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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean if I you have a dream about 4 giant black horses chasing you?

I had a dream about 4 giant black horses trying to basically kill me, or chase after me. But it was causing some much attention. Kindly like Cloverfield, but before the movie came out.

It was in Lower Manhattan (New York City) and they were knocking down buildings to get me.

At one point I was driving and I couldn't out run them, it was so vivid. There was a guy that was trying to help me out so that I could escape.

There is a situation in your life right now that your are very afraid of, and have been avoiding. You are fearful that it could defeat you, or that you could fail. This is a classic anxiety dream, where your fears are expressed in your subconcious by the creation of tangible "monsters" toward which you can direct/express your fear. The fact that there were four could mean you feel overpowered, hopeless, surrounded, or outnumbered. The guy trying to help you out could be an expression of your inner hope that someone would just swoop in and rescue you from whatever this situation is.

Example: Meaning of dreams ?

i have had about 4 dreams about aeroplanes blowing up in the air , doea anyone no what these could mean

Example: Vivid dream, scared me for about 4 years. What does it mean?

I'm 13 now, and I had this dream about 4 years ago. It still freaks me out when I think about it. So my friend Katie and I were dressed in colors. I think I was blue or green--I had blue or green clothes on and my skin was blue or green. Katie was either yellow or red. There were other people too, all different colors (some colors repeated, too). We were all in a room that resembled the "big kids room" in my preschool. (Or, the "back room") The floor was covered in sand. So we were all in this room just roaming around and suddenly a HUGE SANDWICH came out of the sand. Everyone screamed and buried themselves in the sand. The sand hid them pretty well. Anyway, I was just going to bury myself when I saw the Sandwich "villain" grab Katie and stuff her between some lettuce. I ran towards the Sandwich and felt myself being airborne as the Sandwich picked me up. Then I woke up. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Please help, this has been bugging me ever since. It might not seem scary, but it was back when I was little!

Example: What does the number 4 mean in a dream? ?

thank you people for ur good anwsers.

Example: What could this dream have meant 4 years ago?

The dream started out in my elementary school. I was in one of the British schools, so we call it Primary school. All my classmates and I were preparing to go on a field trip to somewhere. I was excited. Now I had this dream when I was in my teen years, so I found it strange that I was a kid again.

We walked out of the school and onto the buses. We began to drive away when my dream suddenly transitioned. I couldn't remember exactly what the transition looked like, but after that, I was in a beautiful landscape. To my left, there was a small lake. There was also a road leading into a forest. The sky was purple and the moon was full. If I see a purple sky and a full moon, then the dream won't be boring.

To my right, there was a path leading up to a rectangular building with no roof. It seemed to be made of clay, judging from the color of the building. There was an opening in the wall, a cleanly cut opening, so I decided to take a look.

I walked up the dirt road until I was able to look inside the building. I took one step inside and a random explosion knocked me into the building. I wasn't hurt in any way. Then the opening in the wall slid up and closed the gap. That's when Redwall comes into play. Redwall is a book and TV series made by Brian Jacques. If you've seen the movies, you'll know what I'm talking about.

I got myself up when I started to glow white all over. It grew brighter and brighter until I had to shield my eyes. Then the dream turned from first-person into third-person. I guess you could call this an out-of-body experience. I was in control of myself, yet I could see my own self. The dream then turned into a Nelvana-style animation.

I opened my eyes and I discovered that I had somehow been turned into cornflower from Redwall. Redwall's characters are basically anthro animals. I was a mouse. Now I thought the gender change was strange, but when I started talking, I stopped. I even had Cornflower's voice. So I started to have some fun with her voice. I was the adult version of Cornflower, by the way.

After I was done, I decided to explore this strange building. It was more like a maze. I turned right and started to walk down a long passage way. Then what looked to be Matthias from Redwall, or more accurately, Mattimeo, started charging at me with his sword, shouting his battle cry. I put my hands over my head and kneel. I was expecting to die, but one look and the mouse was gone.

As I made my way through the maze, the same mouse, at one point, appeared out of nowhere, as a ghostly image of himself, and swung his sword while doing a 180 degree turn. The sword passed right through my neck without touching it, as if it had no substance.

