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Dream About Antenna meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Meaning of wierd dream?

I was me,only I had alien like antennas and long,straight har. I had 3 friends. One was a gilr,with pale pale skin,and she dressed in lacy pink clothing and and a matching parasol.She had long,white,platinum hair. She looked like a doll,in a way.

My third friend was a tuxedo cat. It couldn't speak or anything,but I guess it was my pet since it followed me everywhere.

The last friend - oddly enough - was a total geek. Slicked down hair,Huge,circular,thick glasses,tie,you know,everything,including the buck teeth.

(before i move on to teh actuacl dream,i just want to say i have all of my senses in my dreams.)

Al four of us walked into the cylindrical capsule thing.It looked extremely futuristic,wires and all. ANYWAY,we climbed in on these seats.I pulled this lever thing with a danger sign,and then,with tremendous force,i was blown to the side of the capsule,and i was having a minature spasm.My vision was totally and completley distorted. After just about 2 seconds It stopped,with a frightening thump. We all fell to the ground. I opened the capsule door,and we were in this .. place. Its ahrd to explain. it was nighttime,no stars or moon,and we were in a rocky,yet grassy plain. Infront of us was a fairly large condo. I remeber telling them to come on,and we began walking to a large,rectangular window.

We looked in side and saw (this is pretty ridiculous) coca cola bears. Like,they had teh bottles (but they were some foreign langugage) and they were white,but they looked different.more fierce. They were sitting,much like a human does,in a pool of bubbling black...stuff.It resembled Oil. Then,one began to walk out. It saw us,and gave the most scary growl/roar i had ever heard. I ran,so fast it was unbelieable,and then the bear caught up to the cat.

The bear ate him in one swallow,and then disedegrated.The geek started talking to me,and he said soemthing like "Once they eat,they are destroyed." And the doll - girl kind of just looked there with sad eyes.She looked at teh polar bears and...

She started to run to them. I jsut watched,i didnt know what she was doing.And lets just say she commited suicide. I remember sobbing,sobbing so hard that when i finally woke up my pillow was sopping wet. What could this really,really bizarre dream mean? It kidn fo scared me,it had repeated three times.

If it makes you feel any better, I have weird dreams too.

I am a soda addict (not the caffeine-free kind, either), and I heard if you drink caffeine before you go to sleep, you'll have strange dreams. Usually they don't mean nothing, but sometimes they can mean insecurity, lust, jealousy, etc.

For a while after I lost someone close in the family I kept having dreams that people in my family were dying. Usually the dream ends right after the person dies.

One dream I had was that my family went bankrupt and we had no food or money so my dad declared that we must resort to cannibalism and eat my little brother. It sounds ridiculous, I know, but I woke up kicking my legs and tears were pouring down my face. So usually depressing events in your life can cause weird dreams.

But enough about the depressing dreams. I've had funny dreams, too.

The oldest dream I remember was when I was four. I remembered it to this day because it freaked me out. I had a high window in my bedroom. The light was on and everything. There was a pile of stuffed animals leading to the window. I climbed the stuffed animals to look out the window at the moon. Suddenly, everything went dark and an echoing voice (apparently it was the moon) shouted, "Get down". I found myself hanging with one hand on the window sill. I loked down to realize the stuffed animals were gone, it was pitch black, and the floor was many miles down. "Get down I say" the moon repeated.

When I think about it this day, it makes me crack up. But if a four year-old can have a weird dream like that, who knows how many people can be affected by weird dreams? Anyway, if you want to know what the dreams can possibly "symbolize" look up a dream interpreter website. It tells you what flying, falling, death, love, etc. means. I hope this helped.

Example: What do a dream about a praying mantis mean?

In my dream my little brother was driving my car and I was in the passenger seat. When the car stopped and a insect came out the steering wheel. My brother said give it to my boyfriend; so I did. When that happened, the insect turned into a praying mantis (with pink antennas and encased in glass jar) and my boyfriend was kissing it. What does this dream?

Example: What does this disturbing dream mean?

There's loads of big, furry moths in my room, and they keep flying into my mouth. I'm gagging & it's so disgusting, I can feel them filling up my mouth, so I spit them out, but one of their antenna's have fallen off in my mouth, I'm gonna be sick.
I try throwing them out the window, but they keep flying at my face and into my mouth again :(

Example: Help with my dream? fiance, mental ward, antennae?

last night, i dreamt i was being taken to a mental institute, and i was FREAKING OUT because my fiance wasn't near me. the orderlies sent me to the bathroom to chill and fix my eyeliner, and when i was in the bathroom i looked really close at my head. i had a weird lump-growth-thingy, and i was gonna cover it up because it looked ugly, but then i looked closer and saw itt-bitty antennae in hot pink, i could see them sooooooo detailed, every little strand of whatever that makes them look like feathers, and i had the thought "i AM a goddess" and left the bathroom, and then went to sit and wait to be brought to the mental ward, which for some reason was one of those conveyor belt thingies instead of like a line, and i closed my eyes and suddenly i heard the words "don't go to sleep" and i opened my eyes and turned around and it was my fiance. it should also be noted that i've had dreams in mental institutions before, but always the same one in the middle of a swamplands, this one was different.

i have NO CLUE what this means, i am horrible with dream interpretation.

Example: What does this dream mean?

it seems like every night that i see some wierd dark figure, in my dreams. i can't tell what it is? it is creepy! and whenever i wake up i am in a cold sweat.

Example: What does this dream mean?

