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Dream About A Canopy With Drapes Covering One'S Bed meanings

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I felt the warmth of the sun on my face and I heard birds singing to the tone of walking on sunshine. I stretched my arms up so that my body formed a Y and yawned then I threw the covers off my body and sat up and slipped my feet into a nice, soft pair of fuzzy slipper. I walked over to my dresser and grabbed a silver hair brush and ran it threw my hair, It was as smooth and shiny as a brand new chocolate bar, I looked deeply into the mirror to see my hazel eyes turning yellowish. I smiled and walked out to the hallway and as I walked down the stairs, I felt unsettled, something was troubling me and I did not know what it was. I had just woken up, but that could not be my problem. It was the stairs! They were gripping me by my slippers. They were squeezing my feet. Then suddenly they let go. I lurched forward and then backward. I nearly fell forwards and could have rolled down them perhaps even to my death. But, why?

“Mom the stairs are misbehaving again!” I yelled but I didn’t hear a response “Mom?” I yelled again. I couldn’t move and I felt helpless, I finally got the stairs to let go of my feet and I was able to continue. I walked into the kitchen and looked around to find a pink piece of paper on the table. It was from my mom it read…

Dear Avis,
Sorry I was not here when you woke up but I had to get to work.
Mr. Pearson called saying there was an emergency at the Department
Of Magic, and they needed me in right away. See you when you get back
From Tredwing.

I threw down the note and anger, how could she do this to me, I walked over to the fridge and got out an apple. I bit into the apple and the juice flowed into my mouth, I walked up the stairs and into my room. I made my bed then looked around my room, walls the color of dark chocolate and cherry colored diamonds covered the wall and windows framed in heavy red velvet drapes. The window is large, covering most of the north wall and overlooks the valley in fall transition. The canopy bed is covered in Taupe Egyptian cotton sheets with a satin border cover the extra soft queen size mattress. To lay there is to lay in a dream. More pillows than necessary clutter the mass expanse of the headboard. The layers of quilted blanket provide warmth on the coldest nights. The mahogany of the bed make it a safe harbor in a troubled world. I sighed thinking how long it would be till I saw it again, I grabbed my large suit case and filled it with the school uniforms, my spell book, my extra clothing, Itouch, laptop, art stuff and more. I got changed. I wore a thermal 3/4 sleeve length beige shirt with little flowers on it. I wore a brown cami underneath. With it, I wore a corduroy brown/tan plaid mini skirt with plum leggings and moccasins.

I grabbed my broom and suit case and flew off towards the bus station, it was exhilarating. I watched the clouds float by as big cotton balls. My ears had popped and hurt but I loved it. I went on my first ride before they changed the rules, We could not fly in the mortal world but I didn’t care I loved flying. I felt I was in my living room again. The sun was high in the sky and it was a beautiful picture. The rush of the wind I my face and then the bus station was coming up ahead.

I landed and walked into the station, I tucked my broom in my suit case and walked up to the counter. I saw a man step out from the back “Yes Ma’am how may I help you today?” He asked and I looked at how he was dressed, he was wearing a red and black suit with black dress shoes and a gold tie. The gold name plate read JOSH I looked up at his face “Yes Professor Milton told me to tell you ‘Sweet trip to candy land please’” I said and the man nodded and looked around. Then he pushed a button under the desk and the book shelf opened up and I hurried in.

I like it. It sounds a bit like harry potter, but with a bit of a twist. A tad to descriptive sometimes, and there are some run on sentences, but other than that it's really good! :)

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