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Dream About Animals meanings

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Example: Animal meaning in dreams?

wat does each animal mean in each dream +owls,horse,crows,chicken and wolf ?

Good question asking for meaning of animals in dreams. Here are the meaning in GENERAL and it has to be interepted as per the circumstances in the dream -

Owls - It is another symbol for the unconscious. It usually represents wisdom and virtue, and your unconscious may be giving you important massages, so pay attention to the details in the dream.

Horse - The horse is a noble and powerful animal. As a dream symbol it can represent a wide range of positive thoughts and ideas about self or others. Depending on the details of the dream, horses can symbolize freedom, power, and sexual energy

crow - crow in your dream, represents death and the darker aspects of your character. The dream could also be pointing out your annoying habits. Alternatively, the crow may be conveying a message from your unconscious.

chicken - This flightless bird may be pointing to personal characteristics and needs that you may not necessarily want to look at. Chickens can represent cowardliness, gossip, excessive talking, and powerlessness. They are not known for their intelligence or beauty, and their presence in your dream could be an invitation to get more serious and better focused.

wolf - Wolves may have positive or negative meaning and may represent good or evil in dreams. They could represent hostility, aggression, sneakiness, and ferocious appetites. Wolves are considered to be powerful guides who offer wisdom and enlightenment. When interpreting your dream consider your feelings in it and the mood upon awakening -

Example: What do different dreams mean?

I heard that some dreams mean sumthing and others mean sumthing else. wat do they mean

Example: What do Animal Dreams mean?

So I had a weird dream that was very vivid and has been fixed into my head. I was swimming in a large body of calm water. Seals swam past me and I played with them for a little while. Then I swam a little more, feeling completely relaxed and calm. Then I came across a HUGE white turtle with a flat shell. On top of the turtle was a large white elephant. On top of the elephant was a man. The turtle, elephant, and man all looked very white and ashy, like the ash from a fire. Was wondering if anyone knows what any of the dream means?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

Okay so last night I had a weird dream. My friend, Troy was standing at the sidewalk, petting a baby rabbit. Then he let the rabbit free and it went to the road. A car came and hit the baby rabbit and it started to bleed. When the car was gone, he went to the road and picked up the baby rabbit while it was bleeding. Then, he broke it's neck and it started to bleed more. He then turned around with the rabbit in his hands, with blood dripping down and smiled. He then said "Here you go" with a smile and walked away with the bloody rabbit in my hands.
Then there was one with my friend Maddie in her backyard with a bat. I thought I saw a stuffed animal but it was actually a kitten. Then I saw blood splattering on the grass and saw that she was killing the kitten, she then got out of her backyard and threw the kitty on the road.
What do these dreams mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

ii dreamt that ii was in a house. little spiders where coming toward me . i went to my mum . she was watching tv so she pushed me . then one huge spider went on my leg . it crawed up and jumped to my face
this iis when ii woke up , scared.
what does this mean?

Example: What dose it mean dreaming with?

What dose it mean dreaming that you had a bird but you didn't want it to fly, so you tide his legs in a string and didn't let it fly but I saw that it was really sad so at the end I was thinking of just letting it go free? It was hard for me to decide. Cause the bird meant a lot to me.

Example: What does this dream mean? animals, wild place...?

i had a dream where my house seemed to be, well i wouldnt say 'ridden', but there seemed to be freeness of wild animals (no pun intended!) - there were quite a few, however these animals seemed non-existant.
i dont know why, but it was as though i was the only one who actually was wondering why on earth all the animals were there. the whole family seemed really connected though, we would play with all of them together - and i kept petting this one animal that looked like a big reindeer sorta thing.
and in the dream my brother was walking, and suddenly a beautiful but huge butterfly, with legs touched him on his shoulder and they kinda did this mirror image thing, we couldnt belive it was touching him because it was such a special kinda creature.
anyway, meanwhile i was rushing around trying to find my camera, which was annoying because even in real life whenever i try to find it quickly i know my brothers are always leaving it in hard to remember places, and i was scared i'd miss the picture of him and this animal.
anyway, thats when i woke up. lol.
hope you can help, if you like! :) xxx

Example: I turn into animals in my dreams, what could this mean?

I have been having these kind of dreams for a while now, im usually a bird or a weird animal with huge claws that can climb on walls, sometimes i am myself, but with animal parts, like claws or wings, what could this possibly mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I always have dreams where I'm getting chased, what does it mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I have never been a baby person more into animals lol. Im n my twentys, no1 has had babies in the family yet last night i had the strangest dream.

I dreamt that i had a baby and was gettin it dressed all the mum things and i loved it so much, after that i took it to my grandparents house (they have been dead about 7 years) and wanted to show it off.

When i woke up i felt so broody now all day long i cant stop thinking about it. It felt so real and now i just want to be a mum.

Is this normal and what did that dream mean? Its strange because before that dream i never wanted a baby.

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