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Dream About Angel Of Death meanings

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Example: Seeing the angel of death in dream ISLAMIC REPLIES!?

I had a dream i was back home in my village, in the dream it was night time and everyone was acting as if a certain individual who is from my village is dead, they were carrying his janazah and reading but the guy was wide awake, the guy who meant to be dead used to fly pigeons.
anyway in the dream they take the guy to a spot and place him sitting on a bench himself he starts reading ''labaik allah hum a labaik'' along with something else which involves the name ''mikaeel'' all of a sudden a white form something like a shadow comes and sits on the bench it wasnt a figure it was just like a white shadow, and then all of a sudden the person was in a cage. the person then turns into a pigeon (may sound silly but its true) and everyone starts chanting ''labaik allah huma labaik'' and start saying ''mikaeel mikaeel'', now the white shadow known as mikaeel in my dream takes the soul out of the pigeon which was the person.
i then woke up

anyone know the meaning please? really want to know

just tell me the dieing man did fly pigeons in real life or just in your dream pleas tel me and i will try to healp cause i have a book that explains dreams!
Edit: waalykom salem;
look th book sed that th angel Mikaeel is a sign of mercy that would be upon th village or th place wher he was saw in, like th rain or a lower in th items prices in ther, also it sed that it depend on if th one that was sow in th dream does obey Allah, then its a good thing for him specialy if they mad what he usaly mad in life how ever if he didn't obey Allah anough then it's not that mach good to him,
cause mikaeel is th angel of mercy, and so maybe that man did put pigeons in cages and so he would be treated th same way, i guess you should contact that man and urging him to ask for forgiveness, befor its to late,...
any way th dream should be explained good or bad way depanding on how you felt about it,
and Allah only nows for sure!
if you want any thing els just edit and i will be happy to answer!
i hope i helped, and sorry it took so long i'm a slow wrighter on PC!

Example: What does it mean to dream of angels?

When I was younger, I used to have two kinds of dreams: horrible nightmares, and angel dreams.
The angel dreams were always about one angel in particular, and I would talk to her and stuff.
I used to have nightmares that would still be there for a second after I woke up, and a few times I thought I saw my angel friend when I was awake.

She has white-ish skin with black and gold markings, and gray-ish white wings, six of them, and gem stones in or on her skin.

I had almost forgotten this until recently I've been having the angel dreams again.
I remember it's the same one, she looks the same and has the same name.
She mostly just talks to me, but I can't remember what she says.

Example: Death angel dream, what does it mean?

Well, from what I can remember I was driving down a street trying to get in the gas station but some guy that i thought was very attractive was blocking it and laughing at me with his friends.. so i think i made an illegal maneuver and got in. As soon as i entered the station people were looking at me as if i did not belong there. because i was in such a rush to get a pump bur they just didn't seem right, i finally found a pump that was right for me

im getting gas and the gas station guy comes up to my car and checks it out. he's complimenting me. he then inspects my car and tells me "is this an altima or a nissan" and i say "NO, it's a bmw" he goes "this doesn't look like a bmw" he inspects it and tells me the guy that had it before me put the emblems on a nissan to make it seem like it was a bmw 3 series [which is my actual car] so im kind of sad and can't wait to tell my parents this info. i felt soooo CHEATED

meanwhile some other dude pumped my gas for me but i didnt notice it until i stopped talking with the other dude. he looked at me like he wanted me to thank him but i felt it but just couldnt say it, i looked at him and continued talking to the other dude, while the guy who was pumping my gas the whole time ran away.

The guy who inspected me car is also flirting with me but he's not my type. So he asks for a ride home from work and i say "yes sure" he told me lived in LA. Next thing you know, HE is driving MY car. We go to my house and pick up my sister then he goes along his way. At first i am comfortable with me not driving because i hate driving until my sis points out to me "why rnt u driving?" so i tell him to pull over because now i feel like this isnt a good idea and i'll take him home myself, he tells me NO. then it turns to night and then all hell just breaks loose

He starts driving SUPER FAST and i tell him "hey, dont ride in my car like this" then he does it again and doesnt slow down at speed bumbs so we're all over the place. next thing you know i see something flying in the sky. it was the black robe, faceless...but flying and it would fly around the car and come closer...then move black..e closer...then move back. my sister points it out "wtf is that!" i see it...but i pretend i don't. my sis brings it to my att again and i look at it, scared as hell, but i just don't know what to do. the guy is totally unaware of this..

he finally takes us home and all of my family is there, it's day time. we see that angel hovering again until it comes down to me and my sis [still hovering] we're backed up in a corner screaming.

long story short, the man is outside conversing with my family while me and my sis are in the bed sleeping. we wake up to see the same angel between us...but she screamed too.

