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Dream Examples

Example: What does this weird dream mean?

In my dream I was walking to my therapist's office (i dont get it) I saw a couple friends from my old highschool on my way there. inside the therapists office I told her about my moodswings then all of a sudden she turned into a guy who was trying to corrupt me by giving me a corona. the corona didnt bother me because im 21 but the forcing me to cuss, and beat kids was a little far because i am trying to be a christian and a teacher too.

That dream means you are crazy as $#!%. But seriously, much of it could be due to pressures you are feeling right now, whether internal (trying to be a good Christian, i.e. guilt feelings about something), or external (peer groups trying to influence you). The beating of little kids probably has something to do with being at the other end of the spectrum from your belief...something you would never do. So your subconcious brought it up because your concious mind abhors it.

Example: What does my dream mean?

k, so here it is.

me and my friend were walking around this fair thing in our town, and we were walking and we saw one of our teachers who was sitting on a bench. she looked up and saw us and my friend went and sat on the other side of the bench. we just stared talking about gay pride and stuff like that, then our teacher said "well at least we have you two hot dykes" to me and my friend. my friend didn't say anything, then i sat in between them on the bench and leaned over and said to our teacher " I haven't really told her yet." then our teacher said to my friend "so how do you feel" and my friend responded with " i really like you alot, and your beautiful, i love the time we spend together"

then it ended.

so if you could please tell me what this means, it would be greatly appreciated :]

and also, this teacher is young tall blond and and very pretty.

and my friend is very beautiful and shes the best thing in my depressing life right now

Example: What does it mean when i dream about an enemy?

I've had many dreams recently about a girl that I am no longer friendly with she lied about a bunch of stuff and I don't like liars so I don't like her anymore, we went from best friends to enemies and now I dream about her, they are always those real life dreams where they feel like memories and you only remember parts of it...

Here are my dreams...

1. (not real life) I got on bay 4 coach at school my enemy and a group of people were trying to stop the bus as it left and I stuck my middle finger up at her as we turned right off the coach park but the coach park appeared on the top of a hill with my enemy telling the group what I did to her the hill was covered in concrete slabs with a tunnel in the side with a calm clear river running through.

2. (real life) I saw my enemy and I was walking up the side of the astro turf at school going to the coach park my enemy was with one of my male friends and as I was walking up with a group of my best friends, we were laughing, my enemy hid behind my male friend as we walked past, and my other best friend was with her on the left about a meter away.

This is when I start to be mates with her...

3. (real life) At school in the doorway to my tutor room my enemy was a group captain picking people to go in her team like one other person was, the one person picked first then my enemy picked me, I was like Wtf but went to her anyway.

4. (real life) In tutor room, sat next to my enemy, her belly rumbled and I laughed with her then we were walking side by side by A2 and someone kept getting between us and I was forced to walk behind her.

Someone help I have a dream dictionary but it doesn't explain this!

Example: What do you think this dream means?

I always have a dream that I'm extremely late for something. It's always something important. For example, last night I dreamed I was getting ready for my graduate school commencement ceremony and I was so late and nothing was going right. It was either no stockings or I couldn't find the suit I planned to wear or someone was in the bathroom. I always have this dream and I absolutely abhor being late for anything. Being late is rude. Does anyone know how to interpret this dream? Thanks so much.

Example: What does it mean when you dream about someone?

This is the first or second time I've had a dream with this boy I like. The last time I think I just saw him and that was it. But this time we were sitting in desks in our math class and we were speaking to each other just a bit when the teacher would speak he would look at me from time to time and sometimes I would look him and he would look at me just staring at each other for a brief second What meaning does this have?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream last night that the hocus pocus witches dragged me to their home and preformed oral sex on me but I enjoyed it and I'm straight so what does it mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

okay so to let you know im a girl i do live in N.O. and have been dating my boyfriend Jorge for 4 and a half years. SO in my dream I am dating a girl and we are walking around the French Quarter in New Orleans and then all the sudden we look behind us and a huge tornado is coming so we start running from it and like 6 or 7 more land and are coming in all directions. So we find some house to run into and i run into the closet to hide and tell my girlfriend to come with me but she is talking on the phone and i am crying so when she finally gets in the closet we start hugging and i keep telling her how much i love her and dont want to die. then we wait in the closet till they tornado's pass and we get out and she acts like she has something to tell me and all i can think is that i hope she wants to break up and then i blurt out "if you dont love me its okay because i really want to be with Jorge" then i wake up... what the hell... i have never been with a girl and have no desire to be with one what does this dream mean...

Example: Does it mean anything to dream about another girl?

I had a dream last night about having sexual relations with another girl. I don't really know if in the dream I had real feelings for her, but I don't think so. It was one time in the dream and I didn't know who the other girl was in the dream. I am not a lesbian, and do not think I am bisexual, for I have never had any real feelings for another girl before.
Does my dream mean anything?

Example: What can my dream mean?

okay im 14 years old and i have a gf so yeah im lesbian . and every night i have dreams of me and her kissing and touching each other yea it sounds weird but its true andd we are also in a long distance relationship .

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream early this morning. I was sitting in my humanities class and i looked over to the left and saw this fine lightskinned guy. And i was like dangg he is hot and then class ended so i left and was headed back to my dorm. I noticed he was walking behind me and he came in and i guess he went to his room. I was like what in the world . Now mind you i live in a all girls dorm. So i was saying since when did they let guys live in our dorm and then it dawned on me . That guy was a girl. And i was so disappointed and i cursed then as i was reaching for my laptop. I got weak and i blacked out. when i woke up that guy which is a girl and some other dude looking girl was carrying me to an ambulance and i was trying to tell them to put me down and move away from me but i couldnt speak. I was trying to mutter the words but there was no sound coming out of my mouth and i tried to move away but i was to weak. I hadnt eaten that day apparently. Then before they could put me on the ambulance i blacked out again. I woke up and i was at the hospital and this doctor was in front of me. still weak i tried to tell her i needed my vitamins and i havent eaten all day but i was very hoarse and i dont think she understood what i was saying. She said i was gonna be ok soon and she gave me a shot and i was like wtf. Then this other doctor said she was gonna shave a bit of the hair on my head off and send it in for testing. I was like weirded out but i said ok. She got a few of my baby hairs in the front then she started scalping my head and she said i had some type of cancer and she was gonna donate all my hair to charity and she started cutting some of my hair off and I screamed my butt off then she stopped and just looked at me and i woke up.

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