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Dream About 500 meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean - geese?

i was walking around a pond it was quite dark either dusk or dawn , and there was maybe 500 - 1000 canada geese surrounding the pond

Personally, I'm not too fond of books or websites that have a dream dictionary that says, a car means this, a horse means that. Dreams are too personal. The meaning of the geese for you probably has to do with your own life and experiences, where you live and how geese have shown up at different times for you.

Did the geese fly? Or were they all just roosting or feeding around the pond? For me, geese evoke a feeling of wild freedom. There's an old song that goes, "My heart knows what the wild goose knows / My heart goes where the wild goose goes . . ." My mom used to sing it to me.

Do you long to be wild and free, perhaps?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was at the annual horseshow they host in my town every year. This guy who I didn't think I liked was sitting to my left and my boyfriend was on my right. The announcer told everyone that they would take a break from the horse jumping contest to set up for the next event. The announcer said that we would play a game as they set up and the game was to kiss any guy near you on the cheek to raise $50 for charity or $100 for charity if you made out with a guy near you.

I kissed the guy on the cheek who I didn't think I liked. Then we started making out. I looked up and I had raised $500 for charity so we started making out again.

My boyfriend (who I still really love) looked at me and stormed off. I called after him saying "But you don't like me" and he started making out with this random girl in the grade below me at my school. I started crying and ran away before the guy who I didn't really like came chasing after me and kissed me again.

Then I woke up...

What does this dream mean?

Example: Reoccuring Dream Meaning?

Same thing since for 15 years now, a T-Rex chasing me. I never actually am caught. I almost always dream but these dreams are intense, i wake up in cold sweats sometimes crying. What the heck do they symbolize?

Example: What could this dream mean...?

I had a dream a few days ago about a dog sittn about 500 ft from my back slidin door with the number 666 printed on his forehead and collar. But for some reason the dog would not take his eyes off me and was almost like a statue sittn there. It was kinda creepy. Can someone please tell me wat that dream could mean. Thanks

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay I dreamt that it was late at night, on a summer night. It was around 11.30 and me and my family were getting ready to go to bed. My Mum was propped up in bed reading a book, I was in the bathroom cleansing my face and brushing my teeth, my grandmother was in bed, asleep on the other side of the house and my brother was in the kitchen filling up this water bottle he drinks from. Suddenly I started hearing these sounds of people running in from the front door and somewhere near my grandmother's room. There were three of them they were all wearing black and had balaclavas on. I ran into my brothers room and hid under his bed. I could hear them talking loudly and things smashing like they were ransacking the place. I ran up the hall then stopped near the hall that has the laundry in it (it's a tiny passage, not very long) that leads to the family room and my grandmother's room. I dropped to my knees (I was wearing my cookie monster pajamas that have mini-shorts. In this dream my thighs actually looked okay in them. They had this huge box and was emptying it all over the floor. I could see one of our cats cowering under one of the chairs. I knew I couldn't get him without them noticing me so when I was sure they weren't looking I snuck to the front door and ran out of the house and down the road crying and screaming. Some people down the road called the police and they came but by the time they got there the 3 men were gone along with a whole heap of our possessions.

The bodies of my grandmother, mother and brother were removed, died of gunshot wounds. I was going to be placed in the care of my Dad (my parents are separated in real life) but my Dad turned around and said "I don't want her". I was sent to live in foster home where I was loner dubbed as traumatized and depressed (what do you expect?) who kept to myself and barely spoke. The authorities tried to get me home at my paternal grandparents who also rejected having me. I wasn't allowed to go with my aunt and uncle because their house was dubbed too small to fit two more children in it (therefore the living conditions weren't fit enough). I was put up for adoption, the men who killed my family were never caught and because of this the authorities decided to send me off to be adopted by people in America, for my own protection. I was sent to a foster home somewhere in America where (this is where it gets weird)

I was adopted my Johnny Depp and his wife. (I know it's weird). They put me in this public high school. I made a lot of friends but was still depressed and blaming myself for the incident. I met this guy called Trey or Trent or something who was like 20 and worked as a janitor and had grown up in foster care too (I never dreamt being told what happened to his family). We really connected and I felt he was the only one who understood me. I also became really close friends with this girl called Courtney. I told T (we'll just call him T because I can't remember his exact name) how I felt, I felt depressed, guilty and like I didn't belong in the family I had been adopted into. He said he could help me run away with him (I like him and he liked me a little). Courtney agreed to help and said she'd email me the work set so I'd be able to continue doing school work.

