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Dream About 21 Twenty One meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do wasps mean in a dream?

I had a dream that I was in my backyard with my friend Lucy around the pool. All of a sudden I couldn't stand, but I could crawl. Then (my head picked this number in my dream) 21 angry wasps flew in and started to sting me. Only me. Then I got a view of my back after they all flew away and (my head picked this number too) I had 21 big bumps on my back. I also had two big bumps on my left arm, and then on my right arm. Same spots. Then in the blink of an eye, I was in my father's blue 2002 Chevy Silverado. I was slouching in the truck, while my father was driving. We were going fast (my father speeds a lot) but I don't know how fast. My window is rolled all the way down, and one angry wasp is flying beside the truck. Occasionally it would fly in the truck to try and sting ME, only me, but I would swat it back outside. I swatted it away 3 times and then I woke up. What does it mean?

I can relate a personal meaning for wasps, and you can see if it rings true for you.

My ex had a phobia about bees and wasps. And every time he experienced some problem at work, or a personal situation that had to be dealt with, he would inevitably have dreams of bees or wasps. For him they meant stress and being metaphorically "stung" by something going on in waking life. Ask youself whether there is some annoying issue in waking life that has been buzzing around lately.

The number is probably meaningful for you. But because numbers in dreams are usually quite unique to the dreamer, I can't tell you with any certainty what that is. It can be a length of time, an age, part of an address or phone number, or any number of other things. Are you 21, or turning 21 soon? Did something significant happen 21 days prior to the dream, or is something significant supposed to happen 21 days after the dream? Has the number 21 popped up in any other way recently, that your dreaming mind would have grabbed onto that? Twenty one is the age of consent in many places - perhaps it represents autonomy of some sort? Discovering what the 21 represents for you might offer some clues as to what you're afraid of being stung by.

Example: How do I get through my early twenties without going crazy?

I am at the point of my life where I have no idea what to do with myself. I'm terrified to commit to anything except my boyfriend and I feel like I'm always wasting time. I feel like I have to choose a career RIGHT NOW and go for it, even though I know I don't have to. I want to figure out what I'm doing with my life but am scared of being cornered into something.

The only thing I feel mostly sure about is my boyfriend of only a little over a year. I know I am too young to get married and have kids and that he isn't ready either since he's divorced from someone who he thought was "the one" So now I have to wait 3 more years before he'll propose to me (Because he was with "her" for 3 years and she pressured him to marry and then cheated on him after 6 months of marriage. Because his mother is divorced 2 or 3 times. Because everyone in his platoon in the army was divorced. And because he always said, "4 years" to himself. And because he wants to make sure I can stick it out with him unlike his first wife.) I'm ok with that. But I feel so impatient. I don't understand why it seems like it would be so nice and simple to be married and have kids, but a nightmare to have to pick something else to do.

I've worked as a bookkeeper and as a receptionist since I was 18 and I'm 21 now. I didn't enjoy those jobs. We just moved and I have the rest of the summer off. My partner is incredibly patient and supportive and sometimes that just makes it harder. I have too many choices now! I don't have to work if I do something else (like go to school). I can pretty much do anything as long as I do something. But I'm idle. I didn't do well in college because every class I started I would do really well in and then just "disappear" towards the end when it got tough, even the last 2 weeks during finals when everything else was good! Or if I missed one day or one project I just gave up and wouldn't even drop the class. I'm a flake. So I considered the Army to fix myself and saw a recuiter but have been sitting on that as well. I'm so afraid they'll reject me. I am looking at different local jobs and nothing looks appealing.

I hate myself for sitting around doing nothing and being scared to "get out there". I have no discipline to stick with anything and if I do I flake out and just quit it.

How do I figure out what to do with myself? Is this just early twenties jitters? Or am I just lazy?

I am sick of being idle but I'm terrified of initiating things. I've wanted to join the army, be a singer, go back to school (I chicken-out after registering), be an animation artist, or just get a regular job to travel during the last two months. Even moving was my choice. I have never lived in a house more than two years, ever.

Is my desire to be a wife and mother just a mask of my other problems? Or is that really the one thing I need and want? It seems like I should know that answer but everytime I'm certain about something I change my mind. I just see my boyfriend agreeing to it and then me deciding I'm not ready. How can I stick to anything?

Example: What's the significance of the number $21,500 in a dream (or variations)?

Or just 21 or 43? I dreamt twice last night that I won $21,500 jackpots on some quarter game. Maybe it was $22,500.

Example: Will you c/c my poem (Twenty One) if you may?

Twenty One Of January..

Small distances emerge from binary trails
as dusk falls upon her and dim memory ails
an origami's oracle and their life's dictum
was her life one riddle, or a memory victim?

twenty one had closed up, a fortress braced
by thoughts, recitals, a cause, finger-traced,
a sole attempt to erase quests, embraced,
if only her life tangential, emerged to waste..

To dream a reason of bestowed, bridal nods,
waited to adorn her advent's Sunday codes,
maybe to nicely caress whispered phrases,
that also waited to hint, and blushed blazes..

Twenty one will stand in front, a dissonance,
of earlier caressing dreams, an abundance,
her quiet quest is standing up in dark space,
as an eccentric lone caress, touches her face.

Dusk is a kind adviser, in a night train travel,
any impending atonement, subtly to unravel,
quests always demand an abstinence, a vow,
as souls their lives next, endanger and endow.

Copyright 28043212

Example: Is this normal, I am a twenty-one year old...?

I am a twenty-one year old who has been in a relationship for five years. I know thats different, but its not the weird part.

