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Dream About American People meanings

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Example: What do u think the American Dream Means?

what do you think the "American Dream" means or what does it mean to you? answers can be as small as a sentence or as big as a couple paragraphs. thanx :)

I think the American Dream can mean many different things for people. We will all have different dreams besides the usual one you have read above. My American Dream is this: The freedom to pursue your own happiness and success and the freedom to be who you want to be.

Example: What does arguing with people in dreams mean?

rabbit shoes beetles

Example: Native American Seer Dream..Meaning?

I had a strange dream about a week ago, here's what I remember, I'm not gonna go explaining extreme detail like what color of a shirt I was wearing.. but ill give you what I can :)

It was the most realistic, vivid dream I've had yet. I think I was astral projecting/traveling. I was standing in my driveway & kept hoping from place to place. Everytime I did, i would wake up but fall back into the same dream like something was calling me. I have NEVER continued the same dream before. At one point, I saw a Transparent shadow of myself... Then I felt this "pop" and snapped into the transparent body I was looking at... It was odd while I was still at that place, I saw a native America lady in her 20's she was dressed up wearing fancy brads, long dress long black hair. But the old man on her right was even more dressed up. He was slightly behind her & sorta dimming at times looking like you could stick a hand through his head if you wanted :/ I mean... Their were other people behind them almost completely transparent. But the lady looked human. What she said should've scared me I guess...
She said "You are a Seer." .. " You must stop the prophecy's to come."
She didn't say how, or give more info.

Their were also 4 Transformers (Auto-bots) in a small half circle around in front of my garage. They looled at the lady when she spoke. From left to right their was Bumblebee, Optimus, IronHide, & one other I didn't know. I don't think ill forget that dream any time soon.when I kept jumping from spot to spot,I made a half circle, the Native Americans & transformers made up the rest. I moved around about 6-7 Times.

The other day, I all if a sudden heard voices in my head & got random flashes of pictures like a slide show. But half of my brain wad trying to block it out so I couldn't pay attention. How do I stop my brain from blocking it out? I was reading when it happened. What does it all mean?
Am I going crazy?
Am I a Seer?
How do I stop blocking out the prophecy's

Example: Anybody over the age of 50: What does the American Dream mean to you?

In my English class, we are reading the Great Gatsby and we are assigned to ask someone what the American Dream means to them.
Also, do you think this is still the America people used to dream about? Explain.

Thanks in advance!

Example: What did the American Dream mean for people in America?


Example: "Southern California, where the American Dream came too true.” meaning?

Example: I keep dreaming about black people. (african americans)?

What is the deal?

Example: What is your American Dream?

An American Dream means different to all people.What does it mean to you?

Example: What is meant by 'the American Dream'?

for florida assignment

Example: What does the American dream mean 2 u?

if u say success what is your definition of success

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