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Dream About Abstaining From Reply meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Can you tell me what's this dream meant?

so last night i had a dream, a weird and vivid one. it's been a long time since i had dreams, so for this to happen so suddenly...

in my dream i am with my lil sister (9 years old) who lived far away from me in real life, and we're running away from people clad in black, they hunt us and our friends (i recall there are 5 of em) for some unknown reason. all i know is i should run. and in that dream we have a device that allows us to hear someone who i assume our leader. he tell us directions and where to run to.

in that dream i was with my first love but then somehow we're seperated. and then we're instructed to go to bus station and buy a ticket to get away from the pursuer that is hot on our tail. we reach the bus station and i yelled at the girl on the counter but she said she can't help me cuz her shift is over. the pursuer catch up with us but he sees us surrounded with innocent people and he backs away with an angry face.

then we met our friends at a place that i assumed is a headquarter. we learn the reason why those black suited guys hunted us down (i can't remember that part) and somehow that makes us turn against each other.

i tried so hard to protect my sister, but i ended up watching my first love dies in front of my eyes. blood spurting out of his slitted throat.

then i felt myself falling..

i dunno if this dream is just a leftover of my imagination when i read the hunger games the night before, or it really is mean something :/

Dreams have no hard and fast rules to interpret. The human mind is a complex of flesh and blood having millions of thoughts stored in it which it consciously forget. It is, thus, just a wave of mind on the given day which comes on the surface of mind on some particular day . Dream has limited hidden meanings. Normally,dreams depict the desires, important or remote events and anxiety or stress event. So the same can be interpreted in this perspective better by the dreaming person himself .The bookish replies cannot be pasted on human minds
Normally , repressed love or sex desires are seen in ex, crush, bf, stranger man or woman dreams and stress and insecurity in nightmares, spiders, Zombies, snakes ,ghosts or alike factors but there is nothing to be worried. Pregnancy dreams means, u are scared to be or want to be preggo or if pregoo fear to lose baby, as per the facts of each case. It is for the time being reaction of mind in the given circumstance having no necessary impact. At the most a message of sub conscience to do or abstain to do some thing relevant to life May Lord keep all of us in peace and best of luck x

Example: What did this dream mean?

I had this overcoming feeling to go outside of my house I get out of my garage and it is dark, I see a fire burning. I dance around it and then a rope descends from heaven with a light around it. I then see another light come from heaven. This time a man is in it and a genderless voice says cut the rope. I cut the rope and both of those lights disappear and a huge light bursts from the sky and I see a shape start to take form i am completely calm and the voice told me not to be afraid and then I woke up. I mean I was just napping but that dream was so vivid and real.

Example: What do these dreams mean?

Okay heres a list of weird dreams I had and I was wondering what they mean.

1. Punky Brewster getting a pet turtle.
2. I got the nook color.
3. I had a sleep over with Laverne and Shirley.
4. I had a sleep over with Mary Ann and Ginger from Gilligan's island
5. A lesbian dream about Lucy. Yes, THAT Lucy. The one who's husband sings babaloo.
6. I was playing with my aunt's cat.
7. I went back to the 80's (I was never in the 80's by the way. I was born in 1997)

Example: Does my dream mean anything?

So I had a dream where a bipolar girl was on a video chat website, like chatroulette, and she met a strange guy. The guy made her laugh, cry, and he scared her. When she was laughing, he pulled out a gun & said in the creepiest way possible, 'Veronica, look over here!' & She started crying. Then he shot himself. I don't know anyone named Veronica. Do you have any idea what this dream means?

Example: Help! what does my dreams mean..?

my friend Has been having a very strange, re-accruing dream. Anyone like to guess what it means?
Me as a kid is living in my Pa's house(not alive anymore) with my mum and dad, just us three. And every night something bad happens. Example - the house is set on fire, the house gets robbed and one night someone through Vase's at the house and mum and dad just stood there and watched.
That's pretty much all I remember, would be interesting to hear your ideas...

Example: What does this dream mean?

