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Dream About Abode meanings

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Example: Why does this dream mean?

I am a perfectly rational, intelligent person with an I.Q. that is higher tha most surgeons... and my dad has convinced my entire family along with all my doctors, psychologists, and friends that I'm mentally retarded and mentally ill... My family agrees that I'm mentally ill because I don't care what other people think of me.. To them it is scientifically impossible for a human being to not care what other people think of me...

Well my dad has blocked me from getting an education in university, turned all my relatives against me, left me out of the will and he has power of attorney over me too so that I can't be independent or move out of the house away from them... I act like I'm 10 years younger than my age because my parents abused me so much and messed up my mind.. I've gone 6 years without any friends...

God came to me in a dream and told me that even though my parents ruined my career they would not be able to destroy my life, as long as I was seeking the Lord and finding my fulfillment in him.

Basically I dreamt that I was being pursued by these superhuman beings and hid in a hotel room where they couldn't touch me or affect me.

Sometimes God allows incredibly wrong evil things to occur in our lives so that we draw on His strength, knowledge and wisdom. You are in a unique position here. One that I have been myself. With no one to depend or rely on, no friends or family, He can consume you and then when/if you get to the other side...you are safe. Safer than many even like to believe they are. No man can harm you the soul or His Spirit that abides with you. They can harm the body...even the mind but He can heal you. Every knows that even though scars are ugly...they are stronger than the flesh they hold together. I think your dream is reassuring you that though you maybe struggling with strife, alienation, and other demons...you are in Him and He is in you. You can be comforted.

Romans 8:38-39 (King James Version)

38For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,

39Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

PS. Every single Hotel Room that I know of...has the same thing in common. A King James Bible in the bedside table drawer. Hint Hint Wink Wink Nudge Nudge

Example: What does my dream mean?

What does my dream mean?
It first started with a party (it was a pool party), and my friend brought in a rabbit. She said I could keep it. It drowned in the pool, and my friend brought it up, since she knew how to swim. Then,

I was walking next to an open field, one next to the sea, with wire fences. In the field, there were all sorts of animals.The field was not green, it was a darker green and it looked like nobody came to water it and cut it. The sun and the water from rains is all it needed to survive on.

I started at the very botton of the open field, next to the sea. There was aligators and crocodiles. I slowly asecnded up, and three quaters I saw elephants, lions, and hippos. When I finally reached the end of the large field, I saw tortoises (the old, big ones), rhinos, and giraffes.

Somehow, at the end of a field, I found myself in a local bus, with my classmates from last year. The person in front of me had two new people by his side. I saw sitting with my best friend. She said something that offended me, and I stood up, and stepped off of the bus. I asked the bus driver to get off, and he let me.

Oh, and right after I stepped out of the bus, I saw 2 ostritches in an small intersection. I remember the place I stopped off being sort of like a desert, like the mexican abode towns. It was all pink, and dusty.

The is a reacurring dream. What does this dream mean?

This dream keeps on happening, what does it mean?

Example: What do white eyes mean in dream ?

So there were these guys ( shirtless, with muscles) that were all white, with flashing white eyes. I assumed they were aliens because of their eye/skin color. The leader was going to kill another alien, but it's advisor(?) whispered in it's ear," But he's gay." The leader looked at the gay alien with this 'look', so I guess he was gay too.

I'm REALLY confused :(

Example: What does my Dream mean?

I have a dream where im a cop and i arrest a man. i bring him into a room kinda like in a detective movie. i put my gun into my holster to handcuff him the moment i grab his hands he reaches for my gun pulls it out and he brings the gun behind his head and points it at my throat, than he shoots me. and i end up dying in the dream and i dont wake up automatically. ive had this dream 2 nights in a row. also, i feel pain in my throat when i get shot and after my dream. any ideas?

Example: What does my dream mean? (New rooms?)?

I often have a dream of being in my house, or my old house and finding a new room. The room and location is different in every dream though. Once there was a secret room behind a closet at my old house, another time I dreamed my dad built like 5 new rooms on the back of my house and they weren't ordinary rooms. One was a flashy movie theater, another looked like an old fashoned 50's diner, along with other crazy rooms. Another time I dreamed I had a huge bedroom that was all redone and well pretty amazing. So do these new rooms in my dreams mean anything?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt that I was on vacation with 3 or 4 people from my church and there were two people there. A a man in his early 30's and a girl in her early 20's. The girl was very beautiful and I believe the man was attracted to her but he would never date her because to date somebody that young would be equal to taking advantage of them. In my dream they were hanging out in this black abode where it was all night and no light. The abode had tremendous height and tremendous depth but the man and woman were standing on middle ground where it was neither high or deep.

I think the dream is talking about the potential between the two of them.

Example: Any idea what this dream might mean?

Had a dream my teacher held my hands on the wall then shot every fingertip through to the wall with a nail gun, making my hands stuck to wall. He said he wouldn't stop unless I cried or killed this actor.. I wouldn't do either so the whole dream was my fingertips nailed to the wall.

Any idea what that means? I have holes in my fingertips in almost every dream, sometimes because something in the dream caused them, and other times they're just there.

Example: What does this dream mean?

