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Dream About Aborigine meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had this dream last night where I was going to my first elementary school's playground with all of my family members and all of my closest friends. Me and my parents got up onto the high up jungle gym and they turned me around and pushed me off of it. When I looked down there was a big ocean with alligators waiting to eat me. While I was falling, I saw some of the memories i've had throughout my life and then I got eaten.
What does this mean?

I may not understand what is required in an open question, but here is what I think your dream meant: This dream is clearly a dream of transformation. There are still vestiges of ancient rituals in which dramas very much like that of your dream were acted out. They celebrated the coming of age of a child. With certain so called primitive peoples such rituals are still strong today. There is one for girls that have begun to menstruate. This involves ritual (pretend) killing of the girl that is no more a girl, but a woman able to bear children. The ritual will always take place with all the women of the clan involved.

Interesting is to see that some fairy stories hark back to such rituals. Red Ridinghood is one of them. There the little girl who had brought cakes to granny was swallowed by the wolf. It was a wolf because the ritual that inspired this story was happening in a land where there were wolves. The swallowing of the girl meant that she was dying to her childhood and that she would emerge from the wolf’s belly as a menstruating woman which is signalled by the red hood. In Egypt such transformations took place inside a crocodile with the same result.

Your own dream ritual is closely associated with the ancient Egyptian one which may be because you live in a country where crocodiles figure strongly in people’s mind or that crocs for you inspire fear. Fear is actually part of this ritual for no one likes to die, not even to childhood.

The whole dream is a modern scenario for such a transformation. It takes you back to your primary school to show you clearly that the passing of childhood is a stake.

What I find extraordinarily interesting is that the centre of the ritual is the JUNGLE gym. Even though this steel structure of this play ground equipment is as far removed from the jungle as can be, its name nevertheless takes you back to a time of a totally natural and unspoilt life. That it has to end is shown in a rather uncompromising manner by TURNING you around and then pushing you off. The very phrasing your dream employs shows that you have reached a point in life where there is a TURNING POINT.

Since we all resist growing up and fear the impending responsibilities the dream has to resort to force which is exercised by your parents which in the ancient rituals were the elders of the tribe. They symbolise the relentless onwards march of life. It stops for no one and in that regard your parents represent the innate aging process of life.

The OCEAN below is an icon for the beginning of life. As you may know Darwin said that life began in the ocean as a tiny amoeba. What Darwin said was of course only a projection of what is happening in the human context. Our women carry the water of life or the amniotic fluid where we first swim as fishlike creatures. Since you have already been born the falling into the ocean signals a kind of REBIRTH, which in your case may well be 'being born' into a grown up woman replacing the child.

What I found utterly astonishing is the surfacing of childhood memories while you were falling. This is actually something that does happen to some people when they are in the grips of the fear of death. Some say that their whole life had rewound itself in fine details. Thus for you this ritual dying has been made quite realistic, but then some rituals among unspoilt peoples like the Aborigines of Australia were not short of real bloodletting.

These people for instance had a common initiation ritual where a young boy was ritually killed before he was made to a medicine man. In this ritual certain incisions into his body were made and then after a time he was declared to be dead. The women would weep as if they had actually lost one of their tribal members. And like in Red Ridinghood such a boy would then be kept in a dark cave that was the belly of a giant serpent where he was reborn to the status of a fully qualified medicine of whom it was said, after he had emerged from the darkness, that he no longer had to walk but now could fly from place to place.

Example: What do dreams mean to aborigines?

answers much appreciated!

Example: Dream question, alaska, murder, Aborigine?

just another one of my weird half awake dreams.

i was on a boat in alaska, but not for very long. i swam to a half rotted dock with ships all around it. I then was given a beautiful earring that was made out of many earrings by a half Aborigine half white child that loved me. i tried to wear it but it was very heavy. i tried to separate it into 2 earrings but it was so intricate that i lost interest quickly. there were many people everywhere.

then it starting feeling like my life was a movie in the dream however there was no set. the dock that i walked on connected to a large boat. i was then in a room and there were bags of designer clothes everywhere. there was more girls then just me in the room, however not as many people as there were outside. i insisted on taking one bag that had a grey suit in it. I wanted all of the bags but i for some reason kept the blah grey suit. all the other girls i tried to convince that other things would look better on them.

when i pulled out the bags from under a bench, there was a dead girl there that was wrapped in a rug. it was obvious she had been drowned. i called 911 and tried giving them details but they wouldnt send anyone out to help and kept telling me not to touch the body.

i somehow knew it was a murder. i ran out onto the dock and a really burly lumberjack that was short and fat slipped something like vials of powder into my pocket and said if you say anything about what you saw you'll be found guilty for the homicide. i kept following him around trying to flirt with him to find out more information.

then i woke up

Example: What does it mean if you can lucid dream?

I've been able to control my dreams ever since i was about 10. back then i could do it only once a month but now (14) i'm able to do it 3 out of 4 nights. Does that mean anything in particular?

Example: What does these dreams collectively mean?

So most people avoid talking to me because they think I'm ugly but lately I've been dreaming about the same guy every single night. This guy is extremely wealthy and there a 10 good looking gold diggers chasing after him.

I dreamt that he was testing me to see what I was doing with my life

Then I dreamt that me and Adam went to his barn and we were both doing farming.

He tried to test me to see what I would do if I had a lot of money, because he wanted to know whether or not I was trustworthy, so he took me to a very large sale place and told me to select any piece of furniture that I wanted and whatever I picked, he would buy multiple copies of the same thing and line them up in a row... and I selected a pale light colored bluish green cube that looked slightly like lavender... (it was more blue than green)

Another time I dreamt that I was giving people gifts because that was how I made a living. My gifts were mundane, quantifiable and boring, then I accidentally gave a gift to an extremely rich and powerful millionaire who was pretending to be a poor pauper, and he returned the favor and repaid me by changing my life forever with his superior power and ability. He had greatness of 4 people combined, and he had the strength of a dozen more...

Example: When will there be an Aborigine Prime Minister of Australia?

I say this because there are now Aborigines quite high up the social scale in Australia, Doctors, Professors etc, learned men. I mean who would have believed there would be a black US President less than 150 years after the abolition of slavery and less than 50 years after the famous ' I have a dream' speech by Martin Luther King Jnr.

Example: What does the Dreamtime mean to the Aborigines of Australia?

Example: What does it mean to dream of a tree of flesh?

A couple of nights ago, I had a realistic nightmare of being in this red, black and white forest.
At the centre of this forest, there was a deap, black tree that was made up of deadwood, bones from humans ans animals, flesh, meat hooks, nooses, etc. Etc.
This nightmare has haunted me for the past few days and I can't get this horrific vision out of my head.
Was it just a nightmare, or was it something deeper than that?

Example: Which sociological event might have taken place in the Aborigine society for it to have the highest evolved?

connection with dreaming, incorporated in their mythology? I am asking this along the theory that dreams and myths are psychologically, sociologically, cosmologically and metaphysically related. In comparison, Morpheus was not much important in Ancient Greece.

Example: What is a good argument that I can write about concerning lucid dreaming?

By lucid dreaming, I mean the event in which a person is aware that they are dreaming and has the ability to control it. I want to write an essay on it. Thanks.

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