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Dream About A Small Drinking Cup meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamed that this creepy looking women gave me and this girl this creepy drink that was steaming hot. When the girl took a sip from it she dropped the cup fast and began hacking and gasping. She climbed up the stairs and was bleeding green blood out. Then she was melting to the ground and I couldn't move, and I was sure there was a logical explanation for this. *the woman told me to shut up and kept on talking*. She was gone and only green goo was left. Then these small monsters opened the door and began eating her. I yelled and a fly was on my head.

What does this mean?

dreams dont have meanings most of the time. sometimes its just something that you are thinking about. Dont worry, its not gonna happen :)

i'd be freaked out if it did (O.O)

Example: Dreaming about Fish?! What does my Dream mean?

ok so i had a really weird dream!

it has to do with Fishes

well first i was thirsty and i saw water in a clear cup so i drank it, after that i looked inside the cup and saw a clear small fish about the size of a index finger swimming around inside. I was so Disgusted! I tired throwing up the water, but it didn't work..

Then i put the cup on the table and all of a sudden i saw bigger fishes in the cup! the cup was bigger this time and the fish was the size of someones arm! it was a black fishes, kinda of grossed me out even more when i noticed that i had chewed up black fish in my mouth! I kept spitting it out in my hand! it was hand full! and there was still alot in my mouth! GROSS!

when it was all out of my mouth, i looked back at the cup. the lilttle clear fish was still swimming in the cup while 8 or 10 of the black fishes were trying to jump out of the water to me. i was so scared! it looked as if it was standing in the water like a human. then 4 or 5 actually jump out of the water! it fell to the carpet and start panting and die. more and more start jumping out after that too..

what does it mean? i thought it was weird...

Example: Dreams about insects?

hi there. I have had a few weird dreams about insects, two nights in a row. just wondering if anyone who knows anything about dreams can tell me if they are important/ mean anything? (i have never, to my knowledge, dreamed about insects before). Last night I dreamed that I was drinking out of a plastic cup with a lid and a straw and it tasted weird so I opened the lid and looked inside to find a giant cockroach. The night before that I dreamed that I was talking to some random guy and a bunch of spiders started to crawl out of his hair. Weird right? Any ideas?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I could use my own personal dream interpreter- I have vivid crazy dreams that I can remember every detail of at least once a week.
last night I dreamed that I had a very large house and was telling an acquaintance about how it had a full commercial kitchen. When we got to where the kitchen was, there were bars covering the opening and a bunch of angry wolves inside wanting to attack. I climbed up high and was sitting next to my husband, I reached over and was able to grab 2 knives and I remember giving my husband the smaller one since I knew that he could protect himself just as well with it since he would be better with a knife than I. Then the wolves attack but we get away. Now my big home has turned into a boat that is somehow containing the horse race track where my father would take me when I was younger. I find myself back at the kitchen and digging hand fulls of grease out of a deep fryer and separating out coins and dropping them in a cup.

Example: What does it mean when you dream about the bible(First time for me)!?

