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Dream About 200 meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

used to go to a small school of 200 kids and it was a cathoic school everyone there was very conservative, not the kids tho.I went there K-8.I was so sad to be leaving the school and it has been three months since i have graduated and I started having these dreams they were very weird.So my first dream was that I went back to the school to volunteer and I went to a friends mother's classroom and when I finished the work she gave me two pictures of cut out butterflies as a reward which offcourse woauld be useless to me.Then what happened was i went into the hallway with her daughter and then saw part of my class and our old teacher who was a total * pulled us into the classroom and i was lyk wut? but anyways then she starts talking and teacing and brings my friend up to the board but in real life she moved a week ago.Then she took one of my friends fones away and i started talking to my friends and she called on me and i had no idea wut she was talkin bout then she said wait 10 seconds and give me the answer I was thinkin that I should * slap her but my dream ended.In my next dream I was in a dorm room and there is this lyk stress releaver thing my teacher gave me and me and my friends drew aa penis on it then the principal of the old school came in and found it and got extremely mad and she said il have to keep that and she was lyk keep it next to the sexy lotion in my office,but the thing is she would never say that and her office looked exactly lyk my dad's office room.Then I tryed to find the lotion but couldnt so I put it in a random spot and she started to scream at me.


wut do these dreams mean?

where it is starred it is the other word for a female dog

b i t c h

Dreams are a fragment of your imagination, experiences, fears or desires and usually don't mean anything. There are all sorts of claims and conjectures about what dreams mean, mostly based on wish-fulfillment or fears. It's intriguing to think about because the events of our recent lives seem to play out in our dreams in odd ways, but the "theories" of interpretation are merely someone's opinion and not based on anything substantial or objective or scientific. Your particular dream is a reflection of your thoughts, nothing more.

Example: What could this dream mean?

I had a dream last night that I robbed a bank. I knew the safe code and took $200,000. One $100,000 bill and two $50,000 bills. I just walked out of the bank and walked to a nature preserve (park). Shortly after stealing the money though, I was overwhelmed with guilt and didn't want to tell anyone, including my husband, in fear he'd be angry and disappointed for putting our future in jeopardy. I thought alot about buying a house with the money, but realized that the bills could probably be tracked. I thought about taking the money to another country, but couldn't think of a way to explain this to my family. Ultimatley, I opened a picture frame and hid the 3 bills between the photo and the matting and left it there. The feeling of fear and guilt were awful. I was terrified to be away from my kids.

In real life, I have obviously NOT planned to rob anything. Nor do I feel guilty about anything. What could this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

What does my dream mean?
So I was at school (Im in sixth going to seventh) And all the grade from K-6 were outside and then there were gunshots And everyone started running. (thereis only about 200 kids in my school we dont have halls we were on the playground) And these really big like army guys started catching the kid (there was a really dark overcast) and putting them in these big military trucks and i was hiding on the top of a bathroom stall and (it seemed like hours later) this guy came in he stared at me and I said "your gonna get me anyway so im just going to come down" and then i went to the handicap stall and i picked up a baby that looked about 2. and then i got in the truck with the baby and i was next to my bff nicole and then idk what happened but me,her,and my grandma we in the back of the school behind the classrooms and for some reason the was a gate between the wire fence (my grandparents live down the street) and it was really late at night and we walked to the house and then we got there and explained thing to my grandparents and nicole and i were freaking out and then we all looked at each other and then i woke up. (there was more stuff before i went to the truck but i dont really remember) Im kinda freaked out. Thanks

Example: What does this dream mean?

I've had this dream several times but this one was vivid and I felt it. I forgot how it all started but I remember willingly being launched into the air to get somewhere but I went up way too high and grabbed some powerlines at the peak of my flight. I looked down and the rest of my friends are telling me to let go but I was 200 ft up easy! I woke up before I let go because my roommate busted in my room but I think I remember landing safely somehow in past similar dreams. What could this mean?

Example: What do dreams with several tornadoes mean?

I had a dream with 10 tornadoes that were spinning around my boyfriend and I as we drove into a city. We arrived at a house I had never seen before and hid in the basement. Each tornado went by, and after they all went by we were ok. I have a deep fear of tornadoes and have never been in one, but just moved to an area where tornadoes might occur nearby. I did also just move 1,200 miles away from where I grew up to be with my boyfriend. We are engaged.

Example: Dream meaning?

ok, im about 200 pounds and in my dream i was about 110 and i was wearing a bikini top and i walked into a room and my best guy friend kept trying to take off my top and and i kept pulling away and then someone called me and then when i was walking out he said hurry up so we can start kissing and i wanted to kiss him and i was going to let him take my top off too. what does this mean? i wouldnt let him in real life.

Example: Reoccuring Dream Meaning?

Same thing since for 15 years now, a T-Rex chasing me. I never actually am caught. I almost always dream but these dreams are intense, i wake up in cold sweats sometimes crying. What the heck do they symbolize?

Example: Any idea what this dream meant?

i'm just wondering because i had this dream two nights in a row.. anyways.. it's pretty short.. but i was in the car driving.. i think i was alone? but i'm not sure.. my friend might have been in the car with me.. i can't remember. anyways, this guy asked for a ride or just to sit in my car for a little while or something.. he was older.. and right when he got in the car and shut the door.. he smiled at me really weird.. like i shouldn't of let him in my car, and pulled out a gun and held it right to my head and told me to start driving.. i started to drive.. but then i woke up.. i've had this dream twice. i was just curious if this dream means anything or not? i just know it felt so real.. and scared me pretty bad.. like i find myself thinking about that dream during the day as well.. it's really weird.

Example: What is the meaning of my dream?

I dreamt last night of a woman who had a fish (Betta fish). She treated it like her baby, and its name was ZARA (which I looked up, means princess and/or light). Anyway, the fish swam in the air and all around us, she danced, responded to singing by gently laying on the ladys face, and she had the ability to multiply, disappear and talk! But then she bit the lady and drew blood. I asked if the sharks would now come ( so maybe we were underwater) but the lady responded with a no, since it was the farming area. Naturally, I became cautious of this fish and while playing with her noticed a set of eyes, then more eyes, and more, and then the fish told me she has a total of over 1,200 eyes!

I woke up. And now I just have a nagging feeling that this dream has a hidden meaning but I cant figure it out. If anyone has a gift with interpreting dreams please help me out.

Thank you!

Example: What does this dream mean? 200 years in prison?

Im 14 i would NEVER get in trouble with the police and i have the same nightmare over and over again that i get falsely accused for murders, i was abducted and then i was let go but blamed for killing someone, and i woke up and the police arrested me and i got charged with many things so i got 200 years in prison, and i knew the warden and he gave me extra blankets and stuff and he knew i was falsely accused and well i found an open door i can escape out of but in my dream i dont escape for some reason, and my mom can't help me so i'm all on my own to get out and prove im not guilty, and i keep asking if i can get parole cuz the judge didn't say like you know after a couple of years you can start a case and stuff and possibly re-open the case
and it was the type of prison where you're in like solitary or w.e so there not jail cells there rooms with a window in the hallway

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