When I got to the center, I saw a coffin with some flowers around it, only the coffin was this large, rectangular box made of stone. I could only assume that it was Matthias' burial site. I stared at the coffin for a few minutes, listening to the wind outside. It was strangely peaceful, considering what I've been through already.

Then Matthias's ghost appeared for the third time and asked me what was wrong. I told him that I was lost. He put his arm around my shoulder and escorted me out of the building. It was a straight exit from the center of the tomb, which didn't make sense, since I've been down that way before and there were no passageways.

Now that I think about it, considering what happened just after the explosion, it makes sense now. The openings that is. When I left the building and walked down the stairs, he waved at me and said goodbye. I waved back and he vanished.

The last thing I remember was seeing this small village, next to a large hill or maybe a mountain. I began to walk toward the village and then the dream ended.

What could this have meant back when I was 15?

Example: What's does my dream mean? (2/4)?

Ok so I actually had 4 dreams in one night. My first one was when I went to bed (obviously) and I was dreaming that I was with 4 of my friends. My phone had been taken away by my former teacher (I'm going to highschool and this was my grade 8 teacher) during the day. He told me I could get it back at the end of the day, so eventually the evening came (we got outta school at 3:30, but in my dream it was like 7) and I went to school with my 4 friends to get my phone back. The office told me that my phone was in the classroom so when we go outta the office, the lights in the hallway were on. Banners on the walls were things about kids with Autism (haven't heard the word Autism since 4 months ago... So I couldn't of been thinking about it) and this little boy comes crying and running over to us and he hugged my leg. I looked at my friends and they gave me a look that was like "what's going on?" them I heard kids laughing and playing around the corner down to the end of the hall. And then I woke up still hearing their laughter in my head. Nice and clear. Then I when back to sleep.My second dream was that I was in a play ground so sticken huge, it was like a city just for kids. I was with my 4 friends again (forgot to mention that 2 of my friends were boys and the other 2 were girls) and I was on a swing then one of my guy friends came and started crying, I stopped swinging, then the chains to the swings snapped somehow and I fell, like, more then 100 feet from the ground. Then I felt a huge amount of pain on my back and felt my breathe get pounded out of me. That's when I woke up and my back was hurting when I wasn't in a bad position. I was on my side like I always am when I sleep and I couldn't breathe. I got up and went to the bathroom to wash my face. I was so tired though that I went back to bed. (I only had enough room for 2 dreams. But plz tell me what these ones mean)

Example: What does it mean when you dream the exact same dream 4 times in your life?

I have had this one dream about being chased by wolfs, trying to run but couldn't. There was alot more to it but I have had this dream 4 times and it is the only dream I have had that was exactly the same, or at least it seemed as though it was.

Example: Real answers plz. What would it mean 4 someone to dream of Mecca 16 times. What implication spiritually is it?

Real answers plz. What would it mean 4 someone to dream of Mecca 16 times. What implication spiritually is it? Has also dreamnt of prophets in Islam. When yawns tastes extremely strong Fragrances in the mouth. Muslims plz

Example: What does this dream mean 4 those who knw?

i had a dream lastnight that i was killing people with a knife because they were trying 2 kill me.. and then i was trying 2 call 911 and it wouldnt go through/ when i would stab them you can actualy feel the knife going through, and you would see blood.
it felt like i was running and their was no escape... whats this dream mean?
thanks 4 all the help

Example: What does 4 consecutive dreams about a girl mean?

I'm 16 years old. There is this girl in 2 of my classes in school that is quite shy, I have only ever liked non-shy girls, however, I saw this girl on the first day of school and I liked her right off the bat. On the third day of school I began talking to her, she was very vague in her responses at first so I began asking her questions about her until she began to kind of get comfortable with me and answer normally and begin laughing during our conversations. We are now friends, we would have long conversations and then suddenly those conversations stopped for a week and she recently began talking to me like normal. Now, the past 4 nights I've dreamt of her acting really comfortable with me, 1st time I asked her to the movies and she smiled and said, "together?" I'd say yes, 2nd time she laid her head on my right shoulder, 3rd I sang to her, and 4th I was trying to keep her happy before I told her that her mom had died, in this last dream she was my girlfriend. Any thoughts on meaning?

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