Everyone around me is having kids, I mean everyone. I am like my only friend without one. Sometimes I feel jealous and I almost want to get pregnant to have one. I have money am in a stable relationship and all that fun stuff. However, I want to do so much more with my life, in the fall I am going back for my second degree and i want to see the world. I am saving for a vacation to Rome right now and if I were to have a kid i probably couldn't go for quite some time.

I guess my question is this, is it normal to want a baby, but at the same time not want one? I know I probably sound really immature on this posting, but hey i am having a hard time putting my concerns into words.

So please tell me, how did you know you were ready? Am I just an oddball for wanting a kid, but wanting my freedom more?

Example: Last night I dreamt that I suddenly became a father to a baby girl. What could this mean?

Last night I had one of the most emotionally mixed-bags of a dream in my entire life. This happened towards the end of my night's sleep and I woke up pretty much immediately after this dream occurred.
In this dream I am 21, as I am now. I get a phone-call from a family member saying that my baby has been born and that I should get to the hospital straight away. I get on the London Underground, and before I know it I'm in the hallway of my local hospital and they are carrying my baby. They say she's a girl and in a second I name her 'Abi'. I hold her in my arms and I feel so much love for my little girl, I cry with happiness at this moment. I woke up wanting my baby girl back and felt quite emotional for the rest of the day. What could/does this mean?

N.B. In this dream, much like real life, I didn't have a girlfriend/wife who was mother of Abi, which admittedly is a bit weird, and I don't intend to have a baby until late twenties at the very least.

Any Answers are welcome :)

Example: Graduating high school at 21?

Yes, it's that f/u/cked up...

I had really bad social phobia at grade 9, 10, and 11. They eventually transferred me to an alternative learning school, where they give out 6 credits a year. I want to be a chemist, so I went back to normal high school to take the AP sciences, and maths. At that time, with my messed up high school career, I was 19 in grade 11 classes :(. I was so happy to finally get to university for chemistry, but they cancelled my online course for Advanced Functions, and I couldn't finish Calculus, because Advanced Functions is a pre, or co-requiseite. Now I HAVE TO GO BACK next fall, and finally be done with it, then I'll enter university at 22.

I just want to cry. I am so embarrassed. I'll be in advanced functions, and calculus with 17 year olds, at TWENTY ONE!
IDK what to think, any advice...?


Example: Is it pathetic to be a male virgin at 21?

im a good looking dude, workout at the gym, have the tough guy look and i am a boxer. so i am not geeky altho i am undertaking an extremely hard degree since i was 17 and will grad soon. This has meant i havnt been able to get a job, have had next to no money and havnt been very social...as a result i can be a bit anxious around girls as i am not used to talking to them...like sometimes i am confident but im not very good at approaching as i dont know what to say and i cant think etc..im not really shy like physically but when it comes to talking i am.

i never liked any girls in highschool and havnt met many chicks i like since finishing and starting my degree. ive only ever liked one girl but that didnt work out. she did like me tho and its nice to know that after so many years at least one girl was affectionate towards me

anyways thats my background but it gets me down and depressed as im so lonely. i feel like time is running out. ive already missed out on young love. i know i will get there eventually...but who knows...i dont want to be a virgin past the age of 22..sreiously i will prob give up by then..everyone cant believe im still virgin..makes me feel pathetic..everyone loses it at like 17 on avg...i keep having dreams of suicide and the number '24' who knows might jump off bridge at 24...lol nah would never do that but who knows 24 is pretty old to be virgin and if i am then at tht age i prob would jump

Example: What do you think this means?

At a younger age (When I was about 15 I'm now 21) I was bi curious a bit, but never went further with it because I didn't know what people would think of me and I wasnt sure it was quite what I wanted.

I feel strange because in all my life if not only once have I had a sex dream and have it deal with a guy. If I do I never remember it. However, I would say about 5 or so times in my life I've had a dream where I've had sex with a girl and I remember it all and its details and yeah in a way it excited me. It's funny too because the girls in my dreams are none I have ever met. They just show up.

I am now engaged to a man who I love more then anything...but what do you think these dreams mean?

Example: Can you help me with my dream?

Hi please interpret me this dream that i had but before that i will give a general introduction about myself:

I am 21 yrs old, female. My family objects to love marriage so we normally have a arranged marriage. Now last May 29th which happens to be Saturday i slept late till afternoon i mean till 11.30a.m. At that time we got a call from one family who wanted to come to my house to see me to arrange as a bride to their son. Now they haven't seen me directly but only through photo and their relative who is our family friend arranged for my marriage proposal. I was unconsciously half-awake and listened to half of the conversation as to what my mom said to them. Then my mom after replacing the phone came to me and woke me up telling the groom's family are coming tomorrow to meet you. Now i immediately fell asleep and had a dream that the person who gonna come to see me liked me and gave his consent for our marriage[But, even i have not seen the guys face directly or through photo]. So in my dream i couldn't see the guys face clearly. I later got up from my dream and thought that this is a sign given by God to me that he is the guy for my life.
The next day they told they will come directly to church to see me. But later changed their plans telling that they will meet me in the evening and come along with their family. The evening came and the family also came but the guy didn't come and the parents told he is busy in another place ministering and this guy has now left everything to his parents hands that if they like me he will marry me. They told that the guy is reaching his late twenties so they would like to finish the marriage soon if possible within that month[i.e June]. Later they left.
Now there was no communication from them for about 2 weeks and later my mom told her friend who is a relative to that family that there was no news from them. The guy's mother called us that day itself at about 10.30p.m telling that their son is interested in marrying a Pentecost and not a Protestant. We are protestant and they go to AG church.
Now my question is if i saw the dream that the guy will come but did not turn up and if he said ok to me in the dream why was our marriage not fixed according to the dream.
Yes i know we can't expect everything to happen according to the dream. But why should this dream come at that moment. plz interpret...

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