My girlfriend believes her birthday is cursed, for the last seven years without fail something bad has happened (like someone is in the hospital bad). We haven't been dating long but we've known each other forever. I told her that all that is in the past and I will make sure of it, insisting that even though she doesn't celebrate her birthday, she doesn't need to worry anymore. I've been insisting we'll beat this "birthday curse" this year and we will celebrate, anyway here's the question. She tells me she had this dream last night where I was insisting on getting her something nice and she didn't want me to, so we ended up in a huge argument. What could this mean and what do you think this means about her feelings regarding it?

Example: What does it mean to dream of an afghan dog?

I had a dream that as I was walking past 4 girls leaving a car of loud music that had no roof, they parked the car and still had the music playing and roof open. As I turn the corner of the street block i enter a dark alley and see a stray dog approaching me. The most beautiful Afghan dog with long thick smooth flat iron salon fresh strawberry colored hair. It apprached me barking then happily licked me. Its like we instantly made friends within that one second.

What does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean in Islam?

I saw the Kaaba in my dream and I touched the black stone at Masjid Al Haram I was Alone and it was at night and i felt a weird blackout sensation when i touched the stone and it felt like i was not in a dream. What does this dream mean? Please reply I will report all bad answers

Example: What does it mean when someone gives you their home address and cellphone number in a dream?

I dreamt that my late mom and alive bro was in the house with me, and my mom told me that someone called, it was a girl that had a crush on me way back in the day. We don't have any contact or seen each other for many years now. I never heard the phone ring in the dream, and it's weird coz i was in the house too, but they never gave the phone to me. So the next scene was my mom told me that that girl left her home address and her cel number, and my bro wrote it down. I want to ask for the note but in the dream my bro and i don't speak to each other. (we were feuding in real life as well). So i never knew the number and address. So now, i was told that that girl was asking me to pick her up at home. As to why and where is the destination, i don't know. I even felt puzzled and irritated in the dream, since we're not even close and she's asking a weird favor. Then the next scene was an unknown male character that handed me a cellphone, and he told me that he texted the girl already on my behalf, and that she replied already after several messages. The message that i read had a smiley face, and i think she was asking me what's up. A weird pic message also popped up with my name on it, but i forgot what is the pic. The cellphone was a nokia 3210 if i'm not mistaken. Weird isn't it? Can anyone tell me what my dream is trying to say?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I have a lot of snake dreams, and they're really weird. I looked up the meaning of snakes in dreams on the internet but they didn't really seem to apply to them.

In one of the dreams, I was in school and my friends and I had to get to this building on the other side of the campus. So we were walking down these stairs (the stairs were kind of weird too, cause they were on the wrong side of the school) and we saw these two giant snakes. And since we didn't want to get eaten alive, we decided to walk around the stairs (I don't know why we walked around the stairs, but it felt like it made a lot of sense in the dream) and this giant T-Rex (like duh, T-Rex's are gigantic) came up and ate the snakes ... I don't remember what happened next ...But it really confused me a lot

And the latest dream I had, this was two days ago I think. We were at this house which we believed to be ours (but it wasn't, it didn't look anything like my house) and we were with this carpenter who was a friend of the family or something ... I don't remember how he looks like, but he wasn't anyone I knew ... so he was more like a friend stranger. And we had to go to this other house in the opposite lot, which also happened to be ours, and it was where the carpenter/friend/stranger guy worked. So we went in the first house to get to the second one. When we went in, there was this giant snake under the couch, and the carpenter guy took a knife and killed it, he cut the head in three. So we got away safely. When we got to the other house, these group of people came from a van that came out of nowhere and killed the carpenter/friend/stranger guy because he owed them something. The the carpenter/friend/stranger guy was left in the other lot. And we were really quiet on the other side, even when we saw it cause we were afraid that they were gonna come after us too. Then my dad came home and the guys who killed the carpenter guy magically ended up on our side of the lot and they shot my dad. But I did this dance thing (it was like in Avatar The Last Airbender, it was kind of weird) and my dad was revived. And I kicked the butts of the murder people.

Yeah, so what bothered me was that this was like the third time I dreamed that my dad died. And this was the second time he came back alive. The first time was that we were going to ride on a bus, but some guys shot him (again with the shooting!) and the second time was when we were on a plane and some terrorists shot him. But after he came back on a 'Saturday' and that he would come back again the next 'Saturday'. I don't know why it's Saturday in the dream. But that's what happened.


Thanks for any help. I'd really appreciate it!

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