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Dream About Abalone Shell meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I have this reoccurring dream, what does this mean?

The dream I keep having is that I'm floating in space with this long white flowey dress (something like what an angel would wear) on. So I'm floating in space, no planets around, and I can actually see all the constellations (I'm very much into astrology) along with some I've never seen before. So I'm pretty much dancing gracefully and everytime I move, these peach rose petals (my favorite type of flower) appear out of nowhere and stir up around my feet and legs. After a while, some of the stars turn into small silver butterflies and fly around me. But I also see a big multicolored butterfly floating, not really flying, towards me. Each of its wings are about as big as a piece of printer paper and it has the colors of an abalone shell on it's wings. The butterfly lands on my right hand and just stays there flapping it's wings. After a while it flies off and the butterflies again become stars. That's usually when I wake up. What could this mean? I've had this dream about 5 times this month

that sounds like a fantastic dream! there are dream books available which give interpretations of specific things in dreams. i'm not too familiar with them to tell you what the flowers or floating means, but it seems that something inside of you is trying to tell you something! 5 times a month is remarkable!

get to the library and look for dream books asap!

dream-of.com is also a good place to look

Example: What is the porpoise of life? Give me your whale of an idea.?

Example: Can someone remember this song? Its from the 80's I think, and it's really stupid.?

All I can remember is it had something to do with fish/under the ocean... seems like it was about "freddy fish" or something like that. If anyone remembers the song or artist, it's driving me nuts!

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