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Dream About 4 Four meanings

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Example: What does it mean if I you have a dream about 4 giant black horses chasing you?

I had a dream about 4 giant black horses trying to basically kill me, or chase after me. But it was causing some much attention. Kindly like Cloverfield, but before the movie came out.

It was in Lower Manhattan (New York City) and they were knocking down buildings to get me.

At one point I was driving and I couldn't out run them, it was so vivid. There was a guy that was trying to help me out so that I could escape.

There is a situation in your life right now that your are very afraid of, and have been avoiding. You are fearful that it could defeat you, or that you could fail. This is a classic anxiety dream, where your fears are expressed in your subconcious by the creation of tangible "monsters" toward which you can direct/express your fear. The fact that there were four could mean you feel overpowered, hopeless, surrounded, or outnumbered. The guy trying to help you out could be an expression of your inner hope that someone would just swoop in and rescue you from whatever this situation is.

Example: What does dreaming of a four headed snake mean?

In the dream my boyfriend was driving and we were going to drop off some one off near a school when we got there we got off an saw people surrounding a pile of leafs and dirt some were screaming and running because there was a snake i got scared an crossed the street to avoid it. After that i appeared in my house With my boyfriend. i went to my room and felt something scary in there and had the need to pray so i did. i asked God to give me power to revoke the bad spirit and ask him to help me. when i felt ok i got out and told my boyfriend to set the TV i was going to show my mom what happen in my room. he turned it on and i saw my self when i was 6 or 7 and a snake with 4 heads was on my on my hand i was holding it and asking God the same then i saw the snake go into my head. i kept screaming to my mom to come see this i wanted her to help me pray but she was to busy. i woke up thinking it's 4 thoughts and i said out loud 4 years. what does this mean.

Example: What do these four dreams mean?

Ok, so far in my life I've had four major dreams I have never forgotten it's been two years since I've had any of these but I still remember them clearly and they've made the most impression on me.

Dream One- This dream is a happy dream not a nightmare. I've had it three times throughout my life so far.
It takes place at my house in my backyard, and I'm assuming it's my birthday party because people I know, even ones that aren't my friends and I hate in real life are there. Then there's this huge haunted castle I see in the woods behind my house randomly. So we all go there and go inside and run around and play. Even though it's haunted we never see any ghosts. That was what the first two times were about. the third time was the same thing except I only had two of my closest friends with me in the house. We ran around, having fun, even though it was haunted, and we never saw anything bad. these dreams happened like four years ago. (These dreams happened in elementary school where I was made fun of a lot and only had a few friends.)

Dream Two- This one is more disturbing for me, I woke up feeling a little shaken and alert. It started out with me walking into another creepy house that was really run down. I walked into a room with one boy and one girl. Neither of them I knew but the girl was my age 12 or 13 years old at the time and the boy had to be older like 15 or 16. I did have feelings for the boy even though he's no one I've ever met in real life. There's a fire place in the room and I think I was at some sort of summer camp sort of thing because they were explaining that the other kids were in a different room somewhere so we talked for awhile and then something happened and they told me to hide under the stairs, which I did. Then something else happened and they told me to run with them. We got back out into the hallway and tons of kids were running from something, some of these kids were from real life from my class, and some I didn't know. So we start climbing this ladder up into the next floor and I'm the last one to go up. As I climb up and look out into the new hallway it's all dark and there are doors on each side of the hallway. I can;t see the end because it's so dark and long. Since I'm the last one up, I see the other kids running away from me done the hall laughing. Eventually, their laughs fade away and I can;t see them anymore and I'm all alone. So I get up and start walking down the hall myself. It felt scared and eventually I find the end of the hallway and open the door at the end. The door opens to a wide open completely white room with tons of staircases (like in Harry Potter except the stairs don't move.) And there's this old short man, and a huge white bear with red eyes there standing on the stairs. the man starts to say something that I can't understand, and the bear is roaring and growling but not attacking me. Then I woke up. It was extremely weird and the most vivid dream I've ever had. I've only had it once, and it happened about two years ago.

Dream Three- I'm surprised i even remember this dream, it happened when I was around 5 or 6. I don;t remember all the details but me, my brother, my cousin, and one of his friends that I knew in real life were playing with a beach ball in a public pool while my aunt and mom stood outside of the pool talking. We were having a lot of fun until my cousin's friend John started acting weird. Suddenly his eyes popped out of his head and his mouth got really wide and this orange pus stuff started to pour out of every opening in his head. (It looked like peanut butter.) And my mom and aunt were yelling for us to get out of the pool and I was crying and swimming as hard as I could to get out. That's all I remember. I've only dreamed about this once.

Dream Four- This isn't really a dream but plenty of times, more than I can count, I suddenly get this falling sensation. I don't actually see anything in my dream I just feel as if I am falling. Usually I wake up, but when I don't sometimes it abruptly stops, or fades away.

So what do all my dreams mean? Thank you to whoever answers I've wanted to know this for a long time. :)

Example: What does it mean to dream of a four leaf clover that is red?

Example: What does the number 4 mean in a dream? ?

thank you people for ur good anwsers.

Example: What does the number 4 in a dream mean?

ok, in my dream someone attacked me and i ran ended up at home where i noticed that i was badly hurt and bleeding. in my dream i woke up and my mom told me that i was dreaming but the blood remained on th carpet. the drops of blood were in fours. they were formed in a path that i followed to a door, that of which i was about to open but was terribly frightened to open it. then i woke up due to an alarm.

Example: Whats the meaning of four moons being on the earth in a dream?

Example: What this dream means? 4 old chinese man vame home into a 1 toiletbowl apt.?

That day in a restaurant I was "offered" a cup of expresso
if I pay four dollars for it. I did not, went ignoring that.

Example: What does my dream mean? Why was their 4 snakes continuously throughout my dreams?

In this dream their is four snakes throughout. Though they were more like lizards having arms n legs. They were on my bed, on the floor, in the car. I was afraid to touch them but kept asking my step father to get them out. He would pick them up but then would just lay them back down. And I threatened to tell my mom he wasn't helping. Even when one dream seemed to melt into another I was either looking for the snakes, trying to get away from them, or afraid I'd find them. Idk what all it could mean... Or not mean...

Example: What does it mean if you dream about finding a red four leaf clover?

Like a normal 4 leafed clover, but red instead of green.

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