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Dream About Actor,Actress meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I had dream that i'm an actress but does it mean?

last night, i had a dream that i was taking my grandmother to do an audition in the movie the exorcist 3
and she was going to be a 12 year old girl.. but then the director saw me and said "this is the girl that i want it to be in the exorcist 3" so i was going to act in the movie.. all i remember is that i went to the room where actors change clothes and i was trying to choose the right clothes! what does this mean

It means that you dream of being an actress so go and make your dream come true ^^

Example: I mostly dreamed about a popular t.v actors and actresses..what does my dream means about?

pls. give me a nice answer.tnx

Example: What does it mean if u dream one of your favourite actors/actresses comes to your house and visits w/you?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was sitting in my music class, my crush is next to me.she leans back to pull up her pants a little, and i see right down her shirt. Then she yell "Hey this little perv was looking down my shirt." I think quickly and say "no i wasnt i was looking at the...clock"So i get sent to the office. Later i run into her brother i tell him i was falsely accused(even though i wasn't)of looking down her shirt.He laughs and said "Well that's quite a pickle youre in huh?" Then i see her parents walking fast in anger up to me. For some reason her mom looked exactly like lois in malcom in the middle. I cower in a corner because she scared the bloody crap out of me. She slapped me and said
"what do you know about my daughter." I said "born on march 21 1995" she slaps me again and then i wake up. What does this dream mean.

please don't say dont be a perv

Example: Really weird dream mean something?

I dreamt that me and Burt Reynolds fell into a lake but I woke up so I had to drag the unconscious Burt Reynolds to shore and then he woke up. But instead of thanking me he was really mean to me and start beating my thighs with a stick...

What does that mean?

((Btw, I've only seen Burt Reynolds on TV once and I barely remembered what he looked like until last night... weird.)

Example: What does it mean if you dream of an actor?

i had TWO nights of dreaming of the same actor. I did watch a movie right before i went to bed so maybe thats why? and i always like smile or laugh when i look at there pictures or go back and watch the same show over again just to see them

Example: What does a dream mean if it has your favorite actress in it again?

it was a another strange dream. this is the second time my favorite actress in it. Was it stress or what?

Example: What does a dream mean if it has your favorite actress in it?

is it stress or not? is was not a nightmare dream, it was a strange dream

Example: All aspiring actors and actresses... What is your dream role?

Mine would be both Mimi Marquez from Rent and Carmen Jones played by Dorothy Dandridge. I like playing the vixen and seductress. Its so far off from the real me though.

Example: What does it mean to see an actor in your dreams?

I have had a couple dreams with Josh Hutcherson in them.
In both of them he was my friend. & he is around my age (in real life).
Some times I have dreams of different actors too.
And I have wanted to be an actress for 2 years.

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