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Dream About Alcohol meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

i had a dream that someone was making buy alchohol 4 some1 in the shop beside my nanys house! and i kept refusin but they got more agressive because i wouldnt! and any time the shop owner gave me the alchohol i would smash the bottle on the ground! i never bought or took the alcohol ! i kept refusin! and then i woke up! what on earth could that dream mean? please help..=) X

No one can interpret your dreams or tell you what they mean. Only you can do this. Never mind those who say they can tell you what your dream "means." It only means something to YOU because you give it your personal meaning.

Don’t bother with dream books, dream dictionaries, internet sites that tell you to look for codes or symbols or hidden mysteries in dreams. Dreams do not contain such things. Dreams are straightforward, just like your waking thoughts.

There is always a purpose to a dream. Everything that human beings think, feel, or do has a purpose. It is part of what Dr. Alfred Adler called "the psychology of use."

Dreams don't come to you from outside yourself, nor do they arise from your "subconscious." Once you become aware of having a dream, it’s conscious. You make your dreams up. You create them, just as you create your thoughts.

The purpose of your dreams while you are asleep is the same as the purpose of your thoughts while you are awake. That is, to solve your problems.

Figure out the purpose of a dream and you have its meaning. Dreams are thoughts while you sleep, attempting to solve your problems.

Example: What does my dream mean ...?

in my dream, i was younger than i was now
(by a couple years, im 18 now so like 16 id say),
i was with this guy i used to (still do i guess) have a crush on.
he never liked me growing up, but in my dream he did.

(hes in jail now by the way; wrong place, wrong time,
he also dated my older sister who is 21.)

we were in high school school (im graduated by the way),
in the halls,
running around and laughing and having fun.

we were drinking alcohol
and i fed him a candy from a dish,
but he didnt like it.

then we went into a dark room (janitors closet?) and kissed.

during this whole dream, one of my good friends (a girl, who is a lesbien) was there,
she was following us around, she wanted to hang out with us, but we ignored her.

and thats it.
and i tryed to stay asleep, but i couldnt...

Example: Nightmare about alcohol meaning?

I have different dreams every night, but lately they all incorporate one element, which is alcohol. I start to get this thought in the back of my head that I should go buy some vodka, or red wine, but when I try, I can't, so this invisible entity goes out and gets it for me. Apparently, the vodka is for my friends, so I don't touch it (even though I want a sip), and the wine is for me.

At this point, I have the choice to either have a glass, or throw it all away, but whatever I choose, my hand can never reach the full glass (which the entity has to fill for me, because I can't do it myself), or the bottle. I keep getting held back by this random guy who tells me that the entity is using wine to trap me, and that if I even touch the bottle to throw it out, the invisible person will have me. I listen to him, because he appears in a lot of my dreams to warn me about things, but I can't stop my body from trying to move in that direction, so I'm essentially stuck in one place until I wake up, and it starts to feel like things are grabbing at the air around me (although, they can't get me, because I'm being protected).

I found this dream odd, not just because it is reoccurring, but because I don't drink, and I don't feel like I want to (although, I have in the past). Does anybody knows what it means? Is there any meaning? Is my subconscious trying to tell me something?

Example: I dreamed buying all kinds of cakes and alcohols.one brand of alcohol is fleet.what does it mean?

Example: Is there a meaning behind my dream?

Last night I had a dream that I was abandoned at the shopping centre and I found a girl. I don't actually know who she is but I seemed to in the dream. She looked about 12 years old with light brown hair and brown eyes. We were in the mall when we were about to take something to check out (it was a cake) this woman wouldn't let us and told us it was closing time and we had to leave. We pretended to agree and waited til she walked off before we ran towards the exit with the cake and found, oddly enough, a bottle of bailey's irish cream in the milk section. We grabbed it and took it with us for some unknown reason before running to the exit. Someone, I don't know who, was following us before we ran through a bunch of random shops that aren't usually at the mall but were. So we ran around trying to avoid them before suddenly my dream just skips and we're outside in the dark in the parking lot waiting for someone to pick us up, apparently it was her parents. It skipped from there and just went to me at home with the alcohol and I gave it to my dad because I "was out too late". What the hell is up with that? :S

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that we were having a party. There was only people that I haven't talked to in a long time, besides my dad. My dad was a just a little drunk. He sat on the couch and all of the sudden he started stuttering so bad! He was trying to tell me to change the channel on the TV & to let me cousin borrow the laptop. I knew what he meant without him finishing his sentences; he couldn't finish them. And then he started making these involuntary jerking movements with his face & his eyes wide open. He was on cocaine or crack; a lot of it obviously. He was doing the exact same things my uncles do when they are drunk & on cocaine, except my dad was more exaggerating.

This dream scared the crap out of me. My dad doesn't do cocaine; I know this for a fact. First of all he's fat lol. He gets drug tested at work regularly. When he gets drunk he's down, not hyper, like my uncles. So what might this dream have meant?

Thank You

Example: Dream about alcohol. Meaning?

I dreamt I was tearing my house a part looking for a bottle of vodka.

I know I have a ton of issues and a self destructive personality.
But in real life I don't drink. I'm too young.

Example: What does alcohol mean in a dream?

ive done some searching on the internet and all ive found is some negative meanings. however there was nothing negative in my dream. the dream involved me going to school, where im in the culinary arts program. we run a restaurant there. now obviously a bunch of high school kids cant be getting drunk at school, but for some reason next to the coffee makers there was a keg and about ten bottles of liquor. the teacher was wasted, the students were wasted, the customers were wasted. and everything was going great. even better than normal. on fridays in real life we sometimes get to take home the food we didnt sell that week. in the dream, we got to bring home alcohol. carry it on the bus and everything. it was like alcohol became even more legal than it already is. well, i grabbed a case of beer and a bottle of liquor, then got on the bus where the bus driver was also wasted. not to mention all the other drivers on the road and all the kids on the bus. we made it safely home, where i walked down the street with my beer and liquor, passing drunk cops on the way. i got to a house that i dont recognize from real life, yet all my friends from the past and present were there getting drunk. people i wouldnt have even remembered in my conscious thought. the night was good, we all had fun, and i had this girl hitting on me the whole night. the mood of the dream was great, i was having a blast. i dont know how i could feel so happy in a dream and then look up the meaning and find nothing but negative meanings.

Example: What does drinking alcohol in a dream mean?

theres a guy that i love hes my bestfriend and we both love eachother as u no like bf and gf but were like on and off relationship and hes mostly like a bro 2 me but anywayssssss i had a dream that he was drinking alcohol in a religous place and he does drink alcohol and i tell him 2 stopp but he doesnt and i haventtalked 2 him in like 3 months and sometimes he lies and says he didnt drink when i no he does...in my religon drinking alcohol isnt allowed and the religous place is like a chruch...what does that dream mean?should i stay away from him?

Example: What does alcohol mean in a dream?

i always dream that the guy i am dating is wasted blackout drunk and doesnt remember me when i call him. interpretation dictionaries say its cause i am unhappy? but i am not unhappy...

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