(No rude comments please.)
Okay so last year, I had these dreams about a guy before I actually met him. So the dream was we were in a dim room, and he looked beautiful. He handed me this delicate, perfect but simple white rose (I THINK it matched my dress). When he laid it across my hand, it started dripping with blood, and these black things started shooting out of it and embraced my hand, and eventually my arm, and slowly made its way up. Then I woke up. Several months later, I met the guy, and was in immediate fear of him. It was when he was in line, and there was a large gap between him and the person in front of him. I was trying not to stare at him, but it was impossible to look away. When he finally caught my eye, I reluctantly said, "You on line?" He looked at me for a moment, as if trying to memorize my face, and then finally said, "You can go...(my name). I mumbled "Thanks". When I walked away, I was like "WTF? How did he know my name?" I comepletely forgot about the dream as my fear began to fade away. Now this year, I have some classes with him. He stares at me a lot, and he started off the year rude to me. He looks my way a lot. He'll sometimes go out of his way to look at me. I have lots of dreams about him, but they're nothing like that first one. They either don't make sense or is just something I wish would happen. But often they're just his face. But he stares at a lot of girls, though, so I don't know if the staring means anything. But he listens to my convos and says one pickup line over and over that he knows that annoys me. Then he started saying it to my close friends in front of me, then looks at me to see my reaction. I think I have some sort of connection with him, like I can tell what he's thinking, and the next moment he responds to that foreign thought that pops into my head, which I think is his. Yes, I think I may be losing it. And whenever he stands close to me, I seem to automatically adjust my body position to suit his, and he does the same. I think I've fallen in love with him, because I also have silly love symptoms, like his smile, or the way his laugh sounds, or the fact that he's almost always on my mind, and a yearning to see him. But one part of me is trying to push him aside, that hopeless, desperate, and depressed part that knows that he has no interest in me, and that every sign he's shown means nothing, is purely coincidental or in my head. My eyes sting and my insides feel like they're going to collapse, and my breathing becomes ragged and painful when that part takes over me.
What should I do?

Example: What does my dream means?

Jesus and heaven in my dreams

Dear Friends

Sometimes you go through such an experience or dreams that you wished it was real and you would have not woke up from that dream. I had such a brilliant experience in my dream that I started hating to be alive. Few years back, I was in india visiting my relatives. I tried few hotels but could not get a room so I had no option left but to go in a cheap small size newly built hotel in bombay and so I rented a room there.

I went to sleep about 1.a.m. and what I saw in my dream was such a thrilling experience that i still could not forget it after so many years and so I would like to share it with all the readers so you can also share the happiness and gratifying moment of it. I saw myself wandering with an old man who seems to be over 100 years of age with a white beard hanging down till his stomach. He was taking me around a big green lash garden which does not seems to have an ending corner. There were trees with hanging fruits and vegetables and some fruits and vegetables were so new to me that i was sure i have not seen or eaten them before. I ask the old man about a round hanging fruit (something similar to apple but with a very bright yellow color and very soft) if i could eat it and he handed me over that fruit and when I ate that , I still can't forget the sweetness and taste of it after so many years. It had a taste of something which I have never tasted in this world.

After eating that I started feeling thirsty and I requested that old man that if i can have a glass of water. He was shocked to hear the word water and he said there is no such thing as water here and if we feel thirsty we drink from running fountains that are connected with river and he took me to one of the fountain and the fountain was continuous ly running with some thing flowing out of it and it was just like milk. The old man told me that we all drink this milk when we are thirsty and the milk i drank from the fountain was so sweet and gratifying that i thought my thirst has ended for ever and now i would never feel thirsty again. Then wandering we reached a river which was full of white milk flowing instead of the water and the other thing was the mermaids all around the river . They were half body of beautiful girls around 16 to 18 years and half of the body of fish with such beautiful and pretty colors like rainbow colors.

We went a few steps more, and I saw a bunch of kids around a tall man and it seems to me that the man was bending down and giving hugs to the kids. As he heard some kids whispering about us standing at the back, the man stand straight up and i was shocked . The first word that came on my lips was Jesus . He had that curly ash blonde hair and french cut beard. He raised his hand to me as if saying hello to me and I was double confirmed that it was jesus because on his palm I saw the cross sign carved by making holes on his hand like if nails have been used to carved that cross. I asked the old man about jesus and he just smiled and said that you know him. I asked what was he doing with the kids and he told me that he was arranging for the places for kids where the kids can create their own private spaces and live in that assigned places because the heaven does not have an end and so the kids are all the time scattered around and when God want to talk to them it is difficult to gathered them together.

OH ; so that was heaven i was visiting and that shocking word made me fully awake in the world and I was literally crying when I woke up because that place was so good and i never missed anyone from the world and was feeling that it was the place where I belong to and this is the wrong place I have come to . im sure that no priest or relegious person may have seen heaven so clearly or have eaten the heaven fruits and have drank the heaven milk nor they have seen jesus alive with a distance of two feet. the best thing about this dream is that after so many years i still remember it

I went directly down to the reception to find out if something unusual have happened in this hotel or if somebody have seen something . It was early morning around 6 a.m. and the hotel people didn't know anything about it but one of the waiter by name of Rajesh who was like 55 years old man told me that he was working there since the hotel was built and the only thing he knows about it was that on that land it was an old graveyard where the hotel was built and the graveyard was so old that the relatives of the dead people might have also died and nobody knew about it. He told that this was told by his grandmothe r who also died 3 years back.

I was in shocked for few days and after two days we moved from there because the room was too small and I was with my mother . We got a reply from the other hotel and we moved there which had a big room on the terrace.

After that visit I came back to Pakistan and day and night started analyzing that dream of what me

Example: What does my dream mean?

i orderd 20 pizzas and 20 hot wings to my ex boyfriends house as revenge the ladey on the phone said it would cost 250$ i orderd it becuse i wanted him to pay for breaking my heart then three days later i had a dream that he text me and told me that im going to san antonio texas jail then i woke up shaking what do you think my dream means

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