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Dream About Ankle meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What could (does) this dream/nightmare mean?

I dreamed I was wandering through the darkened hallways of a palace. It was similar to the night the lights had gone out at my dad's 60th birthday at some hotel, but every room was empty and there were no candles to give off a warm glow. The stone floor was cold beneath my bare feet.

I was somehow at the door leading into the large banquet hall, pushing them open without feeling my muscles strain, and looking inside.

I was staring at the floor, trying to place its color in the darkness…red. It was red. Covered in blood. Revulsion pooled in my throat but somehow I was stepping into the room, my bare feet surrounded by warm blood.

I was looking up, then, as something dark and flickering lunged past mw, deeper into the room. There was a figure on a platform in the center of the hall, illuminated by some pale, ghostly light that didn't have an origin. It was a woman, a tall, willowy woman with striking features and nondescript coloring. Her dark eyes followed me as I came closer and closer to the platform.

I was staring at the woman, seeing death in her eyes, and barely noticed what I was now standing in front of. It was a throne, made of wood and gold. No one sat in it, but against one of the arms rested a golden scepter, tarnished and battered. The woman slowly raised a hand and touched the back of the chair.

I was trying desperately to run as blood poured from the throne. It pooled around my ankles but I couldn't seem to move my feet. In sheer panic, I looked from the blood up at the woman.

I was going cold, and I could smell death in the room. Then the woman opened her mouth, opened it larger than any human being should be able to, and let loose a hellish, shrieking noise.

I woke up with a strangled yell, tangled in my sheets, sweating.

Could it have something to do with the fact that I lost my virginity to my boyfriend--a man my family dislikes--during my dad's 60th birthday while there was a blackout?
Or the fact that the night I dreamed about that I had just come from his apartment to make love to him (I promised him I'd dream of him just before I went back home)?
Or could have something to do with meeting my twin brother in the kitchen (when I got home) and having an argument with him about David (my bf) before I went to bed?
Or could it be because I was tired (it was 2:30 when I got home) and I'm more prone to nightmares when I'm tired and restless (as I've observed since childhood).

AND PLEASE--this is SERIOUS, PEOPLE! I'm BEGGING here! I'm really troubled by it! I DO NOT--I REPEAT--I DO NOT play Resident ******* Evil!

It means that you are in a position to put yourself through university, if you ever get organized enough to write this out into a novel, and get it published.

Never worry about your dreams.
It takes a lot of Power to be able to dream Dreams that predict the Future.
If you could do that, you would have learned to control them by now.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Well last night i had a dream about my crush. And in my dream we were at this country looking place. We were sitting at a dark wooden table along with my other friend lauphing and having a good time. Then he got up and hurt his ankle. So someone but him in a wheel chair. Then they were trying to get the wheel chair up the stairs and he got hurt again and fell. He was holding my hand and squeezing because of the pain.
What does this mean? I have had many dreams where my crush gets hurt and i comfort him. I have nothing against him and i like him alot. I have liked him since october but we have been nothing but friends.
thanks :)

Example: What does my dream mean?

okay, so a few nights ago, i had a dream about my mother. lemme explain.
so it started out where i was getting ready for my mother's wedding and i was the flower girl, which was unusual to me, since i'm thirteen and i have younger sisters. so, i told my mom about it, and she told me she'd switch me to maid of honor. o_o so then, my five year old sister comes rushing in with her hair alllll the way down to her ankles and her hair was golden curls. my aunt followed her in with a hair curling iron. everyone acted as if her rapunzel hair was just natural and nothing was different about the fact that her hair was as long as a train on a wedding dress.
everything else is a blur.
i have NO idea what that could mean. o_o
help me?

Example: What does dreaming of sharks mean?

I had an awful dream last night

i was on a holiday and a shark ate my brother and dad and nearly my mother, we were on holidays and everytime i'd stand even ankle deep i was at risk of being eaten and i tried to run but i felt so powerless..

i woke up with tears all over my face haha.

what does this dream mean?

thankyou :)

Example: What did these dreams mean?

