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Dream About Ankle meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

i know recurring dreams always mean something and i keep having this same really bad dream it starts ive just ran through a forest not part of the dream but its behind me and theres thorns everywhere my clothes are all torn im out of breath and there are these weird black silhouettes with giant white creepy smiles after me so i run from them into some place the ground is white and theres water to my ankles and giant stone pillars natural looking dotted around that go the sky or at least past the mist about 50 feet up i keep tripping and i just run through this recurring scene with them chasing me until i hit a wall the same stone as the pillars i fall against it for some reason and theres only one of the things after me now and i wake up when it gets close i dont know whats wrong with me im not stressed or under pressure or on drugs or anything like that just losing sleep because of this

It means you need to chill c; jk I don't know I'm not a dream reader lol hope everything is well (:

Example: What my dreams mean?

I saw the dream interpretation section and I thought it was cool.
A few dreams from me, short to fit as little in details as possible.
1. I wake up, walk down the hall and see my (ex, now)computer teacher watching M*A*S*H on my computer. I say hello and make some little chitchat and then I walk down to our kitchen. I see my family as I get breakfast, and I look out the window, and see some treefrogs. I turn away, eating/drinking standing up. Cuts outside of our house, to president saying to 'blow up the area' and then back to us. I turn back around, eyes wide, and look at the treefrogs who then proceed to telepathically talk to the president and, with their minds, blow us up. The dream ends with a zoom-in on the treefrogs.

2. Simple: There is a bowl with my hands in it. I am eating my hands. They taste like strawberries.

3.I'm at a mall with my class and parents, all of us have shoppingcarts. Suddenly one of my classmate's parents (who I never met) turned into a dinosaur!

Example: 10 pts for best answer! What's this dream mean?

Last night, i had such a wierd dream & i'm not sure what the dream means.


I was walking to school, ran over grass & sidewalk & saw this girl i knew she was kinda a dork but i talk to her anyways. Well i see her with her backpack & she's walking somewere away home or something idk. I run after her and say, "Hey, Emma!" She does not answer & i keep walking after her for like 4 seconds more & i say "fine then be that way!" I was lost or something. I went to the skool & there was some kind of drill & they said on the announcements to go to the place. It looked like a garage or basement with 10 white / gray garage doors. As i saw ppl in my grade, i also saw a line up of ppl wearing boots i think armyish ppl but with out the suit. I couldn't see thier face, but their hair reached thier shoulders. & the princible assigned each of them to a group as the garage doors closed slowly. Then the guy that was assigned to us told us to like line up in a line.

Example: What Might this Dream Mean?

Me and my mom are out one cold Saturday at a tea place...for some reason i leave.

I'm walking, trying to get home. Its nighttime, a truck pulls beside me...and a man tells me to get in. I do and he says he's gonna take me home.

Then he says something about sheets and says something vulgar about his plans for me.

I tell him " Hey man, i don't wanna do that...I'm only 14 and i'm not ready."

I get out of the truck and walk away into a neghborhood. My old friends house is there and thats where i go.

They have a screen door that i look out of, the guy and his truck is there. I feel something touch my ankle.

I think it is the mans hand...I start yelling for him to go away, and i stomp his hand away...but when i look down, it is not his hand touching me, but a baby's foot. I was stomping on its back!

It looks up at me, unnaware...i grab him and carry him away from the door.

The next day, I try again to go home. Just over a hill is my home. But there is a bus station with a vending machine to the left of me.

I'm not very hungry but I stop anyways...I'm gonna check the prices and what they have...and i might buy something if i have enough.

Just then the man appears the the right of me. He talks to me.

A voice in my mind cries out, 'will he never go away and leave me alone!?'

Then i see him buying tickets to go somewhere away from me and I have hope...I turn to leave and thats when i wake up.

I'm 14 years old...I havn't had a dream in a whille so this was special...what does it mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that I was on a sidewalk being chased by something in the bushes next to me. It was grabbing at my ankles and I tried to scream but couldn't. What does it mean?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I have had these 2 dreams in the past few days that I can remember.

One was a teacher at school, got up on a chair and started dancing, then she fell off and broke her ankle or leg in the process, then she died, i don't know what she died of, it might have been a heart attack.

