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Dream About A Tyrant meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I dream that I'm translucent. What does that mean?

I sometimes have dreams that I'm being shot at, chased after, or beaten. When I try to fight back, my punches do not penetrate my opponent. It's hard to explain. When I start to throw my punch, my dream begins to go in slow motion and just when my hand is about to meet their face, my hand goes right through them, yet they can hit me and shoot me. It's so scary because I feel helpless and I can never get away from them. However, when I'm shot at, I get hurt and I lie on the ground unable to move, but I don't seem to ever die. It feels like my dream will only end if I die, but I never do. I struggle to wake up and I fear going to sleep again.

These dreams have begun to go away and occur less often, but I'd still like to know what they mean to figure out what may be causing them. What's your interpretation?

Dreams play a very important role in our well-being. It is during the rapid-eye movement (or R.E.M.) sleep that many complex metabolic functions take place that bring healing to our bodies and minds. This usually tales place between the hours of 3 and 5 A.M., and in this relatively short time we are made whole again and able to face another day.

The complex interaction between our dreaming and other metabolic functions is an emerging science, and may lead to breakthroughs in systemic illnesses; including psychosis, obesity, hypertension and many others. Your dream has created symbols that are unique to you (sorry….. dream symbol books are of little value) and this drama that has emerged into your conscious mind has an important tale to tell. You are wise to pursue the matter! Now, on to your dream:

Our unconscious mind sometimes gives a voice to our emotional state by the creation of a special persona; one that embodies all the things we are feeling during our waking life. I sense a woman who is very vulnerable to hurt and pain, but seems impotent to return this hurt to her accuser (or accusers) Hurtful words feel like bullets or fists, and a tyrant or control-freak can make us feel pursued and hunted.

These real-life tormentors are very close to you, and you are unable to leave the situation for various reasons, and unable to return fire. This is known as a double-bind, where the fight or flight response is frustrated, and can lead to physiological and emotional problems. This is a frequent cause of hypertension (high blood pressure).

Because you are not allowed to die in your dreams I sense you are a person of character, and unwilling to escape obligations and commitments you have taken on. Unfortunately, certain personality types use this honorable trait to their own advantage. Here is what your unconscious mind is telling you:

No matter what rationalization you are using to make it through the day, the deck is stacked against you, and action is required. You simply must find your voice and regain control of your life. As painful as this process might appear, continuing your life without positive change is not in your best interest. Best wishes to you.

Example: Quotes from midsummer nights dream?

okay so i have to do an essay about midsummer nights dream and i cant find any quotes for it. any help?
heres the question: pick three couples to analyze. whata does each couple seem to say about the nature of love by the way they meet, fall in love, fall out of love, etc? THe important question here is, Why does shakespeare show all of these different kinds of love happening in different ways? What does it all mean? my couples are Hippolyta and Theseus, Lysander and Hermia, and Oberon and Titania. PLEASE HELP THANKS!

Example: What does it mean to dream about a white tiger?

how the dream went:i was in an audience and the white tiger was being introduced.Then, he jumped off stage chasing everyone and went wild.But i just satyed in the same spot watching as he did that.what do you suppose this means?

Example: Vived dream what could it mean?

I found out I was pregnant and then found out I was having a baby, and I had a baby girl and I called her something beginning with D. I don’t remember the name, but it was an unusual name. I think it may have being Dora, Isadora. But I’m not sure.
And she grew up to be around two, and Alex was six, and we went on a holiday to Sydney, and we stayed at a hotel. And there were these two women, one old and one young (mother and daughter) and they were Russian and they were tisk tisking at me and I called them obscene names in front of my kids because they were just pissing me off so much. And then I found out I was going on a trip, which I seemed to have known all along. I was going overseas on a school trip, and I went to the airport after a lot of preparation with my friends. And it was an hour before the plane flight, and I realised I didn’t bring my passports with me, as they were back home in my room, which was really messy, and they were in a black folder that I used to keep al

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream, it was blurry, but i remember that i was in the city of Rapture (Bioshock) and this dude game me powers of electricity fire and etc.. (plasmids). I used the powers for only bad things like killing people so i ended up invading the world as a tyrant. But in the game, i did all the good things, is it my mind telling me what my true nature is? I don't know, can you help me? Thanks.