Over a week and a half I slowly took things from my room (books, clothing, DVDs etc) and emptied out my locker slowly so no-one would notice anything. T drove a combie van or whatever it's called, with a few bed like things and some shelving and a small cupboard. He allowed me to fill the cupboard with my things and he took some shelving. One day after school I pawned a ring my Dad had given me when I was like 4 and got $500 dollars for it. I gave $350 to Trent who stocked up the remaining cupboards with food and some medications I have to take, shampoos etc and with the money remaining put it towards gas. I bought hair die, coloured contacts, a new outfit, clip on hair extensions, some credit for my phone and one of those internet usb things that plug into your laptop.

The next day after school I put the new outfit, contacts etc in my bag along with a few school things, said goodbye to Courtney who said she'd email me soon and got into the van with T who came to pick me up. We drove for ages and dyed my hair a darker brown in the kitchen sink lol, put in the contacts which were hazel and put on a whole heap of make up on to cover my really rosy cheeks and changed into the new outfit. I got into the passenger seat and looked in the mirror, I was completely unrecognizable and fell asleep. When I woke up it was dark and we were still driving. T said that people had been on the radio appealing for info about my disappearance. Saying they'd never stop searching and blah blah blah. I got really worried. We kept driving, well he kept driving till morning we stopped at a caravan park and we paid the guy in the front office money to use the shower block. I showered, washed my hair (s

Example: So Ihad a dream, and Idk what it means. I had a dream that I was at a beach house and there were approx 500?

I only knew 3 ppl and one is my best friend she was in a yellow dress and I was wearing a gown a long gown idk what color and I was wearing a crown as if I were in a pageant and there were 2 other girls in front of me the 1st that went is actually an acquaintence of mine and the other girl I just dont know who it is and we were being presented I was the last one to go and I had to go down this aisle from the beach house. They called my name and I only saw my Mother, father, and Grandfather. My Grandfather seemed to be sick and I was happy yet confused. Everybody that was down there waiting were all girls I didnt know any of them. Before going down this aisle, my best friend said to me are you ready? And i said ready for what? And she didnt say anything. She looked very pretty my best friend doesnt wear makeup nor does she have a bf now but in my dream she did. So I felt likeif it was telling me my future. Wat could this dream mean?

Example: Help What does my dream mean?


i dreamed that my parents and I were at a store and we found 500 dollars in cash...so we walked around some more and found another 500 in cash ...so we went home and then the next weekend we went to a different store because we were going to spend the money...but we couldnt because it was confederate money...

so what does my dream mean?

Example: Had this weird dream? What does this mean?

So my dream starts out at an Illuminati meeting (or that's what I thought it was) There are only men in the room and no one can see me. A portal opens up on the top of the ceiling and a man gets sucked into it, he goes to heaven and his soul comes back to tell the men how great it was, all the men gather around a cauldron full of bodies, tigers, even characters from cartoons. A voice booms "Pick a soul, if you can't find one, it might find you." All the men rush into the portal only to find they all go to Hell. Then all the women of the world start killing men and I yell "Don't kill them all we still have to reproduce." And life goes back to normal and I am talking to this one woman & she says "Isn't it great how life just goes back to normal when guys die?" And then i wake up.

Example: Job / Career Dream? HELP! WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

I had a dream that I was at my current job, I think, but maybe a new job. Anyways, they gave me either 20 or 40 dollars, a cd cassette player, and a $500 gift card. What does this dream mean? Please atleast guess!

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night i had a dream where i was Theodor from Alvin & the Chipmunks ( but we were all the size of humans), i was on some weird super-highway system that was like 500 feet in the air, and it was all curvy and almost sideways on some parts, I was walking on like a railroad thing that was by it, some train came and i scooted over and almost rolled off the side, so i walked on some mysterious floating dirt with grass and looked at the highway because Alvin was on it. Then i noticed some big black semi trying to get around the very tight turns, it slid to the other side of the road and flipped over causing a major collision. Every where i looked i saw cars sliding to the middle of the road and noticed the whole highway system was collapsing and falling strait to the ground. Then the ground i was standing on started to fall, i knew i was going to die, but somehow when i hit the ground, i just got up and walked away. I saw a memorial with Alvin's picture, and then knew that he died.

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