Anyway that was the first dream, the second dream was..well it was all weird but the most memorable bit was when this woman was ice dancing with this man and he lifted her up and she fell down on her head, but she didn't make any sort of movements to stop herself from landing on her head, she just fell on her head and died. Then I picked up a CD disk and skimmed it into the sky, and the place where it landed was the place that used to live.

I know that these are very weird and, they both have people dying in them but I can't see any connection in real life, if anyone could tell me what these dreams could mean, i would appreciate it a great deal because they can be quite scary, i'm only 16 y'see. Thanks

Example: A few nights ago, i had a dream that a snake bit my ankle, around the achilles tendon, what does that mean?

I looked on Dream Moods A-Z dream dictionary, and it didnt show anything that i know was the problem.

Example: What could it mean to dream I am ankle-deep in water?

Below me was cement, I believe. The water was very, very clear as I could see my bare-feet. I woke up after having this vision and could not go back to sleep for some reason. This is all I remember is that one stillframe of being in the water and looking down, seeing my feet. Opinions?

Example: What could these two unsettling dreams mean?

1st one was about a week ago:-

I was at a house party at my best friends house but it was different to how it is in real life. I went to the toilet and there was a hole at the bottom of the wall where it meets the floor. Out of the hole there started to come all these bull ants, poisonous spiders and snarling dogs. The spiders were all different colours such as tartan and blue with yellow stars on! The dogs were all snarling at me and i could tell they were about to attack me, and all the while i am just sitting on the loo with my knickers round my ankles screaming help. Then i feel a hand on my shoulder and it is my brother who takes me out of there and locks the animals in, then we go back to the party lol.

The 2nd one was last night:-
I was a student nurse and was and to get to the hospital i had to go through a tunnel then up and down many escalators. Then when i got to the hospital it was a courtyard surrounded on all four sides by soaring towers which all had little windows. I went inside and the inside was the same layout as my flat. I was studying hard for my exams but had to ring my lecturer for help, but he couldn't answer as he was getting married to a girl 18 years his junior (the lecturer was my actual lecturer in real life but i am not studying nursing - andmy friend and I both have a crush on him lol). Anyways the next thing i know we are in my kitchen (which is still in the hospital) and all these weird things start happening, i knock a bag of pasta on the floor and it all starts to flow towards my kitchen cupboard which is ajar (in real life i recently got a new washing machine that sticks out too far meaning i cannot close the cupboard door and it is always ajar now). Then there is a white linen sheet on the floor that starts to rise up as if something were in it (its a ghost) the ghost then introduces itself as florence nightingale and says it doesnt want us here. Anyway we leave for the day and as we ares leaving we see all these faces watching us from the little windows (we being the lecturer i couldnt get hold of and my friend off the course). we go back the next day and i can barely fit through the tunnel we have to go through as i have gotten fatter overnight (which i think is just my weight being on my mind in real life) and there is an exboyfriend with me but he cant come in. Anyways we go up and florence the evil ghost starts going crazy at us so we all leg it and i jump over the tunnel and out my front door, one of my best friends is also with me at this point, all the faces are still watching us as we leave, some have medieval head dresses on.

In real life i am studying marketing but had been considering nursing before this. I am currently in the middle of exams and i am going to south east asia on my own in the summer. I am 24 years old. Just incase this has anything to do themes in my dreams

Thanks for reading all of that, spooky dont you think! xxx

Example: Please can anybody tell me what my dream mean?

I had a dream last night that i was in the gutter and i had lots of horrible green sewage on the back of my leg on the calf. I remember being very disgusted as i was trying to pull my trousers up because there was a lot on the trousers,near my feet and ankles. It was horrid and i don't/can't remember why i was there but i was and i was trying to get as many boots from the sewage thing as i could in a competitive sense as if i was competing with someone or something lol? and i remember just trying to get the boots no matter how dirty they were and they were brown in colour and i managed to get two pairs.

Later i dreamt that i met a man that i knew a long time ago, he was my uncle that i don't really see but anyway i saw him and we were meant to have a meeting or something. So i went to see him and i liked him and he was ok with me, we were in his car and then he told me to go home now and i was very far away from my house with no clue as to where i was. It was time for me to go now, the meeting was over but he said go home i can't drop you off and at first i thought he was joking but he said seriously i can't drop you off you will have to go home on your own just ring somebody.

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