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Dream About Account meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

Hey, so i recently had a dream I was dating this guy, he was a PERFECT boyfriend it was Jamie Oliver the famous cook, but he was named after another Jamie at my school.
Anyway in the dream not a lot was going on just normal relationship, kissing. hugging. etc but it's almost like its a relationship i have always wanted
what does this dream mean?
please help. thank you <3 xxxx

Dream analysis is very unreliable.
Dream analysis as a school of thought varies drastically depending on your own ideas of human behavior and life itself.

there is a biological component to dreams which i tend to advertise and accounts for a majority of the explanation for having dreams. this view suggests that dreams occur as a result of our brain activity occurring in a closed system, which means that our brain continues to send and receive messages and activity while we sleep. however, our brain is 'told' not to do anything with that information, which is why we feel like we want to walk or do things physically in our dream, but we feel that we can not. as a result of the closed system of how dreams occur, the activity and message still occur and travel in the brain, in the process the brain activity triggers or activities different parts of the brain that 'store' and surface different emotions and images as a result of the closed system. then we in return try to make sense of the different emotions and images which would very well be just a series of random emotions and images that were triggered/ surfaced during our sleeping process. however, we thrive and are comforted by order, structure, meaning, and cohesion; otherwise we would be left with chaos. so we try to 'tie it all together' and make sense out of our dreams.
however, here is where it gets interesting. the content of what we dream about is shown to be affected but the thoughts and information we were thinking about or 'bothered' by just before we go to sleep that night. partly because sleeping is primarily responsible for information storage and memory where our short-term memory is 'placed' into our long-term memory while we sleep, as well as recuperating our Neurotransmitters, hormones, and repairing of the body, which is why our bodies/ brains resorts to dreaming everyday. which is also why people who do not sleep and greatly disrupt their sleep will begin to hallucinate, because the body is not recuperating and repairing itself.

However,the dreams we tends to remember focus on our worries and anxieties and negative, yet we dream every night, it is just that we do not remember all our dreams unless we are motivated to; hence negative dreams being reported more than positive dreams.

another factor for the content of our dreams is that our worries, or anxieties, tend to bias our dreams for different reasons. and we tend to give more attention to negative emotions and dreams rather then balance it with other variables and sound reasoning.

it seems that you already have some insight into your dreams already

well that is just my understanding of dreams, do not forget that balancing the factors in our decision making process is vital vs. being biased by negative emotions or events which tend to get more attention during the decision making process.

i hope that helps a little bit, basically i want to demystify dreams, as people value them out of proportion.
by saying dreams have a collective and consistent meaning from person to person would imply a Jungian concept to consciousness where he believed that consciousness was inherited and shared collective through our genetic coding.otherwise there would be no means or mechanism in place to ensure that a "chair or a pole" in your dreams would have the same meaning in someone else's dream who lives in Ghana.

also,dreams are best recalled within the first 15 mts after waking up as well as being easier to remember when they have a negative impact on our sleeping experience, which is not fair but we do it anyway.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was at a hockey tournament in Florida. I met this girl, maybe a year younger than me. I talked to her a bit, and followed her around at the rink for a while. She yelled at me, then I left. I was really sad. I think I ended up talking to her again. I can remember absolutley everything about her. What does this dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean...?

My friend, Joe, just got back from Iraq and some of his close buddies died. He just recently had a dream that one of his friends was a sniper and killed Joe. The friend didn't say anything to him, just simply killed him. The only other information is that, the sniper incident is the exact same way that his friend died.

Could anyone tell me what this could mean? Both Joe and I are trying to figure it out because we know there has to be some meaning behind the dream.

I hope this makes sense...if you have any questions,just ask and I will respond.

Example: Dreams ?

Why do we have dreams?.. Do they mean anything

Example: Please help me with my dream. what does it mean? ps on sisters account?

okay i'm on my sisters account well last night i had this dream that i was wearing super short shorts which i would ever do and all of allover my thighs were scared like i had cut them with a razor and i have never cu myself before it was all black and white and i was standing in front of my bro and he said "so well sis you cut yourself you should be come emo" and then it froze like a picture and faded away. what does it mean

Example: Recurring dream meaning?

Ok so they say that recurring dreams have meaning and the more vivid it is the more important its message is. so, for my entire life for about 3 nights out of one week of the year (rough estimate) i have a dream about a giant summer camp with a shoalin temple and haveing to escape it and finding a camp of ewoks (kinda) that live in like tree huts but have super advanced thecnology. WTF? why would have that dream so much and what would it mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

A while ago I had a dream and it was one of those that feels very real so that when you wake up you're really disorientated and it takes you a long time to realise that you're back in the real world again. It made me feel really strange afterwards.

I dreamt that me and my cousin were being chased through a city, it looked like Masyaf or somewhere similar back in roughly 1000AD. The chasers were shooting arrows at us and narrowly missing. My cousin and I ducked into a house to escape them but they were closing in on us and there was nowhere left for us to hide. We lay on the floor with our hands over our heads waiting to be killed, but we weren't. When I looked up there was a man standing in front of us, protecting us. He leapt in front of the arrows and was killed. My cousin and I were saved, and then I woke up.

I know what you're all going to say when you read this, but, even though there was no evidence for it I knew that the man that saved us was Jesus.

I'm not religious in any way, I never have been. I'm not against religion and feel that if people need something to believe in then as long as it doesn't harm anyone and they don't push it on me, it's fine, but I don't personally believe in any 'higher power'.

So, any idea what it means?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream last night and I woke up and looked in the mirror and I had extremely bad acne! It was all over my cheeks. I don't have. acne in reality and I nevet did so it was scary. I just want to know what this means. No stupid answers please thanks!

Example: What this dream possibly means?

Hello there, i had a relationship for 7 years, and we broke up after he cheated on me with that other woman, which she is 9 years older than him.

He never talked to me again, (we broke up a year ago) since then.

Last night in my dream i saw my ex, on an operation table, and his life was in danger. Then i saw my self on the operation table next to him, and the doctors were removing something from me, to put on him, they did and he lived. I was alive too after the operation over.

What this possibly means? will appreciated any help guys.


Example: What could this strange dream mean?

So, in my dream I was participating in a writing workshop, and we had sent our stories (I don't know where) in order to receive a little present. So, I get there, and the teacher says "Guess who the winners are!"...and so, I am # 3 and my present is...a Bible. With baby pictures in it! Every page had beautiful smiling babies...it was really weird. I was happy an dall, but the Bible with babies...what do you think it means?
Anyway...just curious xD
Have a nice day!

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