Hello a few months ago I had about dream about the bible and I want to know if it was god talking to me or if it was god giving me a vision in what is going to happen in the future... Well I have been in a lot of trouble my whole life but I still believed in god and Jesus and accepted him as my lord and savior but I was sinning like 24/7 every 5 seconds I would sin but every Sunday I still wen't to church and had a good time with my friends and family,but like I said a few months I had a dream about the bible and this was the first time I have ever had a dream about the bible but the dream was about Revelation Chapter 14 verse 6-13 and Revelation Chapter 15 verse 1-8 but this all took place in my hometown.Now in my dream Revelation Chapter 15 verse 1-8 happened first I was 13 in my dream and I was a cop I was at church and then I left went to CVS and when I walked into CVS all the United State's military showed up in front of CVS right as I walked into the store then another cop that was in the store with me walked out and said it's okay he's a federal agent.Then when I walked out the town looked like it was in a war like a Apocalypse has happened in the town and then I looked down and then I was a kid who was another cop who was 8 or well that's what he looked like and his partner was shot several times and I told the 8 year old to go home and I'll take care of him and then when I got done taking care of him he died,then I got up and started walking back to church. Then I was home after church me and my family was outside talking and then I saw something that was flying around my neighbors flag pole I said what's that and my brother in law said I don't know so me and him went over to the flag pole and when we got to the flag pole we saw 3 angels that said "God our king has sent us here with an eternal message to announce a message of Good news to ever living creature on earth Honor god and his greatness for the time has come for him to judge mankind worship him who made the heavens the earth and the waters and then the second one said Great Babylon has fallen and then the third one said in a VERY VERY VERY loud voice Whoever worships the beast and it's image and receives a mark on their forehead or on his hand will himself drink God's wine, the wine of his fury which he has poured at full strength into the cup of his anger.
What does this mean what it god talking to me or what it god showing me the future wanting me to change my ways?
Thank You For Reading :)

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that I left my house in the middle of the night without my parents knowing. My cousin and I went to a party. When I was walking there I put shopping bags on my shoes, which I took off when I got there. The party was in an ihop (we rented it out) There were these sample cups of alcohol everywhere. There were these table with pastries on them. There were also normal sized cups of alcohol on them. I was drinking a lot of the smaller cups, and a couple of the bigger cups. I remember I was drinking a lot of it that said cotton candy on a sign above it. I was walking around drinking a lot of the small cups. We were aloud to have the small cups but not the big ones, I would grab a big cup and run away. There was a tent inside of the building and I went inside of the tent and tried a sample of a drink. Above the drink it said "red" I liked it so I grabbed a big cup and tried to run away. An adult there yelled at me and told me I wasn't aloud to have that. I threw half of the cup (the liquid inside of it) on the table and walked away. A while afterwards, I went the pastry table and ate a piece of a brownie they had. I checked if my words were slurring to see if I was drunk. I couldn't tell if my words were slurring. I went over to another pastry table and there was a girl with her head through a hole in the table with her head in a cake. I asked her if she was okay. She told me she was supposed to be there, as part of a theme of the party, I said I thought she was just really drunk.

I'm 13 and I don't do drugs or drink or anything. My sister(14) sneaks out of the house and drinks. Just additional info

