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Dream About Abandonment meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

so i had this dream that i went to an amusement park with friends and my bestfriend . so i went on this ride with them and them i went once alone . and like the other time that my best friend went on she went alone . i was with my other friends at the time too . then later i recieved news that she had died on the ride . then later on i went on that ride alone and tried to figure out how she had died . but there i couldnt find it . i had to fear of riding it . all i remember was that i was really sad .i was shoked that she had died and i didnt and never expected it to happen to her . later on i time passed and someone told me that she was alive but she needed to recover. appearently something had happened on the ride when she went on it and it broke down and something happened but no one knew what had happend . i also rememeber that i really wanted to see her but i had to wait .
what does it mean . what does my dream mean ?.

Example: What Does My Strange Dream Mean?

Okay I have strange dreams but what do they mean?

Dream 1.

Im in a big car like a 4x4 and my mum gets out and the engine starts and sometimes the car goes backwards or forwards.But i cant drive the car and it gets really fast and i cant stoip it, Then usually my twin appears and helps me with the pedals and we get the car under control but then we go into a rural area on small roads and we get chased by a group of me in tophats,tux's,white gloves and white expressionless masks.But lately my twin doesnt turn up to helo me and im stuck in the car trying to control it.

Dream 2.

A voice tells me that the line (all i can see is a white or black blank with a line on it ) is my life and when the line is straight my life is good but when the line scribbles my life is bad and my whole dream consists of my line scribbling and me starting a new blank pge again and again

What do they mean?


Example: What does this dream mean? abandonment?

i just woke up from a nap - i dreamt that i heard through a friend that my ex-boyfriend was moving away and about to get on a plane. my immediate reation was PANIC and i had to call a friend to get his ph # (which i normally know very well) and tried to call him but no answer. my plan was to tell him i love him and not to go and that he could live w/ me and i would take care of him.

i read that traditional dream interpretations say that if you are the one being abandoned in your dream, it is a dream of the contrary and you may experience reconciliation.

is this true?

he broke up w/ me almost 2 months ago and i have never stopped wanting him back. after a few weeks of no contact he called me yesterday (i drunk dialed him the night before) and we spoke for about half an hour. i miss him and want him back! i feel we were meant to be together.

i had a psychic reading and she says we will get back together at the end of february.

Example: Dreams of abandonment? what does it mean?

I had a dream last night that really disturbed me.

>about me calling (hundreds of times, begging) my lover to see each other and he keeps making excuses for not seeing me.
>then i tell him i m not a little girl, i can handle the truth - he tells me he never really liked me, he actually thought i am OLDER?
>then i hang up and feel like my heart is crunching but i was calm.

Can anyone tell me is this some kind of sign or just a silly dream? is there something i need to do?
BTW in real life he is nothing like that - he is wonderful to me.
What to do? Thank you.

Example: Dreaming of abandonment?

I had a dream a couple nights ago, that I can't get off my mind.
I had a dream that someone started a rumour of some sort, and that none of my family members would believe me. I went to my mother because (in real life) she always believes me and trusts me. But she turned me away. Suddenly, my whole family was against me .. Saying how I was a burden, and that they didn't love me, I am a mistake .. etc.

What does/could this represent?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I remember my dream that I had last night very vividly but it had to do with me and my brothers girl friend going to a party and me being left there or something similar. What does it mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?! ?

I'm a 28 yr old woman. This may seem a bit gross but I had a dream that I was having sex with my father?! I know it sounds so crazy! But I'd like to know what it means when you dream like this.

Firstly, my dad passed away 5 years ago and I hardly met with him (he lived in a different country) since my mom and he got divorced when I was little, although he's always made the greatest effort to keep in touch with me via letters.

It was a dream of us having sex but in the end it was as if he was asking me to keep this a secret and the feeling was mutual. It was such an odd bizarre dream?!

Would anybody be able to interpret this?

Example: Weird Dream Meaning?

Ok so I had a dream that I was dating someone and we had a perfect relationship, but later in the dream they started to disappear (I started to forget their name, their contact in my phone disappeared, I couldn't find them anywhere, etc.) I'm not sure what this means?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Like i always dream i would be at school.i be hanging out with my friends and all of sudden they just leave and i can't ever seem to catch up with them.then some random guy shows up and he hold outs his hand i feel like its the devil or something.i keep having this same dream over and over

Example: Apples, pregnancy and abandonment in dreams?

I had a dream that someone was sitting on my bed, while I was laying down on it. I wasn't facing them so I didn't know who it was, but somehow I knew they were eating the green apple I have in my fridge. And I could tell they were enjoying it because they were smacking loudly...like almost in my ear (lol).

Then the other night, I had a dream that I was pregnant and it felt SO REAL. So real that when I touched my stomach, I could actually feel the baby and everything. (I'm not pregnant btw, and there's 0% possibility that I am lol)...

I also had another dream recently, where I was abandoned by a woman other than my mother whose care I was under. When I finally was reunited with her, she laughed the whole thing off but I was very shaken and scared.

What could these dreams mean?

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