And after that [this is still the dream] i go on the computer and google 'the redeemer' and see the cast [ i guess it was some movie in my dream ] and check to see if death angel is on the list ?

Example: What does a near death in horrific car accident dream mean?

I had a dream last night that I was following my boyfriend on a busy freeway and I was driving my Scion XB during the time of me following him I had lost sight of him. I called him to find out where he went and as soon as I hung up the phone I lost control of my car and flipped it and ended down in a ditch near a railroad track.. the top of my scion was completely ripped off I was laying in front of my car with the top of my car next to me... I'm whining "heeelp.. somebody help me! I was all cut up and couldn't move my legs were twisted in ways they shouldn't be I had huge gashes in my face/head and i was going in an out of consciousness... Finally I faintly see people running down to me screaming but I can hear a word there saying while 3 people make sure I'm ok and do what ever they can to help me while one person was on the phone calling 911 then i slowly black out... I then woke up right away shaking my heart was pounding and i was kinda sweaty I couldn't fall back asleep for a while... So what could this mean... can it be a Premonition, or an out of body experience?

Example: What does a dream about death mean?

My dad's friend from high school just passed away they were good friends in high school but they haven't seen in each other in over 10 years, he died this march and since then my dad has had about 4 dreams with this guy in it, what could they mean? in most of his dreams they're hanging out and they're talking about how he can't believe he's dead etc. and in last nights the dream was that he had a huge mansion and his family was showing my dad around and they had scrap books of the guy that died, what could all this mean?

Example: Dream about Angel of death?

I had a dream about what I now assume the angel of death. He was taking some strangers' life. Then it's like he was trying to take my life but in a weird way. I was on the top of the car, trying hard not to fall while he was shaking it so hard. Then I woke up. I'm not sure whether I fell or not since I can't remember. What does that mean? Am I going to die soon? Somehow I've been thinking that I might die soon, no specific reason. Just a feeling. Does that have effects on my dreams? I'm scared.

Example: Angel of death in dreams... ?

so my mom saw a dream and in it she saw the angel of death or maybe a demon (somehow this presence she felt was evil) telling her that it was time for me (her daughter) to go, that he is going to take my soul away soon and not to a good place. and all these kinda things. she freaked out and called me the next min she woke up. so what does this mean? does this mean i m going to die? if so is there a way i can not make it happen? coz i m still 16 and ya, i don't wanna die!

Example: Dream of the Angel of death

My best friend recently had a dream about the angel of death. It sound stupid but Im a bit worried.He said in the dream, he was in town. And people were running around screaming 'Angel of death'. But he cant really remember much. I would appriciate it if someone could tell me if they know what this means, and is it anything to worry about. My friend has a lot of bad expirences where he lives because he's gay and he often get threatned and beaten etc... So this dream freaked me out a bit. Thanks anyway

Example: Dreaming about the angel of death?

Last night I had a strange dream that my family was killed by the angel of death, and that I was supposed to die as well, but I was saved by my estranged brother, who was the messenger of the angel of death. In my dream my estranged brother was the messenger of the angel. He was supposed to go ahead of the angel and mark those persons who were meant to die, and then the angel would come and kill those who were marked. However, if the person was under running water, the angel could not touch them. So when my brother was forced to mark my family, and me as well, my brother chose to save me. He told me to get into the shower, clothes and everything, and run the water, and when the angel came for me, he couldn't touch me. And then i woke up. Oh, and in some points in the dream I was myself, and at other times I was watching myself. It was so weird.

Example: I had a dream that the angel of death took my soul?

what could it mean?I felt a severe shiver when he did that in th dream and tingling sensation in my head never felt anything like this before in the dream he just came and leaned towards me and then I woke up

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