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Dream About Amusement Park meanings

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Example: What's with the incredibly odd dreams I've been having? And what does stealing mean in a dream?

I was at some amusement park in one dream and there was a feeble old guy and I was running through a bunch of tube like things and walking on one of those suspended paths that have wood planks connected to each other to create the path. I saw a lot of red and black. In this one, I stole two long Twix bars by peeling off the bar code stickers and the alarm went off, but I got away with it. For some reason, they ended up being Reese's pieces O.o The other one was where I was taking a bubble bath and a squirrel kept walking alongside the edges of the tub numerous times and then proceeded to rest its chin in his hands while his elbows were rested on a shampoo bottle.. weird. Any insight?

To dream that you are at an amusement park signifies that you will soon be able to enjoy life more and be less inhibited than you once were.Red and black denotes that transition because red foretells that you will escape formidable enemies by a timely change in your expressed intention.Black would mean the opposite before your transition.The Twix bars indicates agreeable companions and employments are awaiting you.To take a bubble bath just means that you are cleansing yourself to make a complete transition getting you ready for what is to come.To top it all off with the squirrel denotes that that pleasant friends will soon visit you and give you council to advance in your employment.All in all a pretty good dream I would say.Peace,Michael.

Example: What does this mean? i had a dream about being in an amusement park.?

i had a dream where i was in an amusement park with my aunt and grandma and we were in line for a roller coaster. we were in line and all of a sudden i caught up with some friends and rode the rollercoaster with them instead. i have never seen these people in my life! the roller coaster was in doors and dark and scary but i closed my eyes the whole time and was having fun?

Example: Amusement park dreams?

For as long as I can remember I have been having this dream every now and then that I am either at an amusement park or local fair. The only people there are a few workers running the rides. I remember feeling excited that I didn't have to wait in line, but it felt super lonely and eerie being the only one there. I hardly ever get on a ride...but when I do it always ends up crashing or falling apart. I don't mind the dream so much. It just fascinates me. Any ideas what it could mean?



Example: Dream about an amusement park?

I've had a recurring dream about the same amusement park. I could draw it out, that's how well i know it. anyway one ride in particular always stands out. It's this really weird rollercoaster. It seems very scary. Sometimes, people fall off (not me) sometimes, the track ends unexpectadly, sometimes, it changes its course and mixes with a children's ride. Every car on the coaster is very different. i've only been on this roller coaster once, but instead of the scary track, it changes courses and went to the children's roller coaster (in 13 btw) i also had trouble getting on, and remember dangling off the platform. There is another coaster in this amusement park, its dark blue, and it just goes straight up and down really fast. ive never been on it. can someone help me intrepret? thanks

Example: Recurring theme in dreams - Amusement Parks. What does it mean?

With more and more frequency, I am having dreams that somehow feature amusement parks. Sometimes it's the main feature of the dream, other times it's just the setting for the nonsensical plot to take place in. Oftentimes I will ride on one of the rides at least. I do like amusement parks, and live near a few, but it's been popping up more and more in my subconscious and I have no clue what it means. A little help?

Example: Dream Interpretation; Amusement Park Ride?

Okay, so a few nights ago i dreamt that i was in a ride, but it wasn't a rollercoaster going up and down, which i believe represents lifes frequent ups and downs, but I was just in a sort of a carousel that was really high in the sky and I was just turning, and I wasn't scared or uncomfortable, I was actually enjoying it. Could this mean anything, or is this insignificant?

Thanks :)

Example: I have had dreams of an island type amusement park, in the middle of the ocean, what does this mean?

Ive had this dream several times, it is somekind of amusement park in the middle of the ocean, im flying overhead looking down at it like a movie and suddenly im dropped down into it, please help me understand the meaning of this?

Example: What does it mean if I constantly dream of scary amusement parks?

For the past year or so, almost every dream that I remember involves me at an amusement park. At first, I would have this sort of dream every few weeks. Now I have them about two or three times a week. I am always with either one of my family members or one of my best friends. The park itself is always completely different with different rides from the previous ones I've dreamed. For some reason, in my dream, I always get on a roller coaster that I think looks okay, but when the ride starts, it becomes life-threatening. Usually, the ride is meant to be scary, by throwing people off the tracks, but have them land somewhere safe, but still scary looking like a haunted house. Occasionally, something with the ride will go haywire and put people in real danger. However, no one ever ends up hurt. What does this mean?

Example: I keep having dreams of amusement park accidents! What does that mean?

If anything at all...it's been going on and off...I'll have dreams of roller coasters, farris wheel, spinning rides, cars coming off, people being throw out, accidents...

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