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Dream About Abandoned House meanings

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Example: Lately ive dreamt of large houses. whats it mean?

Ive been dreaming of large houses lately, (ive had about 3) in my most recent one, i know my way to the outside very easliy, in the other 2, its as if i am just venturing off...in the second one, im walking around the house, when i get upstairs, everything seems abandoned, almost scary, a piano is covered and there is glass chandaler. in the thrid one, i follow this girl and she fits into this tiny door way (i felt surprised i went it so easily) it was a room filled with pink and blue (almost neon) she was a young kid, she had a tea party set and played with another friend...

whats this mean? whats with the houses?

Example: What does it mean to dream about scary houses?

So I had a dream where I moved into a small house with my boyfriend, the house was very old and it looked abandoned. I got this feeling where something terrible was in the house, but I never saw it. At one point I knew we had to leave the house before that 'something' would take over us.
I had to get my boyfriend out of there without telling him what was going on, because if that 'something' heard me something terrible would happen. But my boyfriend wouldn't leave and I could sense that he was slipping away slowly. I didn't want to leave without him so I did everything in my power to convince him to go outside.
That 'something' felt like a situation, a memory, nothing you could feel or see. In my dream I found out that the family that used to live in that house had been murdered, I wasn't sure whether they were actually murdered inside the house though. However I felt really trapped, we needed to leave but he just wouldn't! No matter what I did or said, he just sat there, staring into an open space.

What could this mean?

Example: Dreaming of haunted house...what does it mean?

I had a dream that I was traveling through an old semi-abandoned town and on the outskirts of town there was a huge, old, creepy, Victorian styled house. It was very dilapidated and had an ominous feeling about it...lots of events happened but the part that stuck in my mind was that I had to rescue some lost people I didn't know from the house because it had comatosed them somehow and they were just sitting inside the dark, empty house staring off into space. The house tried to change into a maze of doors and hallways to prevent me from escaping but I set fire to it with my Zippo and some old newspaper and I finally managed to get the people out safe and watch the house burn to the ground. It was a weird feeling. I don't remember seeing the people's faces or noticing their gender either.

Example: What does my house dream mean?

Okay, Ive been having weird dreams lately. They switch from one dream to the next, theres just one specific peice im curious about (the other parts have nothing to do with it). okay, so here we go:

Its just me and my friends (sometimes all guys, sometimes all girls) and were going to my house. There's like this weird route that we have to take to get to my house. its very dangerous and we go halfway by car and halfway by foot. When we reach my house, were on foot, on this cliff above my backyard. I then have to step down onto this little blanket thats hanging between two branches, and then step down to the ground. If theyre all girls with me, I flip over and fall to the ground. if theyre guys, they grab my hands and help me get down, and I dont fall. My house looks sorta like what youd see in movies, it looks like an abandoned house: Ivy all over the walls, the backyards dirty, the plants grow as if they were in the "wild". Thats usualy where it ends (or at least thats all I can remember). Anyone know what it means?

Example: What does dreaming of a large, empty house mean?

I've been having dreams (not necessarily the same one) where I am in a huge, empty house. The house is usually a little run-down and feels abandoned. It feels like I live there, but it is empty of not only people, but furniture as well.

Example: Recurring dream about an abandoned house?

i've been having recurring dreams of me finding an abandoned house in like a place with tons of green metal fences? and it's kind of like a maze and i was looking for my sister or my friend (it's different sometimes) and i find her on a shabby roof peeking through a dusty window. i jump onto the roof and the grass is cracked and i can see a porcelain doll with blonde hair and blue eyes.
my friend/sister and i start reminiscing about the house as if we've been there
and i wake up right after that every time.
but the events that happen before me finding the abandoned house were mostly groups of people in costumes, masks or something chasing me? i guess it's kind of freaky but i don't really remember being that scared maybe i was panicking.. what does this mean?

Example: Whats it mean if i dream about abandoned houses?

Example: Abandoned House Dreams?

I'm keeping a dream journal for a friend's psychology project, and I've started to notice a sort of unsettling trend. In every single one of these dreams-- and I mean every single one, there is some sort of abandoned house that plays a key role in the dream story. More often than not these houses are large-- definitely well over the line the mansion category, and extremely run-down. They're either so decrepit and full of fallen beams, floors, etc. that you can't enter them at all, or when you can enter, they're full of antiques that are interesting, yet so incredibly filthy that I have no initiative whatsoever to pick them up and examine them. I never want to even accidentally brush any objects, let alone consciously pick anything up. And curiously enough, last night's dream involved a house that appeared to be well-kept on the outside, yet was poorly finished and completely empty when I entered. Does anyone have any idea as to what these houses really mean?

Example: Dream about an abandoned house?

I have had 2 dreams recently about abandoned houses. From what I can remember they where possibly from the 1900's and had nobody living in them but were full of possessions. In them I explore the house and look in draws and cupboards. The house was slightly different in each.

From what I can gather a dream about a house is about ones self. So does this mean I am suddenly empty? Any help welcome. Thanks.

Example: I keep dreaming about Abandoned Houses... why?

I always have the same dreams about abandoned houses.. and they are always haunted and old

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