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Dream About 21 meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What is meant by "the American dream" and how does it relate to poverty in America of the 21st century?

The American Dream is that if you work hard, make good decisions regarding your health, finances, and future that you will be in a position to some day own a home, and raise children in a safe and positive environment.

Depending on who you ask, it may not relate. Republicans will tell you that the American dream exists to this day and the system is fine and that people are the problem. Those in poverty either did not work hard made poor health or financial decisions (e.g. bought houses they could not afford, had kids before they made enough money to support them, did not buy home owners insurance and lost everything they own, etc.)

Democrats would tell you that the system is broken an the current system is designed to benefit the rich and put more of the lower class into poverty. They suggest a government that promotes wealth distribution (taking from the rich and giving to the poor) The country is essentially split 50/50 on who is right hence the current political environment.

My opinion, is that you can find countless cases, me being one of them of people born after 1980 raised in the lower clase that have found a way to catch the american dream, and in a few short years have been able to buy a house cars, dogs, and raise children. Furthermore. Everone I know who is in poverty, made some very stupid decisions that put them there, or their parents did. I agree with the republicans.

Example: Last night I had this dream I saw two numbers I saw 12 and 21 I also saw the year 2004 and I saw mt name what does this dream mean?

Example: What does it mean for me to have a dream about me being In jail on my 21st birthday?

Im 19 now but I just had a dream that I was a prisoner in a jail that me and my friends had taken a tour around shortly befor while still in the dream. Durin this dream I was held in there for my 21st birthday but I got let out a little after. Then I went to the liquor store to buy my first bottle of alcohol because for some reason I was extremely depressed for missing my 21st bday in this dream and I wanted to get wasted drunk, but for some reason I never bought the alcohol. Then after that, the same friends and I took another tour of the prison and saw my bunk and cell and everything. If someone knows the meaning to this dream please help.

Example: What does it mean to dream of the numbers 19, 20 and 21?

Example: My son died at 21 years old, but he is still a child in my dreams. what does that mean?

Example: What is the meaning of dreams about snakes?

since when i am 21, i dreaming about snakes, what is the meaning, now iam 36

Example: I have had 21 dreams about a guy in a span of 10 months..what does this mean?

About once or twice a month, I have a dream about the guy i like..what does it mean..other than the fact that i like him? (has been happening since june 2012)

Example: Why do so many people in the 21st century still believe that dreams have some sort of hidden meaning?

Example: I'm 21 and have a boyfriend and I keep having dreams about having a baby, what does this mean?

I kind of want to now because we've been together for awhile and I love him. Am I crazy for thinking this? He is 27 fyi

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