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Dream About Amish People meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Weird dream! what does it mean?

i had this dream when the Amish took over the world and everyone (who was not Amish ) were their slaves and they were whipping people and saying "if you are going to work like animals you will be treated like animals" later in the dream i escaped and i had to walk very far (on the freeway )[there were no cars] and i had to walk in a very narrow crave with water on the floor and i saw my friend and said hi and she went crazy and jump off into the water and then i was one of the few people who escaped! What does my dream mean

In dreams when you are under attack or being abused it can sometimes mean that someone in your life is controlling you.

When you are walking down a path by yoursself or in a deserted place it can mean that you are going to be going through change in the near future. it also could mean that someone close to you has gone away.

When you go into tight spaces in your dreams it can mean that you have a lot to worry about, and have a lot of stress.

Some advice: go to your local bookstore i.e Borders/Barnes and Noble, and pick up the Dream Dictionary. its so great and it helps you decipher the meanings of your dreams.

Example: Does my dream means anything?

Okay, so I had a dream last night where I was in a weird town where people were dressed like Amish... I felt stressed in my dream, because I had a baby girl in my arms and I had to hide her from people because in this town, every baby girls had to die, so I dressed my baby as a boy and I covered her in a blue blanket. I was walking in the street and there was A LOT of people and they all looked at me with a weird look... So I asked a woman which road I had to go to leave the town. As soon as I got the answer, I stole a car and left with my baby girl to save her life! I was holding her little head to my chest throughout and I really could feel the stress as if it was real! I didn't see myself pregnant or giving birth in my dream. It all began in an empty room where I was crying and holding my newborn baby girl. Does it mean anything? May I add that I didn't get my period last month and I feel sick lately + 2 of my friends are pregnant and they don't know the gender yet!

Example: How could my fiance have a dream about an amish 12 year old when amish dont have electricity? and we live far?

(and we live far) from an amish place and we are around each other very much since neither of us work at that time back when he told me his dream. I know he looks at pics on the computer because he is upset they come up on a computer in USA. He tells me her family wants him to marry her but he himself says no she's too young and he mentions like he gots me. Weird. I even seen him watch young kids on a bike before, their behind. When he was driving. But only was once in real life. And Walmart maybe too he does that when walking or standing still. To many girls butts. Even an older man he was talking to they were checking girls out, my fiance told me they both were looking. Now I'm afraid to get any man ever again. Us girls are never enough. He told me a long time ago in USA guys used to, in the like old west days, with coyboys and saloons time, that a female pimp worker lady would measure the guy and match that number with a young girls' age. and he told me like 5 months after that a 7 year old female's pelvis is fused fully. to be able to push a baby through. but he always tells me he respects the laws and may look at girls but not leap. I'm just trying to get my head around the logic behind the dream because he claims to be so logical.

Example: Dream interpretation - getting drunk in a strange neighborhood, then wheat fields with Amish people?

Here's the dream. Can you figure it out or make sense of it?

I was in a small, white split-level ranch home that wasn't mine. The house was on a street with a moderate slope. I was drinking whiskey from a large wine bottle inside, and walked outside onto the paved driveway. It was night time and I could see the garbage containers waiting to be picked up for trash day. I felt really drunk (in my dream, no less!) and it became hard to stand up. I then poured out the remaining liquor onto the ground and threw away the big glass bottle into the trash bin on the street. I never saw the neighborhood before.
Then I remember that I was hovering over a huge field of wheat. I remember seeing the wheat stalks flowing with the breeze.There were Amish people working in the field. One young man with dark hair wore a blue shirt with black suspenders, and a woman wore a salmon colored old-fashioned plain looking dress with white polka dots and wore a bonnet. They were harvesting the crop.

Example: What does this dream mean? It was kind of disturbing.?

NOTE: everything in parenthesis are not parts of the dream.

My initial dream was that an Amish girl was caught in a fire, and it was in the news because ambulances came to assist but Amish weren't supposed to use ambulances, or something. (I don't know any Amish people, nor do I live near any, although they do fascinate me as of this morning.) Anyway, the story was pretty big in my town. Then, I found myself in school, late to homeroom, for the second time. (In real life, I was never late to homeroom. However, my homeroom was also my math class, which I was stressed about because I don't know if I got into the advanced class...long story.) So, I was the only person in the hallway, and someone from my class had to come out and get me. When I arrived in the room, my fifth-grade teacher was there (whom I had seen recently) and standing up, discussing the fire with us. What does this dream mean, and why did Amish people appear out of nowhere?

Example: My Dream About Cats and Amish People?

In my dream I was touring some old Amish guys house. Apparently, they leveled up for age and each level they would wear different clothes. So their was this white cat who was sad that it couldn't level up. It went outside and then came back in a little bit bigger with black stripes. Later in the dream, near a thorn bush I saw a chubby white cat with thorns in it. It was the offspring of the striped cat. I took some of the torns off.

What does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I have dreamed that my ex-suitor (my suitor before.. he'd courted me a year ago) and I were like holding hands. We're not talking but just smiling at each other. We're at a place I really don't know. It's like a park or something.

In real life, my ex-suitor is courting another girl now. But I heard that he still likes me and wants to court me again. (that's what his friends say)

What does my dream mean?
and how do you interpret dreams?

Example: Can someone please tell me what this dream could mean?

Alright so I had a dream that I was at school waiting for the bus at the bus pad, and all of the sudden one of the busses blew up with one of the lunch ladys in it. There was another lady trying to get her out, but I couldnt make out who she was. Then the dream switched to my grandmas house, were I saw my sister and her husband on my grandmas deck and somehow there car got up there, and there car set on fire like the busses did. Then the next thing was still at my grandmas but there was a limo and the people go inside of it, and the limo driver accidently tripped and the girl wasnt paying attention and shut the door on his head! :o next a cow came by and started eating his head ! The lady realized she shut the door on him, then a narrorator came on and said she had to use this thing that looked like a peeler, to pull some of his skin off where the cow bit him, so it wouldnt get infected. The last thing I saw before I woke up was me dressed up like an amish person and I was pulling the skin off the human faces, but they had cow bodies! I seriously have no idea why I had this dream. I dont even own a cow.. I usually never have dreams like this.. :b can someone help?

Example: What did this dream mean?

Alright last night I had a weird dream I dreamt that I was kidnapped by this man and woman and forced to work on this farm they abused me at on point they pushed me into a room and told me to go to sleep I got up and searched through a closest I found a condom and a cellphone I called my dad and that's all I remember

Example: How to get intouch with the Amish?

I want to write to them, to explain how I love their life style and how they inspire me and one day I wish to join them.
But is there any way to do this?
Where would I write to?

website links, anything will help.

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