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Dream About 20 meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean when i dream of my 20 month old son comes up missing, like he wandered off somewhere. ?

There's also like a pond or lake nearby our house in the dream, I didn't want them to look in there bcause if he was in there I didn't wan to see him that way... weird.

Well, dreams are actually the subconscious mind trying to solve problems it can't during the day. Ask yourself, has something regarding your son been bothering you, other than the dream? If not it most likely means this dream was a coincidence.

Example: What Does My Dream Mean(20 Charactersz)?

Okay so i've been dreaming about one of my guy friends.
2 nights ago I had a dream that he was grabbing me by my waist,and then he kissed me.

Last night I had a dream that we were standing in the lunch lines,and we were getting some lunch.
And also like a few months ago I had a dream that we were at our elementary school and I was crying and he hugged me.
I remember this dream clearly.
We went to sit down by a tree with my best friend Jessica.
I don't remember much after that,but these dreams with him are always like we become a couple.

I've known him for about 4 years,and I've always been kind of attracted to him.
He doesn't have a girlfriend,but i guess he would never wanna go out with me,since he's way more popular than me,
What does my dream mean?
Is this a sign?

Example: What does my dream mean 20 points please help?

Ok in my dream I was with my two friends in a white walled room with brown wooden floors and I got of the bed and a invisible force pushed me down to the floor and pulled me or dragd me in like a angry sort of way what does this mean? help

Example: What do his dreams mean? (20 characters)?

My best friend has a girlfriend that he's deeply in love with and he told me that he had three dreams about me. And in 2 of them he married me.

He's girlfriend is on vacation right now and he says the only reason he didn't have an awful summer is because of me and he said I'm like his sister.

So what do these dreams mean? Also in one of the dreams he saves me and then we get married.


Example: What does my dream mean? [20 characters]?

OK well last night I had a really strange dream that I was engaged to this obese Chinese guy (no racism intended or anything) well I was freaked and I didnt even know the guy. But I had this old dress picked out and everything and he was talking about our honeymoon in China? It really freaked me out, even thinking about it now. But then my best friend came to wish me luck and etc, and then I realized that the guy wasnt right for me. So I broke it off. And then this guy that I like in reality met up with me, and then I woke up

Yea so my dream was weird. Does anybody know what this might mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream that you like a little kid? im 20?

im 20 years old and in a very healthy relationship. I had a dream last night that I really liked a little boy and he dissed me. But before that I knew that he really liked me and when he dissed me I like " woah whats going". It was a really strange dream. Can someone tell me what this means?

Example: My recurring dream for 20 years - what does it mean?

I dream that I need to take one more math course to get my college degree, but I realize I never studied and can not pass, and therefore I will never graduate from college. I wake up sweating and shocked about not graduating college - until I come to my senses. In reality I graduated college 20 years ago - but I have this dream about 1-3 times each year.

What is the meaning of this dream?

Example: HELP NOW! ILL CHOOSE BEST ANSWER IN 20 mins! does this dream Mean? could i be pregnant?

So i had a dream last night...it was a 20 second dream... In the dream i heard my boyfriend say im sick because of the baby... I didnt see him just heard his voice... And when i woke up i felt like i had to throw up
... I was wondering if anyone ever experienced a dream like this? Could I be pregnant? My boyfriend only came in me once at that way may 31st... So idk :/ HELP

Example: Im 20 weeks pregnant and i have been having very violent dreams,what do these dreams mean?

two of them were at the apartment i grew up in always different people killing but same victims (me and my two younger sibling) maybe a couple random people but they alway get way... the first one was a boy i went to school with that i never really talked to is chasing me thru the house trying to shoot me while i was pregnant he caught me on the kitchen floor and shot me in the stomach...then a disabled man came to are house and trying to deliver papers and was trying to kill me but me,brother and little sister some how got away...then the last one was a guy and some of his friends that i didn't recognize tried to break in the door moved by its self and the main guy came in threatening to kill us. then i had a dream about girls beating me up while i was pregnant. SOME PLEASE HELP ME WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!

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