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Dream About Arched Bridge meanings

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Example: Anybody decent at interpreting dreams? Group of giraffes chained down...?

I had a dream probably over 2 years ago. I have recently been thinking about the dream and wondering what does it mean? I dreamt that I had been walking across this large arched bridge, I was with someone but their identity was not recognizable. It seemed as if I was in a park, but it was very large! I came to a place where I heard crying. I looked over the wall of the bridge and saw some sort of huge round Colosseum enclosure with high walls and openings in the wall into the center of the enclosure. In each of these openings, and there were many, there was a giraffe chained to the ground by the neck and legs. There were men running around making sure the giraffes were secured by their chains. The giraffes were struggling and it was as if they were crying. In the center of the Colosseum was a body of water that the giraffes were just far enough from it that they could not drink the water. I remember feeling upset and frantic when I watched from the bridge, I was crying and wanted to do something to help. The giraffes struggled to stand up, but were held down by chains. The men were angry that were running around the enclosure, yelling at the giraffes and eachother. What do you observe from this dream? Any input is appreciated! Thanks.

This is an excellent dream, Amanda, with very expressive, creative images. It probably related to your feelings and experiences of 2 years ago, although if the dream has remained in your thoughts, it might still be relevant to your life now.

The park represents your life, and the Colosseum probably symbolizes an institution such as school, church or government. The person with you is simply an aspect of yourself.

Giraffes are tall and designed to reach up high. That is the key metaphor. Chaining down giraffes so they cannot lift their long necks to reach high places is clearly wrong and a misuse of power/authority. The pool of water might be knowledge (education) or some other form of self-improvement and achievement.

I suspect the giraffes represent students, or entrepreneurs or anyone struggling to achieve goals, including yourself. You feel as if you need to "stretch out" and "reach higher," but the rules and regulations of school (or possibly church, government or some other authority) are holding you back. You are the one feeling the restraint as if by chains.

Congratulations on putting together an outstanding dream. The chained giraffes are very expressive. This link will provide more information and examples of the way such metaphors function in dreams.

Example: I had a dream with Michael Jackson in it...?

Please no rude answers about MJ. Thanks

The dream starts out that I was going to my hometown to visit. I got to a friends house to drop off groceries (?). Then I'm driving down the street and she is in the car with me. We pull up to a stop sign and I go to look right to see if I can turn, and there is a giraffe on the corner. Immediately I think "wtf there is a giraffe on the corner in the middle of Ohio" But I go ahead and turn. There are animals all over the place almost fleeing. My friend and I see her husband walking in the road so I stopped the car and we got out to see what was going on. He says "All the animals... they've gone mad. They are all running" I look around and all trafic has stopped and people are getting out of their cars.

So we start walking and are walking over a bridge. We stopped and looked over the bridge at the river underneath and there were ALL kinds of animals on the banks running down stream. I mean everything, it was real Noah's Arch'sh. The three of us look at each other like "what in the world..." Then I look past my friend's husband and see Michael walking towards us. He looked like he was from the Dangerous era. Wearing black jeans, a black vneck tshirt and a red button up shirt over it unbuttoned. His hair was like the black or white video. I stop, looking at him and look at my friends husband standing in front of me. (this is kind of gross but I don't know how else to describe this) Her husband was standing in front of me and my friend and he was goofing off acting like he was *jacking off* he wasn't really though. He was just mocking it. I got all embarrassed and looked past him again at Michael walking towards us. He looks at my friend's husband and back at me and kind of laughs a bit. By this point I'm humiliated and thinking "oh my God, he is doing that in front of Michael Jackson." And I go to turn away again when Michael approaches. He is smiling and doesn't say anything just pauses beside me for a moment. I reach over and grab his hand to hold it (they way a couple would, fingers entwined). He pulls away and lets go of my hand. I remember feeling confused and then he reaches out and takes my hand again. But it's just the regular way.

The two of us start walking over the bridge again and there is a woman frantically handing out flyers about this "animal problem". We approach her and Michael reaches out his other hand to shake hers and says "Hello, I'm Michael Jackson..." The woman looks at his hand and looks away continuing with the flyers. Michael repeats the gesture and his words to her again. This time she reaches out to shake his hand but something weird happens. Michael kind of froze like he was in a trance. I look up at him. Now he is so much taller than me. I'm only elbow height to him. I'm like a child! He has a horid look on his face. His clothes were different too. Almost robe like... I start tugging on his sleeve saying "what's wrong Michael what's wrong?" the way a child would to an adult. He just simply looks over past me to the left and over the bridge at all the animals and the woods in the background and says "Something dark is coming. It's bad. Real bad. We have to get out of here"

That's where I woke up.

