pain in the arm so to speak with reality outfoxing you all the way to the top. The toddlers are without a doubt your novel to which you have given birth like a woman gives birth to babies. That there are two toddlers may be a reference to two attempts or two scripts, an original attempt and a revised work. The woman is an aspect of your literary self. Killing the fox is getting on top of things and indeed to the top storey of the building of creativity. The killing with a hardback book shows that you have got the script to a point where it can be transmuted to a hardcover edition. But it also implies that the job was hard and done under cover in lonely hours of literary sweating. In light of this the killing was not really destroying life, but instead the destruction of all obstacles that one encounters writing a literary work. Good on you, progeny of William.

Example: What could this dream mean about me being best friends with a gorilla?

I don't know how but this dream actually started in a zoo after night time would sneak in the exhibit of the gorilla and sometimes sneak in food and we hang out. just me and him. I would tell him stories, we would be playing hide and seek, play-wrestle, share the food between us, and more but I just can't remember. After the whole night of hanging out I would fall asleep in his big muscular furry arms then the next morning I would sneak out giving him a kiss on the cheek and a big hug then be on my way out without getting caught.
I have no idea where that dream came from but it sure was a pleasant one, Could you tell me what it mean though because I tried the dream dictionary and i couldn't find what I was looking for.

Example: What does my dream mean? please help?

it starts off with me(but in female form) being the headmistress of a school, and me sitting on a desk talking to students and some teachers(im a very young head mistress) when somebody calls me to fix a fence/gate and i run over and i fix the gate, then i get called on again to go over to some place to open a lock, i run over, and there are two guys waiting for me, then this truck drives by and we all have to act natural cause they would catch us, so im laying down on the ground and the two(white) men are standing up with their arms crossed acting casually, then the truck drives by, and their is a security guard, there and one of the guys takes him out, while the other guy is the lookout, *please note that the lock is in like a square of fence wire, and i crawled in through a hole in the fence( to get inside) they got inside through the front gate, i try and fail the first time, then i respawn, and i try it again and the lock comes open, and idk if i die or something, but then the two men are in Antarctica(im assumeing cause it is snowing alot, and they have coats on, and they are on an ice burg, and there is a crane, and they put people on the crane and throw them off the iceburg useing the crane. what does this mean? please reply

Example: Whats this dream mean?

i died in a car crash badly from an 18 wheeler head on and then i felt mybody getting sucked out and up to the gates of heaven. but then when i got there they had this book called the "book of life" and they saidmy name wasnt in the book. so then a very big angel grabbed me by the arm and took me away. i asked "where are u taking me"? but hedidnt answer. so then he threw me in a little dark brick room and then i waited while i was really scared.then i heard loud footsteps coming down the hall and two big scary angels came and grabbed by feet and arms and threw me into this big firey hole. i landed right in the steps of satan. he was on his throne and really scar. he was chaining me up and right when he was about to hit me i woke up. scariest dream ive ever had. so what does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean ?

I just turn 15, Im a Martial artist and I have very strong grip on my hands.
I go to 10th grade and I am very popular for beating many kids in school arm
wrestling even adults so no one would want to mess with me. In my gym alot of people are intimidated by me and talks behind my back. which many people call me weird
I usually lift weights , hammer curls, listen to music and surf online. I have inspire to get stronger and trying to get strong hand to win arm wrestles and bone crushing hand shake.

When I sleep I haven't gotten dreams for along time. I jsut wake up with no dreams at all.
but today I had this dream that my skin on my wrist and forearms were started bloating like a balloon and pop. Im not sure what that means. I haven't gotten a dream for a long time but why now ?

Example: What does my dream mean? ...?

Well I reallllly like this girl and we talk hella
so last night I had a dream that we were sleeping at my place and while she slept I kissed her then she kissed me back and ended up ontop of me and then her face was next to mine and we just laid there I loved having her in my arms and just sitting there and holding her and having her rest on my chest but shes just getting over someone else and both of us knwo theres a mutual attraction. But Ive had a dream similar before..we were wrestling and we were in my room again and it was night time and we stayed there and slept. How could this be interperated besides the obvious me wanting her
we have a RIDICULOUS amount of stuff in common

Example: What does this strange dream mean?