Example: What the hell does my dream mean?!?

i know that im afraid, afraid of a person, a male i think. afraid for my life almost. there were lots of people dressed in uniforms, blue uniforms. but there were a bunch of people in regular clothes, but those people were in trouble, they were intruders and the people in charge knew they were because they had on regular clothes. im panicing because im wearing regular clothes and im afraid of what he'll do. im crying and scared becuase i know hes going to do something awful to punish me. patrick appears out of no where and leads me to a room, there are people at desks and i think that theyre going to jump up and get me because of my clothes but they dont. there are boxes lined against the back of the room. the dorr of the room is open and outside walks the person i fear. i crouch down but he doesnt notice me. i quickly start searching through the boxes trying to find a uniform for me to wear. the person i fear is standing behind me. what are you doing, he asks almost as if he knows me, where is your uniform, an intruder took it i lie. then he leaves. i panic and search more for a uniform. patrick finds a shirt and i find the bottom, im about to put it on when someone yells, "get her", i know they mean me. i jump out a window and out side it looks like a mexican style house with dirty streets. im running and being chased. then i wake up.

Example: What does dream mean?

It was a dystopian future with Justin Beiber as a tyrant ruler of the world, which he ruled with a massive army of fan girls. They attempted to execute me because I disliked his music but I was rescued by Kyogre. I looked for other people who disliked his music but I only found a few because he liked to find and execute them. We decided to end his tyranny so we went and gathered supplies and pretended that it was a zombie invasion because his fans had the brainpower of a zombie. We eventually broke into his evil fortress of bad music and shot him from behind. The fortress tumbled down but I escaped and suddenly the sky was clearing, there was a rainbow, grass was growing, and I was about to happily explore this new world when I woke up. What did it mean?!

Example: What does this dream mean?

It was so scary.

It was so realistic; if it could happen in real life I would have thought it was real. The only reason I think it's not real, is because it wouldn't happen in real life.

So, it's through my eyes, I can't see myself. It's in the middle of the night. I'm looking at the wall next to my bed. Then I get this aerie feeling, like someone bad is next to my bed. Then I think to myself, wait am I dreaming? So I go to sit up, but I can't, something is holding me down. Then- this is the scary part- this...this thing, quickly comes next to me, and I can't see it like all the way, only out of the corner of my eye, because its holding me down to my pillow so my left ear is facing the ceiling. From what I saw, it was wearing a hood and it's face wasn't really a face, but like this decaying piece of rotten wood. So then- this is even scarier- it whispers something into my ear and its in another language. I don't remember exactly what it was but it kind of sounded like "hecta keta..."blah blah...something. The way it said it though was so scary, quiet but urgent.

So what does it mean, if anything. I'm still freaking out about it.

Example: Dreams of War?

What does it mean when you dream of war? What does it mean (in the dream) when you use a shard of glass to kill lots of people?

Example: Dream about being Enthroned as Pharaoh (king) of egypt. What does this mean? Do all dreams have meanings?

So in my dream Egypt was in war, and it's tyrant king was a horrible leader. So the army was on the battle field, and I was one of the soldiers, but weirdly enough, instead of fighting, I was being protected by other freakishly tall soldiers with humongous shields, and these shields were painted green. In the dream I was my normal size, but then one of the freakishly tall soldiers bent down and muttered something to me in a very deep voice, so much so that I could not understand what was being said. The second time he bent over to tell me something, he grabbed my hand and I suddenly became Just as tall and big as he (which was huge) The he spoke to me again and said that the king was dead and that I must take his place as king. Suddenly we were in a procession and I was bedecked in the finest of garments. As I was going up a fleet of stairs some one announced who I was to a middle aged fat lady and she kissed me twice on each cheek.

If dreams do have meanings then does this symbolize anything?

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