I could actually feel the body to body contact, the hand holding. It was strange I could have sworn that part was real. But it was so strange at the end. Not quite scary, but strange. Anyone care to try and interpret this mess?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I'd love some analysis of this dream; I have many like this.

I dreamed that I was walking in a beautiful Gothic-type building; supposedly, it was a school, but I saw no other pupils and I was walking on a raised bridge structure- it did not appear to be a pathway. There were gold chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, and it entire inside of the building was illuminated with a diffuse golden/beige glow. It was entirely dark outside; the glass windows were black. Then the pathway arched into a room that brought to mind a mausoleum; there was a great domed ceiling. The floor was dark blue and concrete; it looked like the sky. There were taxidermied animal heads on the walls, and I jumped in surprise when one of the heads (a large brown moose head) turned to me and spoke. It asked me a question, but I don't remember what it was, only that it reverberated with me. I answered it, and it told me to look at something, so I turned to see at another preserved animal near me. It was a gray bird mounted on an artificial nest, and its feathers were rustling in a non-existent breeze. It had no head.

Thanks in advance!

Example: Does anyone know of a good Christian Death metal band out there?

I've always wanted to hear a band that had the brutality and speed of The Black Dahlia Murder, but just with Christian lyrics. Idk, just curious... Impending Doom's okay, and by a miracle, I found Renascent, but I want something just a little bit faster...

Example: Good christian bands?

well, i have recently decided to become a better christian!
so, i want to get rid of all my bad music, which is alot of it :/
i really like death metal and rock, so i want to know is there any good heavy metal christian bands? or something along that music genre xD

Example: Death themed poems from the 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries?

It's for a project...I tried Googling this stuff, but I can't find any results. Oh, the poems have to short, at least not over 6 stanzas

Example: What does it mean to dream about climbing a high bridge?

Example: What does this dream mean? About a bridge.?

ppl i know at park w/ me. there was a bridge over water. first It didn't frighten me & felt safe. I was supp. to go on a boat with a family friend. I got scared because at the end of the bridge was a gap and I was too afraid to jump over it. I turned around to go back, I saw now the bridge was narrow and very high up from the water. I have a big fear of heights, and in the dream, I became so scared I started to crawl. I slipped, and my legs fell over the side of the bridge. As I struggled to hold on, I called out my best friends name,Julia. When I did, she pulled me up by my hand and I was safe.eventually I was once again on the bridge and it was arch shaped, I tried crawling on my stomach over the highest part. On other side was a guy I don't speak to I was scared & told him to go back down so I could go by,it was so narrow, he laughed and started shaking the bridge. It started to fall apart & i fell.But when I fell it was like 3 feet and the water was very shallow. interpret?

Example: What does this dream mean?

it starts out im in a huge apartment llike basement and all of a sudden i see two big rats ones brown and ones gray. instead of running the other way when they see me they run towards me. thats when i see water coming in from outside. next the basement is half full of water and theres other people with me. then there is two snakes one is black and yellow it is huge but it dosn't move at all in my dream. just its head back and forth. the other snake is dark brown with light brown markings and it starts wrapping itself around one of the male members in the room with me. i don't know these people at all. that guy was trying to throw something at the bigger snakes head when it starts wrapping itself around his body. next thing i iknow i'm at the stairs getting past the basement and i look back and that snakes head is trying to turn into a human head but its the only thing that was a blur. when i get to the upper part of the house i look out of the window and theres a huge flood outside like the house i'm in is on stilts. its not like the water in the basement though. its all green and muddy and trees are whipping around and other houses are all ready half under water. then just as water is seeping inside the part of the house i'm in now a huge arched white bridge just appears out of nowhere so i start going up it to get to higher ground. in the middle of it though there is crisscrossed wood and bars and its hard to squeeze through. but instead of staying higher up at the very top i go all the way to the other side. but on the other side none of the ground is flooded or covered in water. what in the world does it mean? I've rarely ever dreamed in so much detail before.

Example: What are some techniques to prevent bridges falling during a earthquake?

Hello, im during an essay about structural engineering and i need some people to help me, you don't have to everything, just answer this very important question.

i have researched a bit about bridges before, and i know that they have to employ arches and triangles, because they are one of the most strongest geometric shapes, also i have read a bit about mass dampers but i'm not so sure about how they work. please guys/gals, i really need an expert on this subject i know a tiny bit about it but i'm still quite confused
i need to know in depth about the techniques bridge builders use to minimize the damages done by earthquakes!

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