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Dream About Aboriginal People meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I used to have a crush on my first day in school, but know i don't have a crush on him...Then suddenly i dream of him and we kissed, it was a long kiss. but my best friend has a crush on him and if i tell her about my dream maybe she'll go crazy so what does this dream mean? me and the guy are friends now. and i don't have a crush on him anymore, at least i don't think so...

The press asked Indian Mistic OSHO


"It is true. One has to understand why one dreams.
One dreams because there are unfulfilled moments, repressed desires, things that you wanted to do, but could not because of the society, because of the culture, because of the religion. Animals don't dream. Primitive people don't dream. I have come across aboriginal tribes in India which are still living five thousand years before-they don't dream. More a man becomes repressed, civilized, starts repressing his nature and projecting a certain personality which is respectable, then there are dreams.
Dreams are simply to help you. What you could not do in your waking hours, you can do in your sleep. They are a kind of substitute. That's why Sigmund Freud and his school of psychoanalysis was so much interested in your dreams. They were not interested what you think in the day. That is all hypocrisy. What they were interested was what you dream in the night, because that will give them the clue of the true person.

But a Sigmund Freud will be absolutely amazed if he meets me. Because I never leave anything incomplete. I do only what I want to do, irrespective of any consequences. I don't care about respectability. I don't care about what others think of me. I simply live my life. And because I live so intensely and totally that there is nothing residual* that can create the dreams. Dreams are your unlived life.

You can try a simple experiment. One day fast, and in the night you will have dreams of eating good and* very delicious food. Fasting created a dream about food. In the day repress your sexual desire and in the night you will have a sexual dream.
Freud's interest was very correct. To know about you exactly your dreams have to be known. Once your dreams are known, then you can be helped to become more natural, less repressive. And what are the points in your life where you have been denying yourself, sacrificing yourself, either in the name of the country, or in the name of religion?

I have never sacrificed anything. I have never done anything against myself. Whatever I want to say I say; whatever I want to do I do. I have never followed anybody; I have never taken anybody's advice. I have a very innocent, primitive, simple life. That's why there are no dreams." - Osho

OSHO: Dreams are your unlived life

Example: Do you think this dream has any meaning to it?

A couple of times already, I've had this dream where I'm at my summerhouse in Pennsylvania and I'm walking around my community. I'm cold, sick, and wearing hardly anything (don't think like that >=/). All the trees are dead and there are all these people that I don't know who seem to be cannibals or just strange people who belong to some bizarre cult. Can this have some sort of meaning to it or is it just a bunch of bologna? Thank you to all who answer. :]

Example: What seems to be the first culture of people that can be credited with interpreting their dreams?

How is this historically proven?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was in the back of the car, and while we're moving away from the school, , I saw the full moon rise over the horizon. I continued to stare at it in amazement until we finally got home. Then that same night I went to our rooftop, and looked at the stars. I saw the Pleiades (a star cluster in the constellation Taurus, if you don't know) clearly, as in I can see each star separately

Example: What is the Aboriginal "Dream Time"?

Example: I keep having dreams about the moon what dose this mean?

Okay some r like full moons eclipse and red moon I call it bloody moon and this really weird moon it was so weird it was like 3 pieces is that a real moon it was like in pieces but close together but in the middle was dark and they wear some what do these
Mean it's really creepy and I'm really into the numbers 8 and 11 ppm say dose r magical numbers

Example: Could blind people dream?

Example: What did the aboriginal people think about the structure and origin of the earth?

pease answer

Example: Why is the dreaming important to aboriginal culture?

i only need a short answer maybe 5-6 sentences. thanks

Example: What is aboriginal dreamtime?

I'm doing an assignment and I need to explain what aboriginal dreamtime is, and what is means to the aboriginal people.

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