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night I had a dream...A big guy comes to my home. He says one of his friends has broken the law and my father will be the one to convict him. So he comes here to implore my father for mercy. Then my father discusses the matter with us and answers him it's impossible. But the guy continues entreating piteously. He even presents some gifts to my father. My father refuses him resolutely. Then the guy pours some cups of spirit and wants to have a dinner wtih us. My father still says no. He seems very sad and drinks those spirits in one breath. He appears a little drunk. My father worrys about him a little and says to me I should accompany him to the bus stop so that he could take a bus back home. But then my father changes his mind and says I should call a taxi for him and must pay the fare. So the big guy and I leave my home... On the way downstairs we meet my aunt, who is the wife of my mother's brother. She lives next door to us... Anyway what does this dream mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was in a hotel with my grade. My room had a humongous window that faced a city that looked a lot like the Capital in the Hunger Games (minus the people), but all the buildings were pure white with gold trimmings. Except for my grade, no one else was in the hotel. No staff, no manager, nothing.
The next day, I went out side the hotel and the weather was a breezy sunny day. I then noticed a very small thing bridge that connected the land that i was on to the "capital". I followed it and soon i was in the city.
No one was there. I entered a building and there, I found a very very dark room. Then, I saw monsters. They chased me out of the room, and I ran all the way back to the hotel.
The next day, half of the people were missing. I went downstairs of the hotel into the meeting room, where ten of my classmates were. One of them was my crush. I was talking to him and then the monsters appeared again.
Then I started crying and saying "Hide me" or "Protect me". (I forgot which one.)
He hid himself and I under a table and the whole time he was hugging me, telling me that everything was going to be all right.
Then he disappeared.
Only 1/4 of my grade was remaining now. The strange thing was that it seemed that I was the only one that noticed the absence of the many people.
The next day, I went back outside to the bridge. However, this time the city was far away, and the bridge broke off in the middle.
I followed the bridge to where it ended and there was a white boat waiting for me. I got on the boat and jumped, which made it topple over. I was flung into the air and began to fall into the sea. I then plummeted into the water and bobbed back up. I tried to get back onto the boat, but it flung me up again and I fell back into the sea. I gave up and swam back to the hotel.
I remember drinking a lot of water after that incident (like 7 or 8 cups.)
I then went to sleep.
The next day, only me and four other people remained.
Those people were finally able to notice that something was very wrong. We all moved into the same hotel room (cuz you know, safety in numbers.)
The weather was different too. It was now dark and ominous. It didn't look like regular storm clouds, in fact it looked like as if monsters were forming from the dark.
There was a pounding on the hotel room door and I looked around the room. Three people were gone and the only person left was my friend (in real life).
She walked to open the door, and she disappeared.
There was this humongous black mass at the door that began to enter the room.
I was then cornered.
Then what scared me happened next.
I heard the voice of my crush say, "It's going to be all right." and then I heard a bunch of screaming afterwards.
The black mass grabbed me and jumped out of the window (after smashing it) and took me with it back to the humongous black mist that was now right over the city.
While the black mist was flying to the bigger mass, I felt hands grab me and pull me into an embrace that felt exactly like my crush's hugs.
The whole time, his voice kept on saying, "It's all right. Everything's all right. I'll protect you."
We finally got to the mass and we flew inside the building that I first went in on my second dream night.
We flew into the darkness, and everything went black.

Can someone please interpret my dream?
For most of my dream for the past three weeks have involved water, and me going under it.
Nothing in my real life has really changed, except for my sleeping pattern. I only get 3 or 4 hours of sleep due to the amount of work.
Can my lack of sleep be creating the dreams of water?
Thanks :)

Example: What might this dream mean?

Last night, I had trouble sleeping. Normally, I sleep the entire night without ever waking. I made coffee and drank a couple of cups. I went back to bed and read a little. During the two hours that I slept before waking again, I seemed to have fallen fast into R.E.M., I dreamed about holding a golden snake by the head. It was a super long snake and somewhat thick. The body of the snake seemed to stretch beyond a sand dune distance behind me that I could not see over. I got the sense that someone else was holding the tail end; I never saw another person, but I could tell because the snake seemed like elastic as I walked forward with its head held in my right hand. It never struggled while I held it. The snake was more than golden. I don't remember the color of the eyes; they were white, maybe, but the body was the color of the gemstones that were exposed all over the desert that surrounded me. The sky was the color of the classic blue crayon. There were sapphires, rubies, emerald, opals, and gold jutting from mountains with plateaus; the same gems were also scattered across the sand. Along with the gems and the snake I was holding, there were other snakes of the same type in the area. They were smaller and less long. They were doing their own thing, just lying where they were, and didn't seem to notice I was even there. While holding the snake, I saw two similar snakes fighting each other. Neither seemed to be winning or losing, or hurting the other, but one was bigger than the other and both snakes had their fangs exposed, striking at each other but not connecting. Normally, being in an environment like this would have terrified me. I'm not a fan of snakes, but I do respect them because I know that tradition teaches us they are very powerful symbols. In the dream, however, I wasn't afraid at all. The last thing I remember about the dream before I woke was that the type of snake I was holding was called the Cuttlesnake. I've never heard of that type of snake before, so I googled it when I woke. The closest thing I found was reference to a cuttlefish. Any thoughts?

Example: What does a big empty mug mean in my dream?

The kitchen cupboard was open and I picked it up and i looked inside it was empty.

The mug was big.

It was lilac and a small amount of cream

what does this mean?

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