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Dream About A Place Near The Holy City Of Mecca meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Is it justified for Muslims to claim on holy place in Jerusalem over the flight of fantasy of Mohamed?

Temples of Jerusalum are the holiest place for Jews for centuries then out of blues come a non-jews prophet and made flight to heaven with more than the speed of light.He stoped in Jerusalam and then moved on.That is all the connections he had with this sacred place.It was 53 years latter, Abdul Malik made the Dome of Rock there .Now if any future prophet travel to heaven and stop in Mecca for a while, would muslims allow that would be prophet to construct his holy marks within Kabba,

I think that Islam is the chief religion of the land of Oz or perhaps Alice in Wonderland. They claim a lot of things that there probably is no evidence for so why not the holy temple site of my people the Jews.

The Muslims should wonder why they can't beat the Israelis in war. Why could they not drive out a few holocaust survivors from Europe in 1947, who came to eretz israel with their hopes and dreams and absolutely no military training. The people who beat the arab armies surrounding them had a few rusty guns. Oh the arab delegates to the UN miraculously walked out so that the UN vote was to establish the state of Israel. These same settlers later built a country from scratch. While arabs could barely grow anything they managed to yield large crops from the land. These were people who lived in cities in Europe and had no knowledge of agriculture but managed to make the holy land bloom when their country was established.

In the end if there is a G-d he will sort it all out.

I'd like to add something. Its in addition to what the person after me wrote. She indicated that the temple of solomon is as holy to Muslims as the Kabaa in Saudi Arabia. I hope she will concede that my people the Jews actually have a prior claim to that site. There were some Jewish tribes living near there that were massacred by Mohammed because they refusled to convert to his religion. The passage she sites from the Koran is part of the evidence of that. I want her to say that the Jewish people should be allowed access to that site in Saudia Arabia because the Kabaa is sitting on JEWISH LAND. The country of Israel and the Jewish people have full rights there and should be allowed to drive out the ursurper arabs.

Example: Can you explain to me what are the Temple Mount, Dome of the Rock, the Western Wall, other sites in Jerusalem?

I learned about the history of Jerusalem in school today, but I am confused about a lot. Can you read what I think so far and correct me if I'm wrong?

Temple Mount is an artificial plateau that was built on a hill in Jerusalem. It was first used to build the First Temple that replaced the Tabernacle. The First Temple was destroyed and the Second Temple was built on top of the ruins. Currently on Temple Mount is Dome of the Rock, a Muslim shrine.

The first two temples were built on Temple Mount because it is believed that the hill was where Abraham attempted to sacrifice his son but was stopped by the angel Gabriel. The Dome of the Rock was built because said rock is believed to be where Muhammad was standing when he ascended into heaven. It is the third most sacred site in Islam, after Mecca and Medina.

Near the Temple Mount is the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. This is a Christian church that was built on top of what is believed to be the site of the crucifiction of Christ.

This is what I think I know so far. But what is the Western Wall? I know it is the most important site in Judaism, but what exactly is it and where is it? Also, what is Al-Asqa Mosque? Is it a mosque on the Temple Mount, with Dome of the Rock?

I would really appreciate someone knowledgable about Jerusalem or Judaism, Islam, and Christianity explaining these places for me. And also tell me some other things that you think I should know?

Example: Jerusalem isn''t mentioned a single time in Koran, and Islam claims Farther Mosque is Al Aksa, isn''t it strange?

The Closer Mosque is in Saudi Arabia, so why should the Farther Mosque be in Jerusalem WHICH ISN'T EVEN GIVEN A SINGLE MENTION IN THE KORAN!

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