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Dream About Anger meanings

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Example: What does this mean in dreams?

what does it mean in dreams when you have dreams over and over again about this one specific person? about like 30 times or something and its someone that you cant stop thinking about and that you think about pretty much every day all day long. and when your having the dream of them you feel like your getting a weird feeling like in your gut but you dont know if your getting the werid feelin when your sleeping or if your getting it in your dream. and when the dreams over you just wish you could remember what happend in it and what she said and stuff. but in real life the person doesnt even know that you exsist and youve never met before. what does this mean?

Dreaming over and over in a way means recurring dream.

Recurring dream about a person means something is not resolved about that person in particular.

Whether it is love or hate or something you can't get over with it. Your subconscious mind is telling you that something has to be said, shown or done in dream That is why you had this dream over and over again.

For example, if it is about love or person you like. You don't have guts to tell him/her in day time. Projecting it at night over and over again serves as a practice or reminder to you that you should do it.

If it is hatred, that means your anger is not released, and you had to vent it out in dream because you are helpless and there is nothing you can do. Cases such as some high authority people like President, boss, parent, teacher and so on.

Example: Dream meaning?

So I had this weird dream it was me my mom and brother all of a suddEn this wire snaps and my mom gets cut into 2 peices right down the nose all the way to her legs ,so im looking At her I'n shock cause I could see her brain and veins one side,she tries talking to me with a smile but i couldnt understand her cause she didn't have the right side of her brain so she made no sence,she was crying and I just gave her a hug and she died, so my question is anyone know what this dream means Or why I had this dream?

Example: What do you think my dream means.?

I was dreaming me and my sisters were dressing up for party. Room was full of women dressing up. I am wearing cowboy booths and jeans and leather jacket and i feel cold.. I am Ready for party and waiting for my sisters. I am kinda uninteresting. then i hear my sisters and My mom saying "look she is so beautiful .. O my God look at her.. I turn around and see young woman who looks like me , wearing red romantic dress and red hair like mine.. She looks just like me,and it is me. but somehow i do not feel connected to her.. I think it is one of my sisters...I see myself but i am 100% sure in my dream mind that is my sister.. She looks beautiful and feminine .. I am starting to feel jealous. and i feel pain.. I scream at my mom in anger.. why , you have never said I am beautiful , you never complimented me . I was screaming in pain and anger and i woke up with pain and anxiety in my chest... It was hurting so much that i was shaking from pain.. I was jelous at that woman in red dress..who was me .

Example: What does my dream mean?

for the last few months every night i have been dreaming about deaf and its really freaky its always rather me dying or someone close to me? any idea what this could mean

Example: Ive been having recurring dreams of blood and anger?! What could these dreams mean?!...?! ?

One dream was when i was mad at some girl and i made her start bleeding with my mind. I know this sounds strange but that was the dream from last nite. The other dream was when i was mad and i made people vomit blood. This dream made me cry! I didnt get much sleep last nite cuz of these dreams.

Example: Do my dreams mean anything?

Lately I have been having nightly dreams about escape and explosions. They generally take place in the town where I grew up. It seems like late afternoon because of the golden light. In one dream I was running away from a farm and turned to see all the buildings explode simultaneously, but they didn't catch on fire. I always wake up unsettled afterward.

I've been having small anxiety attacks lately, but I don't know what I'm anxious about. I wonder if the dreams could be relating to that.

Example: What does this dream mean?

The only dream I've been having is the same nightmare over and over. My sis, mom, and best friend Sarah are all outside with me at my step dads house, its dark and my sis's chiuaua named Sally is outside. My mom tells me to go into the yard with her so she can pee and I do, but all of a sudden when she and I are all alone these wolves come bursting from the woods and go after us. I pick Sally up, and know it'll be too far of a run to get to the house, so I use my feet to kick the wolves away. The alpha approaches me, and jumps toward me while I'm getting another wolf away and that's when I wake up.

I've heard that if you have the same dream over and over, it means it'll become real. Does this dream mean anything? And personally, I LOVE wolves, but I've always had some type of nightmare were a wolf is coming to kill me, and I don't mean Jacob.

Example: Recurring dream meaning?

I've had a recurring dream about 4 times in the last month. In the dream I always see my ex best friend who betrayed me and I call her a " effing *****" and then give her the middle finger. I know I'm angry but why do I keep having the same dream, the only thing that changes is the setting.

Example: What does it mean to dream of people just squeezing your hands with anger?

Example: Dream meaning...?

I am a masochist. I had a dream that I walked up to a special friend and tied him up, gagged him and forced myself on him, beating the hell out of him the whole time and then when I was done I untied him and left. Anyone know what sadism means in dreams - especially when you are not a sadist? That dream really freaked me out..

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