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Dream About 222 meanings

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Example: Can someone describe/explain the meaning of my dream?

Ok, I'm starting to write this in a book, cause everytime I have this dream and I wake up, I feel like someone or something is trying to say me something, now this is not a typical dream, why?
Cause when I have this dream its so happens to me to be on all of my birthdays, at exactly 2:22 AM (I actually wake up at that hour and sleep again), and always have the same feeling of...
Who am I?

Here goes:
-The Dream- (I'm actually going to write it like in my book)

I was on a school trip to somewhere I haven't seen, It was a forest, and in the middle of it there was a foggy lake, I was in front of a house and there was a man in a uniform, a man as tall as a bear and skinny as a bird, he was actually tutoring us about an 'UNTOLD' legend, about the lake that holds a secret, and then he said to me with his dark look;

"Look at the sky, and tell me what you see,
when the sun sleeps tonight, you will find your destiny"

After that we ran to the buss, ready to go home, I saw something as we were about to go, something inhuman, I said unconsciously "Something's not right."
Then... it happens,

The bus collapses, making a hard impact on something, screaming is heard throughout the bus,
and as I feel myself going, it goes black.

I appear again in the lake, in the ground, speechless, and without air I started to crawl to the water begging for something that will make sense. Until I fell into the foggy lake, I started to think "Is this the end?" With my final breath, I see a falling star coming towards me and then I feel...


PS- By the way tell me if you like it, if so, help me on how to WRITE or make a book of my own! ;D

Thank you for your time, and I hope you have not been disturbed.

All I can tell you is I used to have a reoccurring dream, it happened to me probably 30 times or so. It was only slightly scary. But I never did find a meaning to it.

I did however notice some years ago, that dreams only seem to bother me if I don't have a regular creative outlet. When I do get to work on creative projects at least occasionally, I almost never remember my dreams. Did you knoiw if you use your muscles a lot and the stop, a chemical builds up in them that can cause you to have a muscel spasm. Well, think of dreams as a brain spasm of creative juices.

By the way though, I suggest you consider writing your dream as a fiction story. If you develope it as a fiction story I guarantee you will fill in details with tridbits from the subconscious.

Example: My dream featured number 2 strongly?

I had a doting lover in my dream who first gave me two barbies, two watermelons and two pizzas.

so what can 2 or 222 mean? Plzzzz its driving me crazy!

Example: The meaning of the number 222 please help us!?

about a month ago a friend "killed himself" none of us are really sure if this is really what happened. all of his close friends keep having dreams of him standing there and he won't talk to us. When we wake up and look at the clock the time is ALWAYS 2:22 I thought that was strange, but now every where I go the #222 fallows. for example I went to taco bell today and when the surver told me my order number was 222 I almost fainted. I'm hopeing you can tell me if this number has anything to do with my friend trying to comunicate with us or if you have any insight on this issue. Please help us
Thank you

Example: Would anyone like me to tell you what any dream you've had means free, call 206-222-0786 tell dream & email?

HEY OUT THERE, anyone who has had a dream and wants a meaning, I can do it. Would anyone like me to tell you what any dream means to you, call 206-222-0786 FREE, just tell me the dream, and leave either call back number or email, can you please?

Example: What does my dream mean? PLEaSE HELP ME?

So there's This guy names Brock and he's my friend..I talk to him during science a lot till we changed desks and im
Pretty sure he has a crush on me...well anywas this is my dream ~

someone calls my house phone
And my mom answers it and call me to
Say it's for me...I glance at the number which is 222-444-8307 (idk this number) and say hello it turns out to be Brock and he wants to know if he can come over..I say sure and then later on he comes over with
His guitar and plays song for me...after he was done I smiled and told him
That it was a beautiful song ( I don't remember what song it was ) the next day in my dream his family invites me to his house (ln my dream he lived in a trailer) and then invited me out to Rosies I went and all I remember is that all the chairs were turned left and right and all crooked...our plates were empty and there was this old couple sitting behind me and Brock...then all of the sudden Brock grabs the back of my neck and try's to pull me in to give me a kiss..I put my hands in front of his face saying DON'T KISs me cuz then I'm. Going to sneeze on you...after he tried 3 times to kiss me he laughed (like an okay u win laugh)
What does my dream mean? Please help!
Ohh and I don't like Brock I only like him as a friend! Thanks :)

Example: What does 22 22 mean in dream?

