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Dream Examples

Example: What does a color orange shirt mean in a dream?

guys i got so freaked out in this dream i was layng on my couch and my mother was scaring me but she was so mad at me i dont know why i got so freaked out she was warring orange and i could not take eyes of that shirt that color scares me she came up to me and bit me what does the color orange mean in a dream guys becauze i dont know that color in a dream scares me only my mother was warring orange but i got up and start moving my hands i dont know i haved some kind of spiritual powers and i was pulling my family towerd me like you know god pulls you over to him whit powers but my family where telling me to stop it was really scared dream then my dad sayd i got more powers then you and he pulled me and i lost my powers i got so scared guys the main thing is why orange its apparing in my dream all the time please help

It's a symbol of abject perversion.

Example: Dream involving Anarchy, Pure Anarchy WARNING; EXTREMILY LONG!?

Last night i dreamt i was involved in this madhouse grotesque scenario, description is as follows;

Dream begins (or at least my awareness of it) with me on the top floor of a residential building. Looking out from the window onto the street is a scene of what can only be described as pure anarchy - people are looting shops, fighting one another, fleeing, etc.

The conflict is also inside the building, from the vantage point i can see people entering the building and there are shouts from the bottom floor.

~ I am not alone. There is a companion alongside me, about the same age but of shorter build. He looks panicked, in the dream i also feel this sense of panic. Unanimously we decide that this is not a good place to be.

I take a look outside the door of the accommodation, already the rooms on the floor below are being ransacked. This is when the dream takes a nasty turn for the worse - exiting the flat, i look over the banister and see that there are blood stains on the window overlooking the street - the kind that is left behind when a person is dragged away from a window with blood dripping from their hands.

For some crazy *** reason, i decide the best way to get away from the place in the shortest possible time is to shoulder charge the window and try to escape quickly. I go first, my companion follows. I hit the street feet first, my companion lands face first and falls unconscious.

Rioters around me grab for my companion, one of them grabs him by the face and begins smashing his skull against the concrete. I don't see what the other rioters are doing to the rest of his body, but they are Very interested in his guts.

Already i feel like my imagination is running riot, completely out of my control.

Maybe i watch too many films, and i hope that would be the case.

But the dream isn't over.

Deciding there is nothing i can do for my on-the-spot comrade, i look up the street and see soldiers moving into position. I run towards them telling them not to shoot, that i mean no harm.

One of the men spots me, and pulls his side-arm, drawing a bead on my cranium. I snap off a quick salute for some reason and he returns it. His insignia marks him as a sergeant major.

There is another sergeant present, and the two quickly converse with one another outside of earshot. Immediately afterwards they take off, a wounded female soldier (whom i do not manage to see the rank of but assume is an officer) being supported by them both.

The other men begin to fall back behind cover, some taking advantage of a squat building that is in the centre of the street as elevated cover. I acknowledge this as a very worthy tactical decision and clamber up alongside. No one stops me.

Looking back down the street, i see that the "rioters" have lost interest in my friend and many (at least twenty, but not the entire group) are now moving up towards my position alongside the fighting men.

Others begin to take up position alongside me, armed with assault rifles. I think to myself that this is not hiding, that against the numbers coming towards us we stand no chance.

Another figure falls into place on the structure, a Captain.

One soldiers asks what to do, clearly in a state of abject terror. The captain mutters under his breath, and then orders a retreat, saying the words;

"We run, soldier.".

I find this a pleasing tactical decision, of course i am unable to share my approval of this as the dream ends.

Except the dream does not end in a typical fashion - it simply fades to black, and i'm left wondering what the hell is going on inside my head.

Any ideas, anyone?

Ideally, it would be helpful to simply say that i've been watching too many films.

I do have dreams like this often enough for me to say it's not unusual...

Example: What is causing these peculiar dreams and what could they possibly mean?

Last night I dreamed I went to Mandalay again which, in itself, is peculiar because I have never actually been to Mandalay before.

Throughout the night, I tossed and turned, seized by paroxysms of abject terror, while some spectral bint hounded the nocturnal wanderings of my fragile little mind.

What could this possibly mean and why would I have such a dream?

I went to bed, as normal, after a heavy meal of cheese (washed down with brandy) and my customary laudanum binge so no rational explanation that way lies.

Example: Why should americans help create civil rights for the mideast?

refer to 'a dream deferred' if u want, im about to write an essay just need some ideas or points to bring up, thanx!

Example: Please help with english poetry & dreams!?

Three Poems,

Poem #1 - "Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly. Hold fast to dreams for when dreams go, life is a barren field frozen with snow."

Poem #2 - "We shall not always plant while others reap the golden increment of bursting fruit, not always countenance, abject and mute that lesser men should hold their brothers cheap; not everlastingly while others sleep shall we beguile their limbs with mellow flute, not always bend to some more subtle brute; we were not made eternally to weep."

Poem #3 - "The night whose sable breast relieves the stark white stars is no less lovely being dark, and there are buds that cannot bloom at all in light, but crumple, piteous, and fall; so in the dark we hide the heart that bleeds, and wait, and tend our agonizing seeds."

A. What emotions are being expressed in the poems?
B. Point out language that brings the emotion across to the reader.
C. Have you ever felt a similar emotion? Describe the situation in a few words.
D. Why is it important for a person to have dreams?
E. What do you think happens to the dreamer when his dreams do not work out?

Example: Why are clothes brands sizes different?

Why can't they just all be the same . Arazonia pants I'm a 31X32 . Old navy 30X32, rue21 30X32 . American eagle outfitters 31X32. South Pole 34 ,

Example: Very, very strange dream. . .?

Last night I dreamt that I was in my house at my front door and there were three (or two) 'thugs'. They were over-sized REALLY BIG and almost caricature-like. My front door would open and I would run and try and close the door. But it was a massive effort, I mean I had my legs up on the wall pushing and pushing. But the three guys weren't trying very hard to open the door, they literally would stand there and it would open and all through the dream they just stood there. And while the dream was happening I could feel this abject sense of terror and fear in the pit of my belly. And I'm pretty sure I had this dream twice in one night.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I remember waking up up feeling very drowsy, but for some reason i feel very paranoid, i try to wake myself up away from this dream, but for some reason i can't breathe, move, or yell for help. i lay there unable to help myself or call for help, then all of a sudden, i start floating and spinning getting very dizzy, then i wake up only to find myself in the same position and i start this whole episode again and again, in waking up unable to move and yell, that it happens to me so much times that i give up in trying to wake up and help myself, so what does this mean? or is it just random?

Example: What was your dream last night. Mine was I got killed by that woman off Stay Alive?

Example: Dreamed of a Bear and Lost my Car?

I just woke up from a dream where I was in Walmart. I went out to get into my car and saw a bear in the front of Walmart. Everyone panicked and went to get in to whatever car they could find. There were children running, and people in a state of panic. I got into a white car that looks like a medical type vehicle. I sat there with some other women for a minute and then the bear couldn't be seen.

After a while I got out of the car and walked around looking for my car. I ran into an old childhood friend who was also looking for her car. Then I walked up to a booth that was selling bricks from my old house that I moved out of a few years ago after having to foreclose. The builder was there and I told him the house with terrible.

Then it began to rain, and my friends and I went into a store that was actually a movie set. There were a lot of young people there were in the movie and I said they were all dressed better than us. We went back out into the rain but we still couldn't find my car. What could this mean?

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