My best friend is holding a radio looking gleeful, and i have a radio antenna in my mouth, that is all of the dream that I can remember, but it was very short anyway.

Example: How is it possible to listen to music in your sleep and dream of what those words mean?

I listen to native music in my sleep and dream of actually knowing what the songs are saying. I'm not Native American but the music touches my soul especially when my dreams help take me to another world but why does or how does the brain do this?

Example: Could someone please interpret my dream, What does it mean when a vermin is attacking or biting your neck?

i have these dreams periodically. they REALLY freak me out.

i remember that (perhaps it was only a few years ago) that i was unable to move and the huge cockroach was using its antennas to feel my neck and its head was nestled right in my neck. i woke up in a cold sweat and quickly felt around my neck to see if it was there and quickly was relieved, know that it was only a dream.

Last night i had a dream that i was w/ a bunch of friends. We went in this elevator that went all the way down underground like in a cave/mine or something. I think we were in a country in Africa and we saw 2 people (one woman carrying a baby looking helpless and scared). i was shocked by this sight. and one of my friends replied this is how it is. this is how people live. Africa's tough. my friends said look at this carpet! (it was this rolled up oriental rug) this would be great for our place, this is why we're here.

the rug was located in the narrow passageway made of rock. half of it was covered by shadows. so they got the rug.

we turned around to get back on the elevator i was behind the 2 of them and all if a sudden a bat came from the narrow passage and clamped its teeth and curled up into my neck.

IT WAS SO GROSS! i remember trying to get it out. being afraid to touch it and its teeth were in my neck. it tickled and hurt IT FELT SO STRANGE! it had clamped itself down in was in my "nook" ugh!

needless to say my neck is VERY sensitive. its a very sensitive area of my body and needless to say it's my "spot" where boys kiss or talk softly when they want to "get me going". its so sensitive some times i cant even take it when someone talking to me and i can feel their voice vibrations on my neck. its overwhelming!

what does this mean, when a vermin or something disgusting is invading a sensitive area of my body? its reoccurring not every night, but periodically..

Example: Why do I keep having dreams about this, please help me I am dying to know what this means...NPI?

I keep having dreams that bugs,animals, and as of last night people are trying to kill me. None are actually successful but last night it came pretty close. (p.s. NPI means no pun intended)
Dream#1 it was a bug that looked like a cockroach trying to stab me with it's antenna looking things which were poisonous. I don't remember how i survived but I do remember I kept trying to squash it...maybe that's how I saved myself or was saved..?
Dream #2 it was a snake that came at me while I was "fishing" with a stick lol It wrapped around the stick and its mouth attached itself to my flip flop. Someone saved me from it.
Dream #3 I was in a diner i think...Some girl was being a jerk to me. I remember going into the bathroom, there were people in there too, and this man came in, probably early 50's, gray hair and heavy, he didn't seem to care about the people there. The people were trying(not hard enough/like robots) to help me escape. The man knocked me out after I came out of the bathroom stall (I tried to escape-while in the stall- by shutting off the lights and going up into the ceiling but it didn't work). When I woke up he was pouring gasoline all over me everywhere. I was crying and begging him to stop. He wouldn't. He told me that 'she' told him he had to. I kept asking who she was but he wouldn't tell me. I mouthed off to him and was screaming so he knocked me out again as the fire began to spread. When I awoke for the second time the man wasn't there anymore but the fire was basically everywhere. It was by the door and by me, kind of in patches, I am not sure why I didn't burn because he pured gasoline onto me but I didn't have fire on me. I got up and started trying to figure out how I could get out but then all of a sudden he was there again. He told me I'd never get out and all this stuff and then he shot me in the ear. I thought for sure I was going to die. I fell to the floor...then after he left I opened my eyes figuring out I was still alive. I don't remember exactly how I got out but I did and I also figured out who 'she' was...it was the jerk girl. So I went up to her and I kind of threatened her saying that the truth would find her all this stuff. Then I smeared my blood onto her face.
After this the dream continued for awhile or it felt like that. I went about normal life, sleepovers and such. Then I was older lets say 20's and I was still hunting for revenge. I had gotten into her circle of friends...had a boyfriend...I don't remember everything I remember that she was in the back seat of a car though and she wanted to kill me. That's basically it..

Example: What dose this dream of the future mean?

Ok i'm 17 and my names jen i live in the usa and i guess i've had dreams of the future because
one dream i'm with a boy who calls him self AJ he's 18 at the time and i'm 19 hes around 6ft 2-3 and hes from texas and another boy called Marter i'm not sure how i know this person he just turned up one day and spoke with AJ. hes quite tall to around 6ft 5 and so we all have to move because AJ told me a dark person who wants revenge on him is going to harm us all.

So we go to outside and get in a cap to some were AJ and marter keep talking and they are getting more and more scared we arrive at the destination which is a remote area it has an big house and a radio antenna and we go inside

and i hear a gunshot i turn around and the cab driver is dead with a boy with brown hair dragging him out of the car and another girl driving the car off into a garage Marter tells me it's all for the greater good and just don't worry.

So we go inside and theirs like 19 people and their genders some with guns and some without and theirs a big table in the middle with maps and plans and then AJ talks with some one and Marter is on a phone shouting and then he puts it down and theirs a massive bag and gun shocks the power gose out and i see a man around 19 walks through these double doors and a few people follow him and AJ shouts
"everyone battle stations"
and Marter Runs around a door and says hes getting someting then as this man with Black hair and black eyes comes closer i start to fall on my knees and then i pass out

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