Ok my grandmother passed away 3 years ago and I still have dreams about her for some reason. I dreamed that I was in a hospital and I saw all these bloody arms and legs that dead people had donated for people who needed them and that I was standing there when the surgeon was giving my grandmother a new arm and I couldn't look because it was so disgusting looking and made me want to throw up and I told the surgeon that and he just was telling me it was ok and to stay, and then he started stroking my hair to calm me down and he got blood all in it! This type of thing did NOT happen to my grandma whatsoever, thats why I dont understand it. I also dreamed that later on, I locked my keys in my car while it was still running and didnt know what to do. Can anyone tell me what this might mean?

Example: What does this dream mean...?

First off let me warn you..this might sound really crazy and stupid to some of you but it's not to me. You'd be scared too if it was happening to you..

I am having nightmares..not everyday but it's been for a year now. When I first moved into my old apartment me and my boyfriend the same night had the ALMOST the same exact dream. We were both paralyzed but the dream was happening from where we slept. It felt like someone or something kept trying to pull me off of the bed and under the bed then we both had this pressure put on our chest close to our hearts. It felt painful. We both woke up and we told eachother what we dreamed about. It didnt happen again for a few months then the same thing happend but only to me. It got worse when we moved out and into our new apartment where we are staying at now. We have been living here for only 6months now and lately as of now i've been having almost the same dreams but worse. Now I feel as if something is trying to get into me but only as i sleep. You know when your arm or your foot falls asleep and you get that feeling like if needles were sticking you? Thats how I felt all over my body and I can see my self trying to scream for help and help to my boyfriend who layed right next to me but when id wake up ill be in a different position. Id even try to say Gods name but the words sometimes wouldnt even come out. Last night I woke up to noises that werent even there..for example someone saying talking in my ear and I jumped up and screamed and no one was there just my boyfriend asleep next to me and the noise came from the other ear. I hate going to sleep sometimes because everytime i do i know it'll go back to where i left off. Also in my dreams I am floating in air i'll even hear a deep scary voice laughing and i swear i thought i heard whatever it was say a name but i wont say since i am not sure what was said exactly. I'll feel that same exact pressure on my heart as last time and id feel like if someone or something keeps hitting me on my leg or my back and id wake up to no one there. And again with someone trying to pull me away and id try to grab my boyfriend to wake him up and even try to scream but of course not a sound comes out. id be so scared that when i do finally wake up and i grab onto him and lay with him. Everytime I have this dream I force myself to wake up knowing I am dreaming and I feel this force that its hard to for me to wake up and if my mind is trying to wake up but my body hasnt caught up yet and i am stuck. i even have a huge headache today. theres nothing really bad going on in my life for this to happen to me so i don't know whats going on and it scares me. i feel as if it just gets worse and worse..ive been looking up online about dreams and what it means but i havent found anyone to have the same dreams as me.

Example: What does this dream mean? Im confused!?

What does this mean? Im confused!?
What is saint gabriel archangel patron of?

I just a had a dream where i meet a man. I saw a glimpse of the side of his face and then I walked away in a room and started looking at the pictures. One was of a statue of michael angelo and the picture morphed into a person that I Identified as Saint gabriel and he told me that the man i saw/meet was the man of my life.

This makes no sense to me cause in real life im single and i have not meet anyone. The man i saw in my dream i have never seen nor meet. To be honest, he didnt seem like the type of man i would be attracted to.

What does this dream mean? Im lost? Im hoping that by knowing the patronage of saint Gabriel it would clear things up...help.

Example: What does this dream mean?

last night i had a dream i was sitting at a desk in my basement and i was on my dads computer, but the desk and computer weren't in their original spot they are usually in. then i took his exactoblade and was looking for a spot to cut myself where no one would see it. i couldnt find one, so i started cutting the underside of my right forearm. i was getting frustrated because the blade was dull and wouldnt shed blood at first. then i had the urge to drink my blood and for some reason i knew there were dark people waiting for me and i was being watched, then i was frigtened. this was one of the most realistic and detailed dreams iv had in my 15 years of life and i just want to know what it means please.

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