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Dream About Alley meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream meaning?

Hey guys, I had a dream that I was walking alone in a park and a wolf came up to me and started rubbing against me and walking with me. Then one of my enemies appeared who used to bother me in real life and try to start fights, the wolf ran after him and attacked him. Does this mean anything?...

Wolves are considered a powerful animal totem. It symbolizes keen awareness and his alley is suppose to be the light of the moon. The wolf is a pathfinder as well a teacher,and it is said if one approaches you within a dream you may have what they call,wolf medicine. He can be an ally as well,protector. In your dream,the wolf protected you from one who you feel is your enemy. Which may be saying the wolf is an ally for you within life.~*

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream I was on a school bus then I got off by my house but the second time I didnt get off by my house but by some alley because I missed my stop then I run but instead of running to my house I ran and got back on the bus then I went all the way to the back of the bus and sat next to this girl and she was talking about me and how I missed my stop like kinda of bulling me about it. But im not in school anymore so what could this dream mean. Lately I had bad feelings about being in college and hating it could this have something to do with it. Please serious answers.

Example: What does this greek dream mean...?

In my dream I am walking down a dark alley... I see a Hades with a bone staff.
He says,"Come with me." But then he disappears and I see midnight blue eyes whispering,"Do not trust the one you love or you shall fail."

What does this mean...

Example: What does this horrible dream mean?

I'm having a recurring dream where a white blonde girl who is running down an alley by herself haves several horrible things happen to her. When I first started dreaming about her, she was just being attacked, terribly abused, brutally beat up by people who were invisible but you knew they were there. Then, worse things began to happen to her like being cut in half then looking at herself with all the bones showing and finally blown into evenly cut halves. What does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

i had a dream last night that my girlfriend and i were walking in this dark alley road. There was dirty water and snakes. so we walked through it but the snakes didn't do anything to me but one bite her on the finger. and when we got home she laid down and i noticed that she had a temperature and her heart was beating fast, so we rushed her to the hospital

Example: What do my dreams mean?

1st dream i was shot in the throat
2nd dream i was getting raped

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream where in my POV, it was my birthday, but my sister and her friends took over the scene and took my giant birthday cake. They later proceeded to kill me in an alley with knives. I became a ghost and I watched over my sister, who lived on with her life as if nothing happened. My mother and my father had no opinions about anything. Does this mean anything?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Well in the dream I was walking down an alley way and I remember the sun was HUGE and bright and I looked up to it and I fainted and woke up in a cell full of dogs who were all doing some kind of task, like one was sweeping the floor and another was making a bed but then a cat in a suit came up to the cell door, unlocked it and then the cell collapsed and fell down a cliff then the cat in the suit shot me in the back of the head and I fell down the cliff into a red sea? what does this mean?

Example: The meaning of this dream?

I was running down an alley a guy right behind me running after me. when I get near a car I open the door get in about to close it but he stands in front takes out a gun about to shoot me so I close my eyes. Then again I m running at about 3rd time this repeating. I figure out that when he is going to shoot me I back at running down the alley again with him behind me.

Example: Any ideas what this dream means?

For the last several years Ihave the dreams where i'm "garbage picking". I'll walk down an alley close to my house and I look at peoples garbage. It's not garbage in the conventinal way but things I find interesting. for example old books, china, good wood furniture, or paintings. what do you think this means

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