Hello there, i have dreamt about numbers. someone phoned me while i am sleeping in my dream and i answered the call in my dream. some people were working on the street, so i couldnt understand what the caller said and she asked me if i can call her back. she left her number which is really interesting 0700 22 22. i googled it 0700 numbers are private numbers which can be named also FOLLOW ME numbers and i didn't know that. but i dont know what 22 22 means is. also while i was writing her number down i did mistake i wrote it down 222 but i filled last 2 with pen so it was look like 220 22 but zero one was like dark moon. if you reply me i will be so happy

Example: Wierd dream what does it mean?

I had a dream I was pregnant with twins (twins run in my family)...I was sitting at a wedding reception around a round table..i dont know with who. But I looked down at my belly and it was huge. I felt so tired and I couldn't move or get up. I was exhausted and was wondering how to tell my boyfriend i was pregnant..he's in the navy away at the base. I felt alone.
What does this dream mean?

Example: DREAM interpretation/ meaning about schools and trains? Best answer 10 points!?

Prior to dreaming, (in reality), I had to talk to teacher about something. I think this might be helpful to know. Anyway, my dream: I was in my physics class receiving grades, everything was normal just like it would be. After that, I had math. My teacher told everyone to sit in a circle so we would talk about tests, grades, etc. A girl in class disrespectively repetitively spoke while he spoke, and he told her to stop. She continued, and he said to stop again. She then felt the need to take the blame on me, so she started touching me, etc. I didn't feel like being taken advantage of so I got a bit angry and told her to stop and lifted my hands at her. (in reality I'm not a violent person). she then threatened me and told me she would tell the principal, when I hadn't done anything wrong. I then wanted to reach the principal first, so I ran out of the classroom to find and tell her, so she would know the true story. I ran all over my school in hopes to reach her. Unfortunately, I couldn't. There were twice as many people as usual in my school, and there were trains in my way. (it was rather strange having the trains there, for they were randomly passing through the hallway of my shool). I then gave up on finding her( the principal), and decided to go back to my math classroom, because as you know, I had to talk to my teacher about something (in reality, and in the dream). Suddenly, I was unable to find my classroom. I kept going to room 268, instead of room 222. It's as if I was being stopped by my own self. I then asked a random teacher in the hallway what period it was, and they said it was 9th period. Memory is usually at discomfort in a dream, which is why I had trouble trying to figure out what my 9th period class was. I was then awoken by a train (in my dream), and I woke up. And when i woke up i remembered that i dont have a 9th pd class. All in all, I havent reached my math teacher, and the trains seemed to be my "interruptions." I have an idea as to what my dream generally means, however I'd like to look more into this and was wondering if anyone has an opinion or any ideas of varied interpretations. Thank you ! Best answer 10 points !

Example: The numbers 222 What does it mean ?

This is weird , but I see these numbers alot. when I look at the clock
its 2;22 My bill may come to 2.22 , The clock in my car 2;22
My change due back 2;22 , the time it takes me to get somewhere
will read in my car 2;22 , What do they mean , they appear all the time .. Its been happening for awhile now ..
I had a dream the other night , the clock read 2;22 ..
Any one know ?

Example: What does it mean to see the same sequence of numbers repeatedly for example 222?

Approximately one year ago I dreamed about the numbers 222, though I cant remember the dream these numbers have followed me since. I would like to know what it means to see the same sequence of numbers over and over again. I received paper work from my sons school with room 222 written on the envelope, I frequently wake up at 2:22 A.M., I am in the kitchen and the microwave clock has 2:22, while vacationing in a different city, I am driving and the cab in front of me has 222 on its bumper the same day i visit my Son(the same one that brought paperwork from school with room 222) and he is moved from one room to another i assist him in moving to room 222 what is this? I pray that its all positive.

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