Last night I dreamt that I was back on a trampoline, just casually bouncing up and down. I just came off of a broken ankle but have been cleared to trampoline by the doctors for over a month but haven't because I am afraid I will snap my ankle again seeing as it was so easy in the first place. I then dreamt I was forced to spend a few days with my Nan who I dislike now because of her stubbornness, can never admit when she's wrong and gives her opinion on everything and I absolutely hated being with her.

Example: Will this dream come true? (Read Description)?

I had a dream that I was hanging out with a group of friends, but I don't know who they were. One of their dad's were hanging out with us, but he suddenly ditched us. Then, we were crossing the street. One person suddenly started running across the street instead of walking, and then we realized that a car was out of control and heading towards our direction. Everyone managed to avoid it, but I think it ended up hitting me, because the next thing I see is my ankle bleeding, and the car im front of me. I must have passed out, because I wake up in a hospital, where I see this guy I know. Nothing happened except that I cried, and he hugged me.
Befote you tell me that it won't come true, hear me out.

I read in a few websites that if you dream about your ankle bleeding, it means that I am losing confidence. I have been losing it, in real life. Gettting hit by a car, means that my beliefs or goals are in conflict with another's. Which they are -_____-

Then, I read that waking up in a hospital in a dream, means that means that I need to improve my mental or physical health. I do need to improve my mental health, due to some issues.

Somewhere, I read that getting hit by a car or almost getting hit by a car(I'm not sure if I actually got hit by it) means that something similar to that will happen.

I don't believe all of this, but I want other people's opinions. Please help, I'm scared that something like this will come true. T-T

All answers are welcome.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Okay the dream in detail::

For some reason, I knew how my family and my best friend was going to die.
I was in school with my best friend. My mom was walking down the corridor and came into the room I was in. It was raining outside with a grey sky. I was putting my books into my bag and suddenly, a giant pink strike of lightning struck my mom and all I could do was cry, I didnt know what to do. So me and my best friend was walking in the playground after school and I said goodbye to her and I walked out the school gates to see my moms handbag infront of me.
I then imaged a car driving over a hill. Then a picture of out class room.
Then a family walked into a blue room - everything was blue. The woman saw me in the corner of the room with a chain on my ankle, bleeding to death and dieing.
Then I woke up.

What does this mean?
The dream didnt include my sister or dad, just me, mom and my best friend.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night I had a dream that I was laying in bed with my ex, and I had a sudden throbbing pain in my foot. He asked me what was wrong, and I told him that my foot hurt. He looked at it, and said that it looked like there was something poking out. I asked him to take it out, and then before he had a chance to, a snake came out of my inner ankle, and went into a corner in his room. I started screaming and panicking, and there was a big hole left in my ankle where the snake had come from. No blood or anything, just a gaping black hole. I grabbed my phone (a BlackBerry) and tried to go to Google to search what had happened, and I wasn't able to type in the web address correctly. Then he mentioned that he'd read something about this in Corinthians, and after that, I woke up.

What does my dream mean? So far, I feel like it means I should grab my Bible and take a look at 1 and 2 Corinthians...but what of the snake coming from my ankle? Can anyone out there give me an interpretation? Most detailed answer gets 10 points. Thanks in advance.

Example: What does my Robert Pattinson dream mean?

I had a dream a month ago where:
I was hanging out with my friend.
I looked like Demi Lovato.
Then, I spotted Robert Pattinson who was dressed as Edward Cullen.
I shouted, "Oh my Edward! It's Robert Pattinson!"
Then, he chased me and we went into this building.
He tackled my friend and beat her up.
Next, I ran through a meadow and then twisted my ankle and fell.
Then he stopped infront of me and called Carlisle (Edward's dad in Twilight).
Then, I woke up.

What does this dream mean? And why did I look like Demi Lovato?

Example: Can someone tell me what my dream meant?

It's a simple dream, just something seemed off about it. I was in the shower, & for some reason I was wearing clothes in the shower. The water had rised to my ankles. I looked down & saw my cellphone underwater & it was ringing & lighting up, but I couldn't get to it. If you could tell me what any of that meant, please help. (:

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