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Dream About Airplane Crash meanings

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Example: What does it mean if I dream about airplane crashes?

I don't have them that often, but I've had at least 10 or more dreams about watching a airplane close by crashing. When I watch videos of planes crashing, it's like a nightmare to me watching it. Does this mean I might possibly die in an airplane crash!?!?

Air plane crash means some disappointment.Failure in efforts.You may fail in what you are doing.Or at least u fear that u may not succeed in your efforts.Lack of confidence implied.Build up confidence,think positively.

Example: What does this reoccuring plane crash dream mean?

I've been having a reoccuring dream for years about plane crashes. In my dreams a plane always crashes into my house or into my backyard. I or any of my family members are never hurt but, it's pretty scary. There are usually different scenerios surriounding the main plot but, every time the plane crashes near my house. It's usually a commerical air liner... well, once it was carrying the Colts football team.
What does this mean?

Example: Plane crash dreams meaning?

i have had a dream of a plane crashing right by my house, over and over again for like a year now. it happens about 2 times a month, but the plane never seems to hit my house. i had this dream again last night.. and i am getting kind of bored and scared of them..

Example: What does my dream mean? An airplane crashed, lightning, earthquake..?

There were two parts
First part: I was standing in my balcony and I saw a plane falling from the sky. It was going to hit my house but it suddenly turned and hit across the street, two houses down. There were no survivers and I even saw it on the news.

Second part: The next day I had 3 people over (they are aquaintences but for some reason we were friends in my dream). We were talking in my dining room. I was talking about the plane crash (showed them a video on youtube of the disaster). Suddenly. lightning struck my house and there was an earthquake. We were running out the house, and I realized I left my dog inside. I woke up.

It felt so scary and real, I had to ask myself if a plane really crashed.

Example: What does it mean to dream about an airplane crash?

Last night I had a dream that an airplane was flying & it got really low. & crashed into the other side of my neighborhood the crash shook my house. I went in the backyard & saw one of the wings. So I decided to drive over there. I got into the plane & there were people who were injured. Im a student athletic trainer so I decided to help them get out of the plane & save their lives what does this mean? & ive never flown in an airplane before.

Example: I always dream airplanes crashing, what does that mean?

I often dream planes crashing right in front of me or near me, and I really wanna know what this means!

Example: What does my dream about an airplane crash mean?

Ok. Long story short. I'm going through a very sad breakup. In my case, I had very little say and my ex husband called for a separation and claims to not be happy with me or in love with me. It was so out of nowhere and devastating for me. I keep praying that he will change his ways and not throw away everything we've built. Through the breakup, he has been very manipulative and even leading me on sexually and it's been really messing with my head. I've been very sad, pushing away friends and family. He has been out of the home and seems to forgot about me.

Last night, I had a very vivid dream about a plane crash. I was in an office building and it was by an airport and I saw other planes taking off, but this particular plane was "sketchy" and it crashed right in front of me in the building next door. Right before my office building got on fire, I quickly ran and left with not even a scratch. I ran as fast as I could. I stopped and looked back to see the building is fully on fire and people running out on fire. I was quite surprised that I had made it out safe and sound.

Example: What does it mean when you dream about a plane crash?

In my first dream I was a traveling in an airplane and it crashed into the ground and exploded. I also had another dream I was in a passenger in someone's car and the driver crashed into my neighbor's house. Can anyone please explain the meaning of these dreams? Thanks

Example: What does a dream about an airplane crash does mean?

This is a dream that I had this morning, 4/10/10, about an hour before I woke up. Since it doesn't happen to often, the first thing it came to my mind was that somewhere on the planet it really happened. I checked the morning news and I found out that a Polish airplane crashed.
I had other dreams with airplane crashes or other catastrophes like earthquakes, tsunamis that were confirmed by the news after I woke up. Maybe there are coincidences , maybe not

Example: Dream:airplane crash meaning?

In my dream I saw that I am at the roof of the building. Suddenly there was an aeroplane which comes from somewhere and was going to crash earlier it was far...but then...it starting moving in a zigzag manner ...I thought I would die but instead of crashing on roof it crashed somewhere near but our roof